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Day Fifteen – Two weeks notice……..

Yes, today, being the last day of January means that there is two weeks till the dreaded St Val’s Day, a day designed to take as much money off you as possible and, unlike Christmas, is there for people who are in relationships…… Bah humbug!!!

Due to my hatred of this day I am very, very tempted to take the day off, treate it with the respect it deserves (ie – none) however, I realise that such an attitude might get me in trouble. Therefore, I’m going to ask if others think that I should make an effort this year and take St Valentine’s Day as it’s supposed to……

But enough of this; something that I’ve noted in the past, and especially this weekend while looking in the library was a lack of books for hikers, or rather a lack of books with hikes in them. Now I know that people might disagree with me there, but as a hiker (though one that hasn’t got the time at the mo to get "out there") most of the hikes that "they" have in books are rubbish…… They are incredibly basic, unimaginative routes designed for people who can’t read maps but still want to be able to say that ‘I’ve been there’.

What I want is a book that has hikes, proper hikes, where you have to do more than just follow the path. Where you do have to be able to use a compass and read a map. Use your head a bit…… (which, technically speaking, makes these hikes a bit harder for some of those that I know do hiking….. but no-one’s perfect, just see above)

I mean, if you look in any book on hikes in the Lake District and look up Scafell and Scafell Pike, they will be on different hikes, one from the south, one from the north…. I have even heard it said that they can-not be done on the same hike due to the climb at Micklemore. If you look at the map even you can see that there is a path, down Broad Stand and then up a gully who’s name passes me by….. but it’s something like Foxes Gully.

And that’s just the start of it… there are plenty of hikes through-out the Lakes, Peaks, Snowdonia, the Beacons, Dartmoor, Scotland that don’t get put into books, because they appear too hard for the average imbecile, who expects that everything should be nice and easy.

[I’ll appologise to anyone now who feels that I’ve called them an imbecile, I’m sure that you’re not, but it’s just sometimes I do despare!!!]

I’ve been out on the hills and mountains, often by myself (and yes, I got in trouble for that when I got home), but what is scary is that I can go out and know that I’m better off than groups of people, not only on experience but in skills out on the hills and equipment. That and my ability not to get lost.

It’s one of the main reasons that I’ve stopped hiking in groups I think…. there have been a couple of times now where I’ve (and not just me) been told that I’m wrong and that we don’t want to go in a certain direction, only for, after a few minutes as the "leader" struggles with the map to decide that the direction that we do want to go in is…… (can you guess???)…… the one I’d (or who ever) said that we’d wanted to go in, in the first place.

Now I realise that you might say that not everyone can be good at everything, and I agree….. if someone is new and is learning to map read I’ll happilly give them a lot more latitude than someone who’s experienced and is the leader…. While being the group leader might mean you have responcibilities about the group, it’s also reconising where you’re not good and that there might be others that are better, and to use them. The art of delegation I think it’s called. I’ve had to lead groups (in things as well as hiking) and things go much smoother when everything goes well, and not so when you’re getting stuck over the same thing and you all know that others can do the job better…..

But the topic I was going to say (before I got sidetracked, again) was that I’m sorely tempted to write this great book, take the pictures, put in the map references and stuff……. and see if I could get it published….. and if not… well, it’s a very useful book with some damned good hikes in it. I could certainly use it for myself and I’m sure that I could pass copies to friends and the like……. maybe my own internet site??

Of course, all this speaking of being "out there" has made me want to strpe on my boots and go for a wander….. I know it’s getting dark, but that doesn’t bother me. I have a torch and in all fairness, it’s the hike that’s important!!!

But I shall have to dash now, or I shall be very late, so Bon Voyage, and I shall catch you soon!!!

Day Twelve – People watching……

Now, as I’ve said before (and I’m sure I’ll say again) I’m an easilly distracted person……. and one of my favourite distractions is ‘people watching’. The library is great for this (especially if you’re supposed to be working) but just wander round town on a busy Saturday lunchtime, and see how people interact with each other. All the different people, none of whom are the same…….

At the moment I’m sitting here, in the library, and there are people having conversations, others typing away frantically (essays….??), others reading, some writing emails…….

To make things more fun Frog has just sat down on a computer opposite me. Though I can’t see her screen, I’m going t oguess that she’s writing an email (or a reply to one) as you don’t generally smile as much when writing serious work!! Of course, just sitting opposite (and being someone I know) makes it that much harder just to watch….. but that’s life, it’s not like the room isn’t full of other things to watch (and with the windows, there’s outside as well…… people having a kick-around in the park, trees blowing in the wind, clouds in the sky, etc, etc…..)

I think that this will have to go into my list of things that I really like to do, but can’t get a job at…… I shall have to be an Amateur Watcher

So I should probably mention the ever important dictionary that helps me keep words spelt correctly here….. (such as amateur, though I forgot to look up weave a couple of days ago….. head hung in shame), my watch, uumper and the blue ‘Roller Tip Pen’ that I’m going to pinch when I leave…… finders keepers, loosers weepers (which was an answer in the Telegraph’s (I think) bumper Christmas Crossword…. I kid thee not!!!).

Oh I am evil……… Mwhahahaha!!!!!

Now what do people know about surprises??? I, generally, as arule like them, as long as I have a rough idea about what they’re going to be about……. Therefore, almost certainly just to wind me up my frind Yip has hinted at "something coming down the pipeline" and which in all fairness might have nothing to do with me, but, because I don’t know what it is, is therefore of vital importance and I must know!!!

Tell me!!! TELL ME NOW!!!!!!

There are some that might say that I’m being slightly impatient….. I was told that by next week she’d probably know…. or the week after……

Day Eleven – The one with no title……

It had to come one day….. I pause and wonder what there is to write…… and then deciding against several topics due to their inappropiatility. That and the amount of trouble I’d get in if anyone I knew read what I’ve written!!

So on the topic of writing, it reminds me of the letter I posted yesterday. It had taken me a couple of days to write it, because I was explaining a slight problem….. (??) situation in which I happen to find myself in. I’d spent a few pages in going through all the relivent stuff thgat had been said and then finished by appologising for sending such rubbish…….. completly missing the bit where I was going to write what I was doing about it, and why I’d decided to do all this…… Cause I’m a fool!!!

So now the letter just ends…. And what makes it worse is that I know I can’t quickly just rattle off another letter, simply because of the weekend Ece won’t get it till the weekend after……. Fool that I am!!!

That and the fact that I also wanted to tell her that I was going to be passing by her place in a few weeks and so would it be possible to pop in and say Hi…… Though, that can wait till either I send another letter, or till I bump into her online.

It’s one of those strange things….. I’m a habitual composer, as I walk around the place I’ll be there composing letters and emails that’ll never get sent. I generally try to remember bits and pieces so I can actually put them into letters and emails. As my friend Yip has commented on a number of occasions "if we were paid by the word….." I also wonder why it is that when I’m not writing the words down, I find it easier to say what I want to say… maybe it’s cause I’m able to use imagery in my mind without noticing, and they say that a picture is worth a thousand words…

Of course, the rest of the time I walk around I’m living in my own fantasy world, battling the forces of good…. I mean for the forces of good…… No, really, I mean for the forces for good…. it’s just being nearly eight in the evening, and still being here my level of humour is just coming through a bit more than it should…… naughty humour….. "Down!! Sit!!"

That and having finished all the food that I brought up with me I’m still hungry and my stomach is trying to convince me that I should leave and go get something to eat….. but I shall resist… I still have work to do (as you can tell!!).

But to finish, a song that means a lot to me, that and I’ve just gotten to it on this CD, and it’s right at the end…

—–I am what I am—–
I am what I am
I am my own special creation.
So come take a look,
Give me the hook or the ovation.
It’s my world that I want to take a little pride in,
My world, and it’s not a place I have to hide in.
Life’s not worth a damn,
‘Til you can say, "Hey world, I am what I am."
I am what I am,
I don’t want praise, I don’t want pity.
I bang my own drum,
Some think it’s noise, I think it’s pretty.
And so what, if I love each feather and each spangle,
Why not try to see things from a diff’rent angle?
Your life is a sham ’til you can shout out loud
I am what I am!
I am what I am
And what I am needs no excuses.
I deal my own deck
Sometimes the ace, sometimes the deuces.
There’s one life, and there’s no return and no deposit;
One life, so it’s time to open up your closet.
Life’s not worth a damn ’til you can say,
"Hey world, I am what I am!"

Day Ten – Sleeping and self appriciation

These two topics are two that most people (I’d imagine) wouldn’t put together, finding a link between the two. to inter-wieve two, seemingly random, topics would make as little sense as this first sentance….. and yet I’m going to try!!

Why?? I hear you cry.

Well, to out it simply, they are both things that annoy me…. and I mean the lack of. (that and both were relivent to yesterday and so are in my mind)

The sleep is an easy thing…… i.e. – I find it very hard to get to sleep…. and once I’m asleep I end up waking up several times throughout the night, but by the time my alarm clock goeoff in the morning, can I get up?? No!! Why?? Cause I’m really tired!!! It’s an endless circle. For some unknown reason when I go to bed my mind just doesn’t want to. Freed of having to do the daily grind of making sure I don’t fall over and stuff it slips into a world of my own making, a cool fantasy world where alll sorts of things happen…… but I’m not asleep!!!

I also find it really easy to sleep on the sofa with the tv on….. I can be there, barely able to keep my eyes open, go to bed and then lie there for a couple of hours, wondering where the sleepiness went. Very annoying!!!

And that’s that over……..

Now twice in the last week I’ve had a couple of friends bemoan the fact that not only are others prettier than they, they infact aren’t pretty enough to get themselves a man…. This to me seemed fairly stupid (maybe it’s because I’m a man, I don’t see this) especially as they are pretty.

It’s one of those great "stupid" beliefs that women seem to have (I mean this in a really nice way!!), that if they are single (and sometimes even when they’re not) that they aren’t pretty, or attractive and they’re going to end up as spinsters, left on the shelf of life for all time. And I don’t get it.

Of course, there is this tiny cynical part of me that wonders (as it does) as if this was all done on purpose, as they knew that I would protest, tell them that they were being silly and that they were attractive.

I feel so used……… so no different from normal then!!! 😉

Day Nine – St Dwynwen’s Day

Ahh….. the 25th January….. known through out the land of Wales as…. well, this year as Tuesday. As famous saints go St Dwynwen isn’t the most well known, however she is the welsh equilivent of St Valentine and as opposed to him, I have great respect for St Dwynwen……. mainly because no-one seems to know about her!!

For those of you who are interested, she is from the 5th Century where she was one of twenty four daughters to saint and king, Brychan Brycheiniog of Brechon. She fell in love and was intended to wed a welsh prince, but it was not to be. Because of this she committed herself to God and founded a convent on Llanddwyn island. It is said that God answers all requests made by her on the behalf of lovers, so that they succeed in finding happiness through the fulfillment of their love or being cured of their passion.

One of her famous sayings is: "Nothing wins hearts like cheerfulness."

Now when you consider how much I dislike St Valentine and all that the fourteenth of Febuary has become, you may ask why I feel in is necessary to bring up St Dwyn?? Well…… while I feel that I could keep it to myself, that would not be very good as no-one would ever know what I was going on about, and I have a nasty habit of sharing cool stuff that I find.

[When I say cool, it’s stuff that I find cool, not necessarily what others find cool!!!]

I’ve also just been told by a friend that I’m being naughty for calling her Saint Dwynwen when she should be called Santes Dwynwen…….. but hey, Welsh isn’t my first language and it’s not the one I’m writing here either….. so whoops!!!

And as pinched off her website (as all modern Santes have):

Saint Dwyn,
We beseech thee,
Comfort lovers whoes vision is unclear.
Send mending to those with love lost.
Protect our companions.
In your name, we seek to do the same.
In your name, we choose love first.
With the love of you, of Mary, and of Jesus Christ.

What’s quite cool is the the Welsh Language Board/Bwrdd Yr iaith Gymraeg have a campain going to try and increase the knoledge about Santes Dwyn and at the end of the article on their site have some "romantic" phrases you could write in a card…… like:
Rho gusan i mi ar Ion 25!
Sws fawr
Cariad mawr
Ti’n werth y byd
which mean, in order………
Give me a kiss on Jan 25!! (how romantic……)
big kiss
lots of love
You’re a star
So it starts poorly, but gets better…….

Of course, if Jan 25th does become as big and as comercial as Valentine’s day I will be forced to hate it, as I do that dreaded day in the middle of Feb, but till then, it is a nice, lovely day that I feel we should apprciate!!!

and to finish…….

O Blessed St Dwynwen, you who knew pain and peace, division and reconciliation, you have promised to aid lovers and you watch over those whose hearts have been broken. As you received three boons from an Angel, intercede for me to recieve three blessings; to obtain my heart’s desire {here you may name them} or, if that is not God’s Will, a speedy healing from my pain; your guidance and assistance, that I may find love with the right person, at the right time, and in the right way; and an unshakeable faith in the boundless kindness and wisdom of God.
And this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

and with a sudden lump in my throat I shall finish there, feeling most emotional…. how strange…. and if you were hoping that I was going to slip up and write a name in there…. you were mistaken!!!

Cariad mawr!!!

Day Eight (technically) – The topsy-turvy world that is….

Thanks to those who posted and told me not to worry. Fear not, for while I was mildly depressed before the "*** PLEASE HOLD ***" by the time I’d finished thinking about the chess I was happy again…… as they say, little things for little minds!!!

Which is a very good thing, when you consider that today is supposed to be the most depressing day there is… I’m sitting here, with a good book beside me, having read some emails and seen some pictures from a friend’s wedding (well, the wedding of her sister, rather than her wedding!!). so I think that it just goes to show that Cardiff Scientists are just wrong…. fools!!!! Mwhahahaha!!!!!

But on the whole it has been a very good couple of days, so that’s nice…… of course, now the week has restarted I’m betting that’ll go down hill rapidly!!!

Now, here’s a question for all of you who have any ideas on how computers work. I can only access the internet on a shared network in the University. Now I am able to log in as myself, I have my own area where I can save stuff and it won’t be deleated and normally my ‘Favorites’ are saved in ‘Internet Explorer’. But I was wondering why (like today) when I logged in they had all been erased. Again…… What’s worse is that I know that if I try a different computer there is a chance that they might all turn up again, without me having to try and find them on the web….. But why does this happen?? Why??

Not that it really matter, cause I got them all written down in a folder, but it’s just inconvenient to have to look them up, when I know that they should be in the drop-down folder.

I’ve also noted that as great as the internet is supposed to be, there does appear to be limits to what you can search on it. For instance, I’m trying to find out about a church. It had a cool name, it’s a good enough reason…. Can I find it listed on either the Church of England website or the Central Methodist Church website, despite it being a joint venture by these two churches….??? No!!! I have an address so multimap can show me where it is, but apart from this one line that happens to mention that it’s a joint venture there is virtually no record that it exists (ok, so I found an artist that happened to make the font, but that doesn’t count!!).

And somehow, the Anglican Church, after not only dening that this place exists is set up in just a way that I’m not even sure which diocese to look in. Birmingham, Coventry, Derby, Leicester or possible Lichfield…. and that’s assuming that this chuch even has a website, because that’s how they are listed. Either that or the Diocese of Lichfield has only two churches in it!!!

In fact, it’s easier to find the teenage pregnacy report than what churches are in the area. 9 under 16 conceptions and 63 under 18!!!

At this point I realise that I’m simply wasting my (and your) life away with this, when there are many other more fun things I could be doing…… I’m just shocked…. that’s all!!!

Day Five – Life, the universe and everything…..

As I’m away for the computers this weekend (ok, every weekend) I shall leave a fun rambly note to finish the first week of this blog. And to bring me back to my Si-Fi roots I saw no harm in stealing the suggestion of the Great Question from one of the greatest books on this planet (if they taught this in Enligish I might have continued with the subject!!).

Now, for those of you unfortunate not to have read the Great Book (known as the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – a triolgy in five parts) will not have come across the ‘Great Question’. The answer of which is 42 and has something to do with life, the universe and everything….. if only we knew what it was!!!

There have been many suggested anwers… ‘how many roads does a man have to walk down’…… ‘nine times seven’….. but the general princible behind the idea of a Great Question is what interests me. It’s genreally asking, ‘What’s it all about?? I mean, really, when you get down to it…??’

[I should point out that I’m listening to Meatloaf at the mo, so feeling fairly operatic…. what can I say, I have a flare for the dramatic!!!]

I’ve found that it can be very interesting asking different people this question. The sad ones are those who have thought of this and come up with an answer. The very sad ones have thought about this and come up with an answer that makes them seem good.

For instance, if asked ‘what is the most important thing to you??’ what would you answer?? Your parents?? Your gf/bf/husband/wife?? These are the sort of answers that you’d expect…. then you have those that answer imediatly, "my relationship with God." Without a second thought…… that is their answer.

Now I’m a religious man, but despite that fact I wouldn’t (couldn’t) say that my relationship with God is the most important thing to me (maybe I should, but if I’m being honest, it isn’t). In my case it’s my friends. I would happilly go through fire and brimestone for them, come out the otherside with cigar in my mouth (fire’s useful for lighting it) and say "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Then I might go ouch a bit when I realise that the smell isn’t the cigar but my hair on fire…. but you get the idea. There’s a great little saying that I saw once in an email: "A friend will help you move house, a true friend would help you move a body." This is prefectly true…… though personally I might try to pursuade them to give themselves in……

But where was I…… ah yes…. Life.

One of the things that I’ve never been able to understand are those people that have a definate idea of what they want to do. Over the course of life, their time in Uni, general experiences, etc, their idea might change somewhat (even dramatically) but it’s the fact that they have an idea of what they want to do. People see mto be there getting on with life and I sit here and wonder how…..?? How do they know what they are doing??

Being only in my mid-twenties I do still have friends who, like me, are still in university, however, there is now a very large proportion of them who are out in the real world, houses, morgages, marriages, kids, careers (a combination of) while those still in uni at least seem to know what they are planning to do.

Out of all my friends I can think of only one who, like me, has no idea what she wants to do, and like me is doing her second degree because she doesn’t know. Unlike me she’s picked a degree that isn’t in her major Bsc and leads into a certain job….. assuming that she still wants to do that when she finishes!!!

So, here I am, sitting, typing at the computer with no idea with what I want to do with my life. I know that they say that the world is your oyster, but I’m not the world’s biggest fan of seafood and the things that I like to do aren’t really things in which you get paid to do. Not unless you’re a lot better at them than I am!!

Of course, you could then ask, well, do you want to stay here?? Certainly at the moment I have no ties so there’s nothing that holding me here (well, apart from friends and family) and so the world really is my dirtbox. (I remember playing with plastic soldiers in the dirt, making trenches and the like) but where to go??

[another small note, anyone who askes "what would you like to do?" will feel the wrath of….. just the wrath for not picking up on the whole ‘I don’t know’ that’s been pervaying through this essay (??)]

Of course, this is all starting to sound far to depressing, and if there’s anything that an optimist like myself (hey!! Stop laughing, I am!!!!) it’s finishing sounding all doom and gloomy. Whether I am or not. It’s just not cricket!! Especailly as the sixteenth word of the blog was ‘fun’ I shall have to try and cheer this up a bit!!

And when I think of something, I shall put it in……..

***** PLEASE HOLD *****

Well, I’m pleased to say that this week I’ve found two fanfiction stories that were worthy of reading….. not only that, but one of them was based around a chess game!!! Written by someone who actually seemed to have an idea about how a game of chess works, which is always a nice surprise!!

There’s just something about a nice game of chess that can just relax the mind. though it depends on who you play. I hate playing people for the first time, simply cause I don’t know how hard I’m going to have to think about the game.

On the other hand, there is nothing greater than settling down opposite someone whom you know you’re going to get a good game out of. Take LR for instance. Even though I know that his general knowledge means that he should beat me, in our six games he’s one just the one (with two draws and three wins to me), but they have been brillient games all. Even though I think it must really wind him up that I do all my thinking while he does. So he’ll sit there for a few minutes, carefully considering his move. Head in his hands, make his move and then I, almost flipently inside 20 seconds make my reply…… setting him off to his next few minutes thinking session….. Thing is, I do have to think quite hard while playing him…..

On the other hand, my other great chess playing rival, EJ, I could beat easily, but I prefer to play, cause I don’t have to think as hard, and subsequently I often have closer encounters because I haven’t been paying as close attention as I should!!! But that is my own fault!!!

Now, with the happiness that is chess and the end of my CD (U2) I shall head home now to get ready for work…. me wonders if the Jehova Wittnesses will be round tomorrow morning!!!

Day Four – My pesky memory

Talking of distraction, I knew that I’d wanted to write something yesterday and couldn’t remember what is was….. well, I remembered before I’d left uni last night, but as it was 10pm I thought it could wait…..

Now, I’m known to be slightly grumpy, it comes with being a man, however, even though people say that Christmas is starting earlier and earlier, I still feel that having Valentine Cards out a month before the day is far too soon.

I mean, as Saint Days go, he’s fairly minor (I rank Mother’s Day as slightly more important (ok, a lot more important…. I know which side my bread is buttered on!!)) and unimportant, made big only by the card industry and the Snoopy Show (go on Charlie Brown, go ask out the little Red Hair Girl (did we ever find out her name??)) and being the grump that I am I don’t see why this one day should be so special, as compared to others??

Am I supposed to love my "loved one" that much more?? Should I not be nice and kind and fluffy all year round, as opposed to this one day (as I gaze scornfully at those who go yes, you should be nice, kind and fluffy all year round, and extra on this day especially, bah humbug!!) in Feb. Which is a nasty month at the best of times!!

[while here, I’m going to take a slight side topic and mention that while trying to find how to spell Jaccuzi yesterday, I managed to find a ‘whirlpool bath for two’ which you would have to share, simple so not to waste water, which wasn’t as strange as the bath that had a window in it…….]

grumble, grumble, grumble……. grrrrrr!!!!!

And just think, there’s another month to go……

The best thing about Valentine’s Day is after, when there’s a sudden glut of "lover’s" chocolate on the shelves at a reduced price…. Like you can get the ‘Father’s Sized 1kg bar of Cadbury’s chocolate’ and after Christmas you get things like white chocolate oranges (snow balls) all at reduced prices….. which I think is great!!

So I suppose that you could say that it is good to ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s day, to get cheap stuff afterwards….. but you’d be a fool!!!

Now, scientists in Cardiff University have sat down and worked out that next Monday is going to be the gloomiest. Usiing special equations that they have worked out (ie – scientist talk for made up)…..

1/8W+(D-d) 3/8xTQ MxNA (now I wonder if you, like I notice that this is infact three separate equations…. what do we do with them…?? add them together, multiply them…. what…???) where W-weather D-debt d-money due in January pay T-time since Christmas Q-time since failed quit attempt (quit what???) M-general motivational levels NA-need to take action…..

You know, the more I look at this, the more I realise that it’s rubbish, I appologise for raising this point, instead I’ll direct your attention to Brazil where a lady has given birth to a 17lb (8kg) baby….. even I go ouch!!!

Day Three – Keeping away from work

Now, they say that all people are easilly distracted. I’ll quite freely admit that I’m one of those whose head can be turned by a butterfly in the window…… and 30 min later, despite the fact the butterfly has long gone, still be looking out there just watching the day go by….. now if only there was a job in which I could get paid by simply looking out the window. Testing the effectivness of advertisment, that sort of thing.

So here I am, "working" hard on my thesis, having typed more words in emails and here today than I have typed for my thesis. What can I say?? Do I have any excuse….?? Nope, other than I hate my work!!

It simply isn’t interesting. I mean, when emailing my friend talking about the differences between the confession of sins for the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church (I’m one, she’s the other) you have to wonder if my heart just isn’t in it any more.

And incase you’re interested, we weren’t looking into the history behind the differences, but more the differences themselves. For instance, the fact that in the Anglican faith the confession of sins happen at the begining of the service wit habsolution given by the Priest to all, whereas in the Catholic faith the Priest is there, not to forgive the sins (a common misconception) but there as Christ representive. To give advice and reassure the person confessing that their sins have been forgiven.

But I’m sure that you can see how boring my work must be that an email conversation about such a topic is that more interesting……. scary thing is, it is that much more interesting!!!!

It has also made me compleatly forget what it was I was going to write about, which is just as well, cause I think I’ve had more fun writing about this than I would about that.

Among the interesting stories I’ve found today was about the Cardiff pair who drove a 40 year old Trabant on the Plymouth-Dakar Rally (though going to Banjul, Gambia), which in all fairness seems to be one of the most funnest races to do. If only because you have to drive a car worth £100 or less and have no backup crew. Now, apart from all the hassles of trying to cross the borders in Africa, this seems like it’d be a real hoot!!! Not that I think that the travelling is a lot better than the arriving.

This is more than enough…… for I have better things to be doing…. like finding out how to spell Jaccuzi….. don’t ask!! 😉

Day Two – You can tell……..

I find that you can tell just how bored I am by what I write. The more inane the subject the more despirate I am to find something to occupy my mind. It’s the dangers of writing up a thesis for as long as I have, everything seems more interesting than the actual work!!!

Hence I’m here grumbling about the quality of Fanfiction on the net. For no more reason than (and please forgive me) because I was bored I went to some of my regular hunting grounds for some Harry Potter fanfiction. After checking three sites give up.

I can’t understand why some people can take charactors with established MO’s and then for the purpose of their stories (which are somehow following on from the books) complealty change how everyone acts…. If you are going to have your story set in this world and with essentially brand new charactors, why not use new charactors?? How can you say that you love how JK writes the books and then change it all??

A case in point is with a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, who loves SS/HG stories (for those of you who don’t know how this works, that’s Servius Snape and Hermione Granger, as a couple) though I suspect that this has more to do with the fact that in real life she just likes Alan Rickman who plays the greasy haired potions master. I, on the other hand, can’t stand them. Mainly because the pairing is truely illogical. Even when they set the story ten-fifteen years after she’s left school.

Illogical along the lines that who are evil (like Draco) suddenly become good, oh and then get together with one of our main charactors…… it’s sad and depressing.

But why continue on looking then I hear you cry!!! Why not write your own fanfiction to show them how it’s done??? Well, I still look as you do get some truely amazing stories, including one that had even me in tears, and I have made a start on writing my own. I got a few chapters in till I realised that I would have to come up with a song for the Sorting Hat to sing……. Ahhhhh, therein lies a problem…….

Of course, it is not all bad news, just checking the BBCi I’m glad to report that yet again Wales is not a country, nor part of the UK. That makes it the second time in three months that Wales has ceased to exist…… whoops!!

I also think that yesterday was simply so good that today was going to be hard pushed to be as fun….. I don’t know what it was but everything was good!!!!

Now I feel that I have taken up enough of your good time (if you’ve managed to get this far), I did warn you that I tend to ramble…….

have fun ya’ll and thanks to those who commented after yesterday. I wasn’t expecting it and it was most pleasing!!! 🙂