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A bit more silliness

Now there are a number of things that can go wrong during a service.

I was at the 11 o’clock service on Easter Sunday, and we were at the Eurchrist with The Vicar up at the High Alter, having just done the "and on the day He was bretrayed, He took the cup and……." we (the choir and congragation) then all started "We do not presume to come to this your table, for we are…." only to realise about that point that The Vicar wasn’t saying that….. he was saying "as our Saviour taught us, so we are bold to say; Our Father who art in Heaven……" all I can say is thank God for the loud speakers, or we wouldn’t have heard him and not come in on the second line!!!

It just goes to show the dangers of just reading the book and not really paying attention!!!

And at that shall pause, just discovered I have only £3.70 in my bank account….. how strange, should be more……

Why has no-one any faith……??

Or faith in me at least!!!

While I would be the first to admit that I have, on occasion, tried to bite off more than I could chew, I would like to point out that I am still here. (does that count as evidence that all is ok??? I suspect it won’t stand up in court!!!)

On the other hand, it’s nice to be back, an enforced holiday away from the computers due to the library being closed for the whole Easter bank holiday. I got an email from Yip complaining that over there in the land of Rock and Ice they get Good Friday off, but are back in class on Easter Monday. Which is a terrible shame, on the other hand she has a phone interview at 9pm (our time BST) for the National Library of R&I which I think she really wants. Well, that’s the impression I got from her email!! The fact that it’s bi-lingual with two different people suggests to me that this is a big deal. Yay Yip!!!

Now, I reconise that when I said "jog up Snowdon" there might have been a few people who actually thought I meant run up it!! As much as Matty seems to suggest that I might try something like this, I can’t. I have not the fitness levels (nor would my body survive!!!), so worry not ‘Excited Rainbow Girl’ I’m not showing some sort of super-human strengths, mearly a slight misunderstanding. When I say "jog up" I’m refering to going light so I can travel quicker than if I was carrying lots of stuff. That’s all.

And to worry people, this is what I’m planning to do (and I should point out that I’m being forced to do this next week, cause if I waited till everyone went off to Prague so they couldn’t check to see if I was ok, I’d get in more trouble!!!);

Arrive early, climb the North Ridge of Tryfan, across to include Glyder Fach and Fawr and then back to the car. Then I head over to the Pen-y-pass car park and head up Crib Goch, along the ridge to Garnedd Ugain and to the summit of Snowdon. Depending on the light and time, I either head on round over Y Lliwedd, or drop down along the Pyg or Miner’s track.

Then to Pete’s Eats for food.

On my way back, depending on how I feel, I’m going to do Cadair Idris, from the south as usual, but return by heading east by north-east then dropping south as so to circle the lake Llyn Cau.

So not to worry you, I will put up photocopies on the routes (as maps as well as route cards, with where I’m going, marked on) on my bedroom door, and will post copies to those who wish to keep an eye on me. I will also make surwe the phone is fully charged, and has credit (though you don’t need it to call 999), and as I either summit, or finish each trip with inform the people who wish to know. Is that acceptable??

Am I now allowed to procede with my irresponcible youth??? (I can’t believe I’m asking people younger than I this….)

What I missed off the last post was that I did try to look for people to come with me, but everyone seems to have gone away for Easter, and there was this trip to Prague and if that was the only nice weather we had, that’s when I would be going……. [did I mention that I was only going when I knew the weather would be nice???]

So I’ll be leave very early on the morning of my departure, and returning sometime the next day, depending on how long I kip in the car (see, I’m even planning to fit sleep in!!!).

I’m surprised, and I don’t know why…….

Having thought about getting caught in the rain (or rather my washing) yesterday I was looking at the 5 day forecast on BBCi for Swansea, when I saw that it gave the location of the nearest weather observation station (lat 51.6334 lon -3.9618) and wondered where it was (as I’ve done before).

I’ve always imagined that it’s going to be down in the marina or out by the lighthouse (and coastguard) where they pay attention tothe weather. Or perhaps up on Kilvay Hill, over looking Swansea. I know there’s a weather station on campus, but I would have been very surprised if that had been the one!! And it’s none of these places.
It is infact between Townhill and Cwmdu just on Heol-Y-Gors, about 600m from Carmarthen Road.

Shame they let me down, when I checked on Monday what the weather was going to be like they said sunny intervals, and it rained…… I’m hoping for better forecasting later this vacation. I’m planning my Easter Trip to Snowdonia!!!


THough I’ve still got to pick what exactly I shall be doing. It’s one of those tough choices. I have a choice of three mountains (well, more really, but I’ve three in my mind), Cadair Idris, Tryfan and Snowdon. Now I have nice detailed maps of the later two, and would have to buy a map with Cadair on, but I do feel that I’ve unfinished business there. Attempted three times, succeded once. I mean, Snowdon I’ve only managed up to the top twice on five attempts. Tryfan, been there once, summited once.

[and there are people who think that I don’t know when to turn back and don’t trust me to either!!!]

So that’s less than a 50% success rate (nine attempts, four summits). So I’m sitting here with my map, looking at Tryfan, cause it’s a fun mountain to climb, as there really is climbing (ok, scrambling) to do!! Last time we were there we went round the east face and up one of the gullies…. it really felt like we were climbing a mountain proper like. Of course, it only take a couple of hours to reach the top, not really worth the four-plus hour drive (well, it is, but something more might be nice).

So I look at Snowdon, maybe by a different route?? there are plenty, and it’s not like I don’t know the Pyg or Miner’s tracks well enough to come down them if I have problems with light.

Cadair is only a three hour drive, but I find it not as much fun and want to do a different route, which I’ll need a map for…….

Or maybe Tryfan and them a quick jog up Snowdon on one of the easier paths…..?? That’ll give me a full day, and with the clocks changing over the weekend, I know it’ll be lighter in the evening. (before I get a telling off for being out in the dark, before I even set off……)

Thing is, I know there’s this bit of me that says, you could do all three……. that’ll be fun……..

Why have I not learnt…..??

Actually, this could apply to many things, and I’m sure it’ll be used again in the future, but what I was thinking of was with my washing. Put it up on the line, just as I was putting the last sock up it just started to rain. Did I take it down, no, I knew that there were supposed to be showers and the like today, I’ll leave it up, it’ll be over in a few min and then my clothes can dry out………

Two hours of rain later I give up and go fetch my now much wetter washing and put it back in the washing machine to spin before being tumbled dried……. you’d have thought that after living here for so long that I’d have learnt that if it starts raining it’s going to keep raining.

Again, I’m being far too optimistic!!!!

A Grand Day Out

This manages to (seemlessly) bring together two grand things…….. the fact that on Saturday S4C showed the 100 Greatest Cartoons (bet you all thought I was going to mention the rugby and Wales’ victory in winning the Grand Slam, didn’t you!!!) and Sunday, which was great and we went out.

[nb – the link between cartoons and the grand day out, Ardman’s Wallace and Gromit featured]

Now, I’m all for nostalgia and this did last for four hours but it did show me how great being a kid in the eighties was…… We had the best of times, from the older cartoons like Tom and Jerry (2nd) or Wacky Races (100th), to those strictly 80’s cartoons like Tundercats (54th), Transformers (37th), Dangermouse (24th), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (27th), oh the memories……..

And then, of course, the next day I managed to have a great day, with lovely weather and great company, for dinner, tea and a trip to the beach…….. A truely great day to start Holy Week off…… now the question is if it’s going to last!!!! 😉

Well now………

Well, it’s been over a week since I last posted, and a very busy week it’s been!!!!

I’ve had competitions (I won), job interview (I didn’t win), concert (well, not keeping score, but we’ll count it as a win) and St Patrick’s Day (a definate win, though I didn’t get to drink as much Guinness as I’d have liked!!).

That and an inability to write anything, anything at all sorta cramped the style really. Normally the words just flow from my fingers, sometimes nearly as fast as they are flowing from my mind (but not usually) but for the last week it’s like my mind has been full of cotton wool. And it’s not been nice.

Hopefully though that’s going to be finished and I shall take full advantage of people going away for the easter break (though I shall miss them, of course!!) and get this damned thesis finished…… there we go, I’ve set myself a deadline (oh Lord, what have I done), the end of the Easter Break I want this mill stone to be no longer round my neck dragging me down. One way or another it’s going to be finished with………..

[nb – sometimes I feel that there really should be a time lag between brain and fingers so the words can be censored for foolish statments…….. oh well…….]

And with such a bold new announcment like that, i think a cup of tea is in order!!!!

What, maybe not…….??? You could be right I suppose!!!!


For those of you who may not have noticed (or cared) today is the second day of our Student Union elections. A day which will decide how our Student Union is run in the upcoming year.

I have not yet voted and I am not going to.

Before you start pointing out that if I don’t I have no right to complain who gets in, or commenting on the general apathy of the student generation I feel that I should point out that I have tried to vote and have been told that I’m not on the SU system and will have to get a letter confirming that I am infact a registered student here in Swansea.

The fact that I have a university card, have voted in earlier SU election (twice this year) and the AU had me in the list of registered students has nothing to do with this. I happen not to be on this list of students and therefore can’t vote.

What’s interesting is that this happened to me last year as well. I had to go between my department and the Academic Registary to get a letter that "proved" that I’m a student. What made this funny was that last year I was also a canditate, running for one of the positions.

I’m very tempted to wait until I know the Academic Regisrary is closed and therefore unable to give me my "letter" and then seeing what they do. Just as an experiment. Afterall, I have every right to vote, let’s see if they let me!!

Where is everyone……???

And for all of you who can remember the British Airways advert that ran with that chatchphrase, shame on you!!!

Though I feel it is a serious question. Here I am, feeling very bored, trying to do some work, but would like a bit of company and……. no reply to txts, no-one on-line, can’t see anyone I know……. It’s like all my friends have decided to go do something and have forgotten to tell me. I’m sure that this isn’t the case, but it feels like it!!

Even those people whom I try very hard to avoid do not appear to be around.

To get round this, I’m just going to go get a spoon to eat my yogurt with…. if I’m lucky I’ll bump into someone (hopefully someone I want to, as opposed to someone I don’t!!), maybe grab a cup of tea and shall return.

Let my quest begin!!!!


Well, I now have a spoon, and even managed a little chat, so feel that much better. Still not managed to bump into anyone that I’d really want to, but there we go then!!

And with that done, I think I’ll put some music on (Blues Brothers) and do some work (or email).

Take care now!!!!

The Bunny of Death

Now, I don’t know why, but I feel that I have to talk about the Bunny of Death. I’m not going to, I am infact going to speak about St David (Dewi Sant) as it was his day yesterday.

Now, being a sixth century saint there are many legends about him, some which may be true, some may not be. There are however some things that are not disputed….

He really existed (aren’t you glad!!!)
He was at the heart of the Welsh church in the 6th century
He came from an aristocratic family in West Wales
His mother was a saint, Saint Non
His teacher was also a saint, St Paulinus
He founded a large monastery in West Wales
He was one of the early saints who helped to spread Christianity among the pagan Celtic tribes of Western Britain
He became Archbishop of Wales, but remained in his community at Menevia (now called St Davids)
He was active in supressing the Pelagian heresy
His shrine became a great place of pilgrimage; four visits to the shrine at St David's was considered the equivalent of two to Rome, and one to Jerusalem!

which, when you consider he was around 1400 years ago, is a fair bit. It’s known that he founded several monasteries in Wales, and that he believed that the monks should work hard and pray hard.

In celebration of his day many children in Wales get to dress up in the national dress. For girls a petticoat and overcoat, made of Welsh flannel, and a tall hat, worn over a frilled bonnet. Boys wear a white shirt, a Welsh flannel waistcoat, black trousers, long wool socks and black shoes (though a Welsh rugby top is more the norm!!). In higher schools Eisteddfods are often held with singing and dancing.

Now a debate that has come up recently is whether St David’s day should be a Bank Holiday, like St Patrick’s day is in Ireland?? It would give the parents an opertunity to attend these Eisteddfods, though, conversly, the schools would be closed…..

I shall finsih with something that St David is supposed to have said to his monks in his last sermon, and what Archbishop Rowan Williams belieives it means;

"do the little things, the small things you've seen me doing" – Dewi Sant (St David)

Archbishop Rowan Williams thinks that phrase resonates with modern people because…

"…it reminds us that the primary things for us are the relationships around us, the need to work at what's under our hands, what's within our reach."

"We can transform our domestic, our family relationships, our national life to some extent, if we do that with focus and concentration in the presence of God"