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Day 24 – Chocolate and sweets

Well, today has been a nice day. Have been out for a nice drive with the Ladies 1st Hockey Team and watched them loose 5-0. But that wasn’t too bad, though it meant that I couldn’t make the Ash Wednesday Mass….. Drat!!

Since getting back to Uni I’ve been accused of slander (which is novel) and shouted at…… but am still cheerfull

But what I was thinking of was Ash Wednesday and Lent. A period of fourty days (not including the Sundays, they’re fast days already) in which we’re expected to give something up, and hopefully not slip up during that time. More recently, it has become more and more popular to take something else up. Or rather, spend the time that you save not doing whatever you’ve given up by doing something constructive…… silent prayer, reading passages in the Bible, helping out in the local soup kitchen. Noisy prayer I suppose, you get the idea I’m sure!!

This year I’ve decided to give up chocolate and sweets. Something slightly simplier than last year and not quite so hard, but still depraving myself of nice things!!!

Day 23 – Rebel with a cause

Now, I’m the first to admit that I can (and on occasion do) make mistakes……. just look at yesterday’s post…. notice the mistake?? I’ll give you a clue……. it’s in the title… It should read "Day 22 – Lemsip and……."


Now recently I’ve been feeling rather rebellious……. however, I’ve found a great outlet for my rebellion…… dicators!!! Yes, I am the thorn in the side of dicators. At the moment, only small dicators but I’m will to aim big….. one day I shall be bringing down to size those of great nations (like some who shall be nameless, but we know who they are cough_USA_cough), when I am the leader of the UN or the Pope or something!!!

Take, for instance, last night. Last night a club (whom I removed the dicatorial leader last year by leading a revolt) had decided to hold an AGM. This was possibly the worsed time in the world to hold an AGM and I pointed this out.

Hardy (who I believe is planning to be dicator for next year) insisted on the AGM so I walked out making my protest clear as I left the door (somehow the fact that I wasn’t there added 10 minutes to the meeting…. not sure how). Having checked our constitiution under our own laws, that we have to follow, what was held can not of been an AGM…….. so guess what I’m going to put up on the message board…?? Yep, quotes from our constitution showing that what they did last night can’t of been the AGM and that they are going to have to do it again…… oh, and they wasted time!!!

In the meantime I got to go to the pub and play pool…… which not only was a better use of my time, but I won 7-1 which is always nice!!!

But I have noticed that I don’t rebel against all authority, only against those I know are wrong and they refuse to see it or admit to. Does this make me wrong??? I think not!!!

So now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, we shall have to see how this all pans out…… I still have to make my choices for whom I believe will be next year’s committee (yes, I am the dark power behind the throne) and because this faux-AGM doesn’t count I have still time to convince them to run.

Oh the power!!!!!

Of course, I shall have to be carefull, for such talk doesn’t sound very rebellious……… but hey, that’s how the cookie crumbles!!!!

Day 21 – Lemsip and intolerance……

Ahhhhhh, the joys of a nice hot mug of Lemsip when you’re down…… is anything nicer?? I think not!! Though what concerns me is that you’re warned not to exceed the stated dose on the paket, so when we think of Lemsip Max, is it something different?? No. It’s Lemsip, but in a bigger packet….. 1000mg of Paracetamol to 650mg in the non-Max stuff. But does that make it not worth it…?? It’s my favourite cold/flu remedy!!!

[Cheque’s in the post, right guys……..??]

That, and by making me feel better Lemsip has probably saved a few lives…. for I did find that when I was ill (well, feeling more ill) my tolerance levels for people really did drop….. which, in most people’s case wouldn’t be too bad, but for those few people I don’t like they would mearly have to walk into the room and I would want to hit them. Possibly unfair you might say, but thankfully I’m on the mend and no-one’s been hurt…… though I was a bit on the nasty side this weekend…….. I am not ashamed. (well, maybe a little bit……. no, that’s a lie!!)

And now, having lost my train of thought, I shall finish here, so I can do what else I have to before I head home.

Day Nineteen – sorry, sandwiches and Milagros (miracles)

Hi, sorry I missed yesterday. I wasn’t feeling top of the world (and it would have happened on the day a friend had emailed me say that she was impressed that I managed to post so consistently!!). Thankfully better than the Pope who is still in hospital (though going to do his adress on sunday). I only really mention him so I can slip in this story I read about the Vatican being able to carry on working……

"According to a favourite Curia story, Pope John XXIII was once asked how many people worked in the Vatican. "About half," he replied."

I liked it!! For those of you who don’t know the Curia is the name given to the ‘civil service’ of the Catholic Church.

No, I was mearly feeling under the weather and very achey in my joints (still am a bit, but there we go). But if you think I’m asking for sympathy, worry not, for I’m not expecting it. For some unknown reason if I happen to be in pain I’m called a ‘wuss’ and made to feel even worse……. this by people who might complain about something hurting every few days. Not really fair methinks……

Of course, while perusing my dictionary I did discover; Wus or wuss (S Wales dialect) n a term used to address a companion, mate, pal. [Welsh gwas servant]

So maybe they’re being nice………. no, I didn’t think so either!!!

But what I was thinking of this morning was sandwiches…… as you do. Now I’m a great fan of sandwiches (as anyone who’s read that great book, the Hitchhikers Guide knows, they are an art form) and I thought it terrible when today my housemate MrG made his two sandwiches for lunch in the time that I made just half of mine. He was rushing it and they looked horrible….. I’ll admit that mine, being made for packed lunch, aren’t as good as I’d have liked them, but still…. I was shocked…… and highly dissapointed in MrG. You’d have thought that he’d have done better!!! Being a university student and all.

I’d like to finish today with a story that I found on BBCi about a wee baby, born in Peru, with ‘sirenomelia’ or ‘mermaid syndrom’, where she was born with fused legs that cause her to look like a mermaid. It’s a very rare condition, where normally the child die a few days after birth, but she (Milagros – miracles in Spanish) is one of only three known survivors and is undergoing surgery today to split her legs (the bone structure and all that is ok, it’s just the skin is fused).

Day Sixteen – Cynicism

A grand day this week, for one of my friends has been granted the rank of Cynic…. She has joined myself and our jolly band of Cynics in our world-view of how things are. Now don’t get me wrong, we are not like the Cynics of ancient Greece.

Whereas they believed that living virtuously is both necessary and sufficient for attaining happiness, we belive in Murphy’s Law, that if it can go wrong, it will;

[a side note, looking up ‘Murphy’s Law’ in my little dictionary it mearly says ‘Sod’s Law’ but try to look up ‘Sod’s Law’ and it’s not there…… how annoying!!! ;)]

Of course, the Cynics of ancient Greece had nothing to do with how the word is used today, but rather they identify living virtuously with living according to nature, and in living this way the oppose to living conventually. Antisthenes (founder c. 445-365 BCE, later became a follower of Socrates) noted that fancy statues are extremely expensive, even though they serve no useful purpose, whereas necessities, such as flour are cheap.

One of my favourite of the Cynics is Diogenes (the Cynic) mainly because some of the stories told about him and his wit. It is reported that Alexander the Great once visited him and asked him if there was anything that Alexander could do for him. Diogenes, who was sunbathing at the time, asked Alexander, the most powerful man in the world, if he could move so he would stop bloking the sun. (of course, Alexander the Great would have been mearly Alexander when he was around Greece…. didn’t become Great till after he’d conquer the known world.. and then died)

But as they say, this is all history (my joke there….. sorry)and we are about the present!!!

So today’s Cynics, well, we do believe in what it says in the dictionary; there is little good in anything. Of course, all being different people we all have different levels of cynicism, and we are all more cynical about different things. However, just to be difficult, I happen to be a very optimistic cynic.

Now this is, and I admit it, a contradiction in terms but it’s true. I really do just have this habbit of beliving that things will turn out alright in the end. Just not for me. Which is where the cynical part comes in.

Actually…. I feel quite proud about that fact…. there can not be many people who can happilly say that they are both optimistic and cynical as well…… I would like to add bitter and twisted, but I’m not bitter (though I like to drink it) so I shall have to stick to the twisted part!!!

And now for something completely different………. well….. not really!!!!

What I was going to do was go back to my book idea……. now I’ve thought of it I really quite like the idea. I mean, like Sarah said, Wainwright did some lovely books (if you like hiking you should read them) and I’ve always wanted to be able to draw the hills as he does…. I try but they just don’t come out…… (yes, I know, practice makes prefect…….)

Of course, thinking about it, I do wonder which hikes to put in……. there are a couple lovely routes around Tryfan that are just musts…….

This is something that I must give serious thought to……… Mmmmmmm, cookies…… 🙂