Daily Archives: February 24, 2005

A marked man

There are many types of stress in this world, the one I think is nastiest is self-imposed stress.

Yesterday I took the Women’s 3rd Hockey team to Southampton. You will not find a lovelier bunch of girls around (thanks goes to Katie for making me a packed lunch). They were playing Wessex who are a much better team and they were expecting to lose, heavilly. In the end, they lost 9-0 and were glad not to have gone into double figures.

Now in my personal sport of choice I have the great problem of being classed differently from most people. What this mean is that when we go to competitions there is usually no-one for me to actually compete against, so I’m very used to just shooting for myself. Twice every year we have BUSA (British Universities Sport Association) Championships where I normally try to come in the top 15 of my class (I’d like the top 10, but I’m realistic).

However, in the last few months I’ve come into some form. At last summer’s outdoor championship I managed to come third and win the bronze medal (at much surprise) and my current indoor form has left me looking at a top five postition. And when I say top five, I mean anywhere in the top five. Depending on how well I (and other’s shoot) anywhere between 5th to 1st…….. which isn’t a postition I’ve ever found myself in before. And it’s scary.

I am an outdoor sportsman by heart and skill. For some unknown reason where some people are put off by bad weather I thrive on it. If this had been the outdoor championships I wouldn’t be worried in the slightest. But we’re indoors. For some unknown reason this is seen as being "bigger" than the outdoors…. I’m worried. Not to mention the fact that tomorrow I have to drive us all to Loughborough where I believe it’s been a bit snowy……

An interesting proposition, but one I look forward to!!! Apart from the rush hour traffic round Birmingham!!! But I shall try to set it up so only the people I want in the front two rows are there…… so that’ll be Rex, Rab and McCloud to take up the front two rows. If I can arrange it!!! I have my ways and powers!!!!

Among other thigs I’ve noticed is that it really is possible to tell if girls have older siblings or not. When I say siblings, what I mean is brothers. For instance, both Doc and Rab have older brothers, both happilly hit me. No-one else has older brothers, no-one else does….. And I say hit, in Rab’s case I’m lucky I’m probably not going to scar on my wrists and forearm where she dug her nails (Nails??? Talons more like!!) in. Just cause I wouldn’t give her my Bunny of Death…… note that word…. MY Bunny of Death…… Her excuse.. I was slightly drunk…. Hah!!!!

Hence the "marked man" comment……. my little dig at her. Though I’m nearly healed up!!!