Daily Archives: February 17, 2005

Heresy Trials and the 39 Articles of Faith

Wow…. has it been month……?? It appears so!!!

Now two things in the news about the Church of England today. The first is that you lucky people with access to BBC Parliament would have been able to watch a debate, in full from the General Synod today. It should be interesting as they are debating the Windsor Report.

The other interesting story is about plans to reintroduce heresy trials for CoE vicars who don’t believe key doctrines from the 39 Articles of Faith. Now I had read through the Articles a few weeks ago and on the whole, had no problem with them……. but then I wonder, did I understand them correctly……??

There are some things, such as the Virgin Birth, Resurection that I have no problem with. In the case of Purgatory and transubstaniation I again have no problem (though this disagrees with R.Catholic teachings and what Anglo-Catholics might believe). However, we come to Predestination…….

Now I will always speak out against predestination, because it is anti-Biblical and goes against the teachings of Christ. The majority of Anglicans would agree with me on this, and yet it is in the Articles of Faith. I think….. it makes little sense in all fairness.

There are times, I wonder, as to whether the Articles should be re-written, not changed, but put into a language in which we can understand. Of course, the danger with such a thing is that by updating the language of the Articles you end up changing what they say.

The same can be said about the Bible itself.

The Bible, as originally given contains no chapters nor verses. They have since been added. When I sit here with a King James, a RSV or a NIV and they may all suggest slightly different things…. which to trust??

Just a few random thoughts for a Thursday afternoon.