Daily Archives: April 14, 2005

Arguments, debates, conversations……

Well, it’s official, the Lib Dem tv election broadcast has been the most popular out of the three from the main parties, and I missed it….. drat, and I was looking forward to watching it. I did see the Tory Party showing a micro-scizm of Britain and why they’d vote for the Tories, but missed Tony and Gorden doing their ‘Alias Smith and Jones’ impression.

I also note that the Lib Dems are the only party who’s manifesto you can pick up for free, (I should mention that you can download, for free all the manifestos from relivent party webpages) in it’s tabloid fashion, though apparently the Tories have come out with the best, easiest to read manifesto. Labour’s little red book (has appeared a couple of times in the news, front page of The Times for example, you know where you saw it first (look below)) has been described as a manifesto for someone not to read…… one picture and packed full of writing…. are they trying to win this election??

Now I recently got my copy of ‘The A-Z of being Single’ back from a friend who then, after returning it, got herself a boyfriend….. see, it works!! Well, it doesn’t really, it’s possibly one of the most ‘takes-itself-not-seriously’ books I own. Along with ‘Bored With the Rings’ which stinks.

However, I mention this as I’m sitting here also talking to a friend about this and the stumbling block seemed to be when I said this;
"that and I’m not complaining about being single… can you really see me settling down with someone?? I’m complaining about all my single friends settling down!!!!"
which is the whole point….. I am as close as you can get to confirmed bachelor and under 25, and I find it ever more annoying as friends get together, settle down and then have to "check if they’re doing anything" before coming out on one of my madcap plans…..

Speaking of which, I do have another one, in the pipeline, which is one of my more crazy ideas, and I am planning on roping people in….. well, certain people….. if I can convince them….. but more organising is needed first, there are some things that I need to aquire….. Mwhahahaha!!!!!!