Day 26 – Like a croc’s jaw……

One of those interesting things about a crocodile’s jaw is that while it can close down on something and have to be prized open with a crow-bar, they can be held shut with your bare hands (if you can get like another 12 big, burly men to hold the croc down!!!). My arm is like that.

I love to play racket sports (that’s a lie, I like to play all sports) but simply haven’t had the opertunity to do so in recent years. Well, I managed to hit the squash court last week and what I discovered was mildly disturbing. I have no power in my forehand, but I still do in my backhand….. So I shall have to either get it back, or learn to serve backhands, cause it’s nasty to see your serve retuned to you at speed!!!

And now I shall leave you, as I ponder the greater meanings of – What shall I have for dinner……???