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ow………. :(

Sometimes when I wake up and for example my knee hurts I know why. It’s cause I clipped something at lazer-quest last night and so it hurts. But there are other times when (for example) my shoulder is hurting….. I’ve not done anything to it, but still it hurts…… silly thing!!!

And so here I am, unable to enjoy the lovely sunny weather that we have (so you know, while it was sunny in Rhossili when we were there it was rainy in Swansea, most strange) at the mo, sitting at the computer working. Well, writing here at this exact moment, but I will be doing some work. As I did yesterday!! As I’ll do tomorrow as well!!! 😛

Now I don’t know why, but I always seem to think of what to write here (and in letters and the like) as I’m in bed trying to get to sleep, but when it come to the next day I can never rmember what it was. I’d hate to think of how many letters I’ve composed in my head but have never gotten round to writing simply because I can no longer remember what they were supposed to say. On the otherhand, that’s a good thing for the recipients of these letters. Less reading for them to do!!

I may be forced to keep a little notebook by my bed just to jot things down as and when I think of them!!!

A touch of the sun……

Wow, it was sunny yesterday. Now I know that I shouldn’t be so surprised but when I got up in the morning the weather was bad and so when I picked up Yip I wasn’t expecting to end up burnt on the back of my neck, but by the time we got down to Rhossili it was glorious sunshine!!!

[at this point I’d like to thank the Tornado pilot who flew over the Worm’s Head causeway about 200ft above our heads. It was v.impressive!!!]

So taking advantage of this (and arriving just as the causeway cleared) we got the chance to wonder all the way to the "head" and a very nice walk it is. Lots of scrambling over rocks and the like. I shall look forward to getting my pictures developed.

Among the weird stuff I found on ebay today, a stone, a bag of air, a penny (from 1971).


Last night I watched "Raiders of the Lost Ark" because it’s a fantastic movie. And then I wondered, ‘what makes this a great film??’ Indiana Jones is chavanistic, the female lead (Marion) who starts off as a hardcore feminist ends up all gushing after him, our bad guys, well, are Nazis. The plot is poor, the continuity (especially during the chases) doesn’t follow, and yet it’s a brilliant film!!

The music (by John Williams) works, and everyone knows the Raider’s March, the dialogue works, and there’s enough action and comedy to keep you going for the entire film. I mean, we all love that scene in the market place where Indy is faced with a sword wielding man, and then just draws his gun and shoots him dead. And we all love it when we realise that the Nazis have bitten off more than they can chew and get killed by a legion of angels coming out of the ark. And the government werehouse full of unmarked cretes is an image that after the X-files we’re now well used to.

Y’know, it’s a film of all times. Apart from a couple of scenes (more noticible in Last Crusade) where the CGI isn’t up to the standard that it is today it doesn’t matter if you watched it ten years ago, today, or in ten years time, they will all be excellent films.

I mean, is there anyone who wouldn’t want to be Indy?? Possibly even more than James Bond, you may get beaten up more as Indy, but you feel like a real man. And the cut of the suits that he gets to wear (with hats!!) is a lot better than Bond. It was something that we all agreed in our house. Though if we were to wear a suit like that we’d probably get beaten up……. it’d still be cool!!!!


Now I read in a book once (about men who climb mountains) a great phrase;

Faith, isn’t the faith that wavers when it’s prayers go unanswered.

I like it, cause it does show that not all our prayers will be answered and if they are, they may not be answered in a way that we were expecting or when.

Thinking about it, if I’m honest, most of the things that I’ve really prayed about have happened. In one way or another (though I’m still waiting for the Leafs to win the Cup). None of them have happened the way that I was expecting, none of them have happened when I’d have liked them to have happened. But they have happened all the same.

I suppose that I shouldn’t really complain…….

Parties, and why I hate them…….

Now, I don’t want people to think that I’m a killjoy or anything, but I must be one of the few people in this world who doesn’t like parties. Whether they be discos held in halls, or people crowding into a house party. I don’t know why it is, but there’s just a feeling of dread, a feeling that if I could be anywhere else, that is where I’d like to be!!

Take last night, it was a friend’s 21st and the moment I found out that it was a party as opposed to just meeting up in a pub for some drinks I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to leave the house, I wanted to walk elsewhere on the way up, I wanted to sneak out of the pub and I didn’t feel happy till I was on my way home.

If you ask me why, there’s no reason that I can give, it just the way it is. I have now started to get a reputation for "disappearing" during parties, if I can.

I can remember finding out about a surprise b-day party that some friends were going to throw for me a few years ago. The only thing that made me turn up was guilt. I was all packed and ready to head into the hills with my; "oh, sorry, didn’t realise it was that important that I turned up…."

What can I say?? If I had the choice between being outside in the open in the middle of no-where, or in a cramped room full of people, I know which one I’d pick…… which makes it sound so terrible really…. the great unwashed masses and all that…. 😉

Other cool places that I’ve spotted in the States. JFK Space Center in Cape Canaveral, you can even spot a shuttle at the visitor center, Mount St Helens and Boulder Dam.

Just realised that Duracell is sitting behind me, so I’ll finish here and go bug her!!!!

Take care now!!!

much appologies!!!!

I’m so sorry, were you that interested?? In that case head to and over on the right hand side you’ll see the satellite button. You can use the map section to find somewhere and then switch to look at the satellite image. It’s really quite cool, though it’s not complete yet. The really close up zoom is only available over the main city centers in the States and Canada. But then again, yesterday the zoomed out map didn’t include the rest of the world, so that’s a good start!!! And it is good enough that you can count the cars on the Golden Gate Bridge (166) though I’ve yet been able to spot an aircraft in the air at one of the airports. I’ve checked some of the big ones (like JFK and LAX) but no luck. Though I once watched a programme about air traffic controllers at JFK and what a hard and stressful job it was…… Having seen the size of the place, it doesn’t surprise me!! (anyone missing Concorde?? there’s one at JFK) I’ve even managed to find the church I visited in Niagara falls!!!

So play with this if you will, if we’re lucky they’ll open up the rest of the world, won’t that be cool???

Now I feel that there was something else that I was going to ‘complain’ about, but again, this map thingy has meant that I can’t really remember…… I know I was going to complain about the jumping on the bandwagon of certain programmes, most notably Grumpy Old Women….

Now, Grumpy Old Men was a show that stared just personalities as Sir Bob Geldof, Jeremy Clarkson, John Peel, Arthur Smith, Will Self, etc….. and it was a truely entertaining programme, ignoring "political correctness" and letting them rant about any number of things. Mobile phones, the young, the old, polititions, television programmes, fashion…… it really was a jolly good grump. They remade the format. Let’s try grumpy women, on come women like Germaine Greer and Janet Street-Porter, and it’s rubbish. It’s no longer people being grumpy, but a load of self-pity nonsense!!! "Oh no, VCRs we can’t use them….. we need young people to set them for us…….. oh, pity pity pity….."

In the case of the men, they’d first complain about the stupid design of the VCR, say what they’d like to do to the designer, how’d they have the VCR working and that sort of thing. That was funny and good.

And with the stupid computers crashing I got out bid on some stuff on Ebay, which is v.annoying, cause one of them I need and so I’m going to go have a grump……… Grrrrrrr………

Google’s fault!!!

…..then I can’t think what to write……. and it’s all Google’s fault. The reason I’m blaming them is I’ve just discovered that it’s possible to look at satalite photographs of most of North America (well, the big cities at least in Canada’s case) and so have been trying to spot friend’s houses!!!

On the up side this means that I shan’t take the micky out of the woman who on the radio said that while walking home one night she put the hood on her hoodie up to "look more scary" and then complains when the police (who were looking for someone in a hoodie who’d just robbed a rugby bar) pulled her over, a frightening her as they were in an unmarked car. She was trying to look scary and the police obviously thought so!!

I also want to warn who-ever it was who broke into my car on Fri night and stole my torch and jacket…… we have your fingerprints….. Mwhahahahaha!!!!!! unless they’re the fingerprints of one of my mates as they’ve closed the door….. whoops!!!

And now I’ve been told that the brake pads for my car have turned up, I’m off to pick them up…. it’s been an expensive week for the car, wheel alignment, new tyres, etc……. not to mention the wheel that’s been in three times now and they still don’t know why it’s going down!!!

Arguments, debates, conversations……

Well, it’s official, the Lib Dem tv election broadcast has been the most popular out of the three from the main parties, and I missed it….. drat, and I was looking forward to watching it. I did see the Tory Party showing a micro-scizm of Britain and why they’d vote for the Tories, but missed Tony and Gorden doing their ‘Alias Smith and Jones’ impression.

I also note that the Lib Dems are the only party who’s manifesto you can pick up for free, (I should mention that you can download, for free all the manifestos from relivent party webpages) in it’s tabloid fashion, though apparently the Tories have come out with the best, easiest to read manifesto. Labour’s little red book (has appeared a couple of times in the news, front page of The Times for example, you know where you saw it first (look below)) has been described as a manifesto for someone not to read…… one picture and packed full of writing…. are they trying to win this election??

Now I recently got my copy of ‘The A-Z of being Single’ back from a friend who then, after returning it, got herself a boyfriend….. see, it works!! Well, it doesn’t really, it’s possibly one of the most ‘takes-itself-not-seriously’ books I own. Along with ‘Bored With the Rings’ which stinks.

However, I mention this as I’m sitting here also talking to a friend about this and the stumbling block seemed to be when I said this;
"that and I’m not complaining about being single… can you really see me settling down with someone?? I’m complaining about all my single friends settling down!!!!"
which is the whole point….. I am as close as you can get to confirmed bachelor and under 25, and I find it ever more annoying as friends get together, settle down and then have to "check if they’re doing anything" before coming out on one of my madcap plans…..

Speaking of which, I do have another one, in the pipeline, which is one of my more crazy ideas, and I am planning on roping people in….. well, certain people….. if I can convince them….. but more organising is needed first, there are some things that I need to aquire….. Mwhahahaha!!!!!!

Chairman Blair’s Little Red Book………

Now I try to generally avoid politics if I can. If I can’t, I’m generally of the opinion that I know what’s right and generally the Government is wrong (isn’t that the way???).

For anyone who isn’t sure the general layout of our nearly ‘three-party-system’ it works like this. The current Government is the Labour Party which is right wing. The main opposition (The Conservative – ie – The Tories) wants to be right wing, but because the Labour Party have taken that spot have had to go a bit more right wing. Then there’s the Liberal Democrats who are confused and sort on middle ground on most things.

Now in the run up to the election you will find that mostly the Labour and Tories say the same thing, they will lower taxes, raise spending and that the other party are lying and will raise taxes.

The Lib Dems, on the other hand, realise that they are too small to slug it out with the other two parties, and so say things that are sensible and do their best to appear cute and fluffy and hope that people who’ve had enough of the bickering between the other two parties will vote for them instead.

There are also several "fringe" parties and independents that very rarely get in ranging from the far far fascist right to the near communist left, as well as those "one issue" groups. Here in Swansea West there are eight candidates for the seat;
Conservative – Mohammed Abdel-Haq
Labour – Alan Williams
Liberal Democrat – Rene Kinzett
Plaid Cymru – Harri Roberts
Green Party – Martyn Shrewbury
UK Independence Party – Martyn Ford
Socialist Alternative – Robert Williams
Legalise Cannabis Party – Steve Pank

Swansea East is similar, but don’t have the last three parties, they have the British National Party, who are……. well, if I said that their leader, founder and a number of members were recently arrested for inciting racial hatred (allegedly – just to cover my back) I’m sure you get the idea…….

But this isn’t what I’m supposed to be talking about, as normal I’ve just wondered off on a tangent…. today while watching the news it was announced that Labour have introduced their manifesto for the next government (if they get re-elected). It comes in a fitting little 112 page red book. My very first comment was, "its Chairman Blair’s Little Red Book!!" I’m sure that they have no intention of such comments being applicable, but hey, I’m an anarchist at heart!!!

I meant, Britain – Forward not Back…. it’s…. amazing, and stolen from what President Clinton says in an episode of the Simpsons, so to finish, here’s the full quote……

Britain – forward, not backward, upward not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom. Please vote Labour*

*the author has no wishes to influence your vote, if you’re eligible to vote in the upcoming election, and most certainly wouldn’t want to influence you into voting for the Labour Party, but felt that that final comment had to be added, just so you know.

All good things……..

They say that all good things must come to an end, I’m not to sure if that’s true (lets hope not, eh??) but for those motorists that like to speed, well, looks like the law is about to catch up with you!!!


From midday tomorrow if you’re travelling along the M4 between Reading and Bath beware, the police are out in force ready to catch those people breaking the speed limit. By anything down to 9mph over the limit!!! It makes me (someone who does drive about 70mph on the motorways) feel rather smug knowing that all those people who flagrently flout the law now risk a £60 fine and three penalty points, for driving as they normally do. While it’ll make no effcet on my driving at all!!!! I suspect that this isn’t good of me, but there we go!!!

just got a call from an old housemate……. off for tea!!!!!

Well, that was always nice, even if it meant that I had to return the video of "Arsnic and Old Lace" which is a really good film!!!

I’ve also decided that a wonder in the Brecon Beacons is required…….. for no more reason than it’s there (as my mug says) and cause it’s closer than Snowdonia!!! But how to make it more interesting……. Oooo!! I know, let’s do it tomorrow evening!!! Don’t forget the head torch!!!