Quizzes and job aplications

Where to start?? I wonder if I’m being predantic. Here’s a question for you to answer. I have a quiz, it’s a small passage, in which there are thirty books of the Bible mentioned and you have to find them all. I say find, like Ruth appears in the word ‘Truthfully’ or Malach was there through, ‘normal. A chipper’. Very clever I’m sure you’ll agree. My problem comes from the fact that I can find only twenty-nine. Or not so much that I can find only twenty-nine, but I refuse to accept the thirtieth one to be right. see if you get what I mean….

‘the Alpha Beta Phil-lemonade stand’

The book being Phillemon…… only thing is, Phillemon is Philemon… one "L". If they’d spelt Mark with two "R’s" would we have accepted that?? So why should we accept Phillemon, or is that a red herring and there’s still one more to find….. that’s what I’m hoping for!!! I shall have to remember to write down the website address and check the answers!!!

Now, for those of you who don’t know what a great procrastinator I am, I have finally gotten round to sending a job application form off for a job after Uni. I say after Uni, it’s in another Uni, but not as a student!!! So it’s a job!! Hopefully (touch wood) I’ll have an interview and will get it, otherwise I may have to try and hang round here for another year…. though if that is the case, shall have to start thinking about houses and housemates. Though there’s always Rex and maybe Rab. So that’ll make three of us. Bob’ll be around next year, though I do think Rex would kill me if I made that suggestion….. tempting as it is!!!! We shall just have to wait and see, eh??

And now I’m off to see if I can find out what was (if anything) decided at last week’s General Synod…… I’m betting on nothing!!!!

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