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Having been tagged…….

Having been tagged by ERG ( ) (I will learn to link properly one day…… promise!!!) I’ve had to go a digging so here we go…..

1. Total number of movies I own on DVD/video
I’ve got 60 dvds (where have they all come from??) a mixture of ones from here and ones my parents brought back from China (in the case of tv series (I’ve got the first seven series of the X-Files) each packet is counted as one, even if it has four disks in it).
There are also 51 shop bought videos and 57 home recorded videos (that have films, tv programmes, sporting events, etc on them…..)
As for actual number of movies….. well, some of the videos have more than two films on them, not all are marked, some are tv programmes….. but probably around 120-140 mark….. give or take.

2. Last movie I bought
Dodgeball…… cause it’s great!!!!!

3. Last movie I watched
Junior (with Danny Divito and Arnie), last film I saw all the way through, some late night, fight against deadly disease film, so film I can name……. Star Wars VI – The Return of the Jedi.

4. Five movies that mean a lot to me
Mighty Ducks Trilogy – being an Ice Hockey fan I love these films which go to show that even the minows have a chance…… just look at the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (yes, brought in cause of the popularity of the films) in the Stanley Cup a couple of years ago, got to the final when no-one was expecting them to.

Robin Hood (Disney) – a film that I loved from a child, and still do. Showing the nobility of the good guys and the evilness of the bad guys…. a lot like RH – Prince of Thieves.

[Laputa] Castle in the Sky – since Disney got the rights to this film the Laputa bit of the title has been removed. Aparently it means something naughty in Spanish. It, however, is still a great film, again with the battle between good and evil, looking at inheritance and the importance of doing the right thing. It is Japanese animation, but when you consider that it was done nearly twenty years ago; it is better than some of the stuff today!!! It was shown on ITV twice about 17 years ago and it meant enough to me that I have been waiting till it came out so I could buy it. It was one of the first dvds that I bought and is brilliant!!!

Star Trek – Ignoring the fact that I’m a Trekkie, these (at least some of them) are a great set of films full of adventure, comedy, great lines and are truely enjoyable. I can remember a few bank-holidays ago when everyone was away and I was alone, I sat down and watched them all, in order (having breaks to eat, go to work, etc) and I love them. Everything important that I’ve learnt, I’ve learnt from Star Trek.

Casablanca – even though I only got to see this film a few years ago, I love it. If they made a film with the previso of "lets make up some phrases that’ll be cliches and string a film round them" they could not have done better. I love the charactors, from Rick "I don’t put my neck out for no-one" who ends up helping Victor and Ilsa escape, to Captain Renault "We musn’t underestimate American blundering. I was with them when they blundered into Berlin in 1918". I especially love the end……; "But I’ve got a job to do, too. Where I’m going, you can’t follow. What I’ve got to do, you can’t be any part of. Ilsa, I’m no good at being noble, but it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you’ll understand that. Now, now… Here’s looking at you kid"

5. Tag 3 other people.
Geneuvive –
Chorister –
Wood –
Do they read here, I don’t know, but I like to read theirs, and you might to…….

Now there was going to be something else I was going to write here……. but I can’t remember what…. oh well!!

Disapointed again…….

Well, I know that the new Star Wars film is supposed to be better than the other two, but still not a lot of good. Personally, I’d quite like to be able to see it and make my mind up. Having planned to have gone twice now, and both times having failed I’m wondering if there’s little point in pushing my luck any more???

Now observation is an important skill, and normally I’m not too bad at it, however as I had to get up eary today to go take the car to the garage to get it fixed and MOT’d (they just called now, it’s all done and about £30 less than the lower end of the price estimate!!! YAY!!!!) and so I went to Swansea Lib to take some books back and as I was leaving my friend Linnet bumped into me. Apparently I’d walked straight passed her and didn’t notice….. even now, thinking back I can’t place her, the old woman a the shelf, the man at the desk, the guy taking his books out by the barrier, but I can recall where she was. But didn’t matter cause she spotted me!! So all’s well that ends well.

I’ve also been coming up with reasons for why Duracell should come with us to see Star Wars next Wednesday (Orange Wednesday) even though she doesn’t want to see the film…….. I will admit that I forgot the first reason, but I remembered it again!!!!
1)it’s supposed to be an entertaining film (so says Lord.S who’s seen it and going back)
2)I’d like you to come
3)As MrG is seeing it on Friday it means that we’re going to have a spare ticket (Lord.S, myself and Kat)
4)have forgotten reason four, but it was a good one!!!
5)just because you don’t think you’ll enjoy it, doesn’t mean you won’t, and as it’ll be O-Wednesday it’ll be cheaper.

Also – I’ve apparently been tagged (cheers ERG) which I’m not too certain what I have to do, but if it’s fill in the questionaire about films and dvd/vids I’ll do it tomorrow when I go find out how many I got!!!

ID cards………

Now, personally, I’m not really for these ID cards that the Government is going on that we need so badly. I carry enough stuff in my wallet, and while I realise that this "super card" will mean I can carry less I don’t care. What makes it all the more interesting is that I’m defending the card on a message board elsewhere, mainly because I don’t like the guy who’s trying to get people to sign a petition against them. It helps that he’s not the best debater, I’ve just had to correct him when he said that it would "a couple of hundred billion pounds" which is a vast amount of money, even for the government. (for those of you interested the "official" cost is £189 million but is expected to actually cost £3 billion)

But the point is, I’m wondering if I sometimes pick an argument just for the sake of it. And if that’s a bad thing or not??

I will admit, there is no better way of learning about a subject than arguing against it. You have to think about what you’re going to say and can therefore see the flaws for both sides.

Faith and proof is a good example.

Can you prove God exists….??? If yes, then faith doesn’t exists and because we believe in a God without proof, if there was proof it can’t be God, therefore He doesn’t exist…… or something along those lines!!!

Of course, we can’t prove that God exists, and yet there are people (and I’ve met them) who will tell you that it is undeniable. Which it can’t be, cause there are lots of people who deny Him!!! Which means that either they are wrong (or are tryign real hard to deny Faith) or what is undeniable isn’t God.

About now is a good time to start hitting you head against the desk….. it’s what I’m going to do now I’ve finished.

[nb – no, I didn’t get to see Clockwork Orange 🙁 but I did mean to. Let’s just say that Lord.S and I have an evil streak running through us!!!!!]

[nnb – grrrrr, car failed it’s MOT this morning… that’s another £200 to get it passed!!!!]

[nbnb – (having fun now!!!) got round to sending letter that I started THREE weeks ago!!!! Yay me!!]

Yay 1001!!!!!

Yay, for no more reason than the counter has broken the 1000 mark barrier, and as it happened over the weekend (presumably) the fun list of people who’ve been here has gone!!

For those of you who missed it, yesterday was Trinity Sunday, a day feared by all who have to give sermons trying to explain the whole three-in-one idea. There was no mention of the "Cup of Tea" analagy at the sermon that I went to, instead the sermon concentrated on the living in harmony and the dangers of trying to understand the Trinity with out either going towards Unitarianism or Trithesim.

Now, for those of you who’ve had a science upbringing (or just like to dabble in the ‘Dark Arts’ as they’re known) should have come across wave-particle duality. This is the theory that photons (the bits that make up light) are both a wave AND a particle. A two-in-one idea. Now, if you can wrap your head around this, surely adding an extra dimension to thinking about a three-in-one idea can’t be that hard…..??

But for the fact that it’s bloody difficult to actually understand the whole idea that something can be two different things at the same time, let alone three!!!! Personally I find it easier just to simply accept the idea and not to try and ponder the more, deeper implications. God (one being) is made up of three (Father, Son and Holy Ghost), sure, no prob…….

I want to go it’s like The A-Team……. It took Cannibal, Face, Mad Dog and B.A. to make up the A-Team, without the four, the team didn’t exist…….

Now there are a few news stories that I’d like to mention. From the opening of a cross-Brecon Beacons footpath (100 miles long), the baby that climbed into one of those fluffy-toy vending machines, the BBC strike (anyspot if they’ve had to stop using their silly new weather map???) but the one I thought was best concerned WWJE.

That’s right, What Would Jesus Eat……??? A doctor from Florida (where else??) who is reconmending to his patients a diet similar that that of Jesus’ time, in an effort to fight obesity….

footpath –
kiddie vending machine –

A scary thought……

Last night Lord.S and I managed to get Kat (a raving Liberal) to start spouting Anarchist philosophies. We had just watched Question Time (having cursing everyone there for not having the balls to say that for the time being nuclear power is the only real option) and started running a Thought Experiment on how to change the prison system to make it more of a deterent, and how to seriously reduce the re-offending rate.

It’s real simple, we made the prisons a lot harsher. We lock them up in a single cell, in which all the walls, ceiling and floor are backlit, we give them no sense of time, they are unable to comunicate and basically break them mentally. It would be a prison system in which a week would seem like a month and a month…… well, let’s say you wouldn’t want to survive it. (or go back…..)

At this point Kat started going on that with re-offending, it happens not because our "criminal" isn’t afraid of the sentence, but doesn’t think they’ll get caught. Which is the beauty of ‘Our’ system. Becuase we break them mentally we can implant the thought that they will get caught. Someone who leaves our prison will be totally unable to commit a crime. Even pinching a paperclip…….

Because our "Corrections" will take about a month, the prison population will fall, because people would be unable to re-offend the crime rate will fall. Those that have been put away for serious crimes (like that of murder, rape, etc (where it’s 100% certain)) can be "Corrected" a bit more strenously. Having broken their bond with Society they will be effectivly removed from Society. When they come out (as they will, after only a few months) they will be provided with menial jobs (such as sewer work and collection of rubbish) of which they would just about still be compenant to do.

"Oh, but that’s not fair on the family and friends of the person who’s mind you’ve messed with!!" [**have removed naughty language**]

And it’s not, that’s correct. But it’s not the State’s fault, no, it’s the fault of the Criminal when they broke the bond with Society. Not only do they get punished, but so do those around them, so don’t do it. And in the case of things like theft and the like, all we’d be doing is removing the choice to commit a crime, everything else will still be there.

"But you’re making a society where the point of not doing a crime is fear……"

Yes, like it is now. The two reasons (for example) I don’t stab Kat to death with a spoon is;
1)I’m not a murderer and want to kill her,
2)I’m afraid of the consequenses and don’t want to go to prison.
So even if she gave me expresse permission to stab her to death (to curcumvent option 1)) there’s still option 2). It’s still a society of fear.

Good, upstanding people who aren’t going to commit any crime that would have them sent to prison have nothing to fear. Those that would commit such a crime, well, once they’ve been caught, they won’t be doing it again………

"But it’s illegal……"

This is our country that we’re running, we get to say what is illegal…. so it’s not!!!

"It’s the removal of free will, God wouldn’t approve….."

[Tut tut, silly Kat……… you should know you can argue anything using the Bible!!!]

Afterall, does Jesus not tell us that we should obay the laws of the land we’re in….??? If you want to take the argument that it is decided before someone is born if they are going to be saved (pre-desination) then you can argue that God Himself has removed the option of free-will from a person….. as they would be unable of doing anything that would take them away from God…….

Thankfully, all of this was a ‘Thought Experiment’ loosly based on the Ministry of Love (see Orson Well’s – 1984)so no worries all of you out there, settle back and enjoy your weekend….. afterall, Big Brother isn’t really watching you…… honest………

Then we watched The Dam Busters, because it’s a brilliant film!!!!

I’m officially annoyed………. and tired!!!

I was watching the tv last night and an advert came on for one of these ‘help you sleep’ remedies, and written across the bottom it said "for occasional sleeplessness". So if you do have trouble getting to sleep, this is infact not going to be anygood, or shouldn’t be used in the long term.


I am starting to find it annoying that I just can seem to be able to get to sleep when I go to bed. I can remember reading that the average time for someone to fall asleep when going to bed is seven minutes. Seven Minutes!!!! How?!?!?! If it take me about forty-five minutes it’s a good night, just recently I’m having nights where I check my watch and see it pass 2am, 4am, I get up at 6.15 to get a glass of water and then I doze off. My alarm clocks go off and I’m so tired I hit the off button and carry on sleeping waking up about elevenish….. having not slept enough, but apparently oversleeping.

I’d also like to offer a prize to the person who gets to be the 1000th person to visit the site (by accident or design) but as it doesn’t tell me such things, I won’t be able to. But it is one of the cool parts that I do like. I am one of those people when logging in, look at the ‘Stats’ first and then see what’s going on here.

That and I like to see how people have found the blog, whether from the Wibsite or from searching for something on Google. Interestingly there’s someone who’s come over from the ‘Count Your Sheep’ page. Which is cool, cause the page they’ve come from I can’t get to, so how they know I’m here I don’t know!!! But it’s cool.

I also like to see where different people have come from. In the last twenty-four hours there’s been (obviously) the UK and USA, but also Canada (a great country), Australia (G’day), Denmark (I’ve been there and it’s lovely, thay also invented Lego) and Mexico (a country steeped in culture and history). I’ve also seen in the past New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Germany, Italy and other countries from all over the world.

A global network…… I like that. I’m sure it’ll worry some people that it’s coming from people who’ve had contact with me, but there we go. I only know one person who’d have me as the head of their CIA/FBI, so I can’t be that bad!!!!!! :p

I’ve fallen over and can’t get up……….

I’ve foolishly fallen over and broken my knee. I say broken, it doesn’t work properly, but not in the "broken need a doctor" kinda way. So don’t worry!! It’s a bit swollen and hurts if I forget and cross my legs and I can hobble around. It’s also stiffened up, which I’m going to assume is the body’s way of getting better. Like when scabs itch and you want to scratch then but know you shouldn’t, but it’s so tempting….. I’ve also heard that it’s like mend broken bones mend, that’s supposed to itch as well, but my bones seem to be very hard and I’ve failed to break them yet, despite the number of times I’ve come off my bike, crashed into things or fallen over.

But apart from that all is going well!!!!

I was tempted to see if I could guilt trip Matty (a bit late I know, but) by noting that I can get away with most of the things on my good list of kids anyway and that she’s probably right, what are the odds of me being in the position to decided whether to have kids or not. Then I thought, that she wouldn’t feel guilty anyway, and I’m in too good a mood at the moment, so I shan’t.

I’ve also realised that the car is going to need it’s MOT before the end of the month. What with the £100 spent on it last month and the £80 odd for AA membership it’s really something I could do with out. Unless it passes first time, in which case it’s only the cost of the MOT I could do without…….

At this rate I shall have to be asking for extra shifts to pay for everything. I may do that anyway over the next few weeks. Just to raise the bank balance!!!!

****** update ******

Suddenly realised that Madcap Plan is going to cost me a lot more than I thought it would (see above) which is not good. It’s also annoying cause I’m all set (apart from permission) and will not have a better opportunity. Choices choices……..

Ignoring Matty……. :p

As I was at work I pondered the "kiddie question" (see prev post as to what it might mean) and came up with a list of good things you can do with kids;
1)they can wash the car,
2)it’s like having a second childhood (not that I’ll need an excuse!!!)
3)mowing the lawn,
4)the pride of raising a responcible member of society,
5)they can do the washing up (no need for a dishwasher – saves money)
6)getting to read childrens books again (and not feel silly for it)
7)getting out the trainset,
8)the whole "having adventures" (ie – kid’s great imaginations)
9)the return of Santa (and the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc)
10)being a family……

now there is a list of reasons not to have a kid, but it’s a lot more negative (involves things like what you can no longer do, etc) so I’m going to ignore it. Like I’m ignoring Matty’s comment from the last post.

And yes, this is how I fill my working day, by following random thoughts. There’s a good reason why. Since I’ve seen some of the scary driving out on the roads I’ve just been getting this horrible feeling in the back of my mind that I’m about to crash at any moment. It’s mainly the fault of those idiots that drive up one-way streets, especially the one that nearly rammed my car when I didn’t see it coming as I pulled onto Oxford St. But since then I’ve just had this nagging feeling that it’s about to get very messy, and that’s very off putting!!!

Now, has anyone seen the news on BBC yet today?? If so you may have noticed that they’ve updated the weather map to "all new 3D imaging". For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s rubbish. Britain (and Wales in the local weather) has become a muddy brown with moving shadows and indistinctive rain. I say bring back the old map!!!!

The ‘little ones’………

There was a conversation on the radio this morning that interestingly matched a conversation from the night before, and I’m sure a couple of times before that.

The radio had brought in a woman (though they helpfully don’t tell me anything on their website) who’s just brought out a book entitled (or along the lines of) "Child Free and Loving It" and it’s about making the active choice not to have children. (as opposed to those who can not have kids)

This was interesting cause it matched the conversation from the night before between Lord.S and Kat as he doesn’t want to have kids, whereas she’s from a large family and can’t see why he would hold such a view. (it’s similar to the conversation on marriage, it’s a choice)

Personally I can see what he means. Children are great, once they become an age of which they’re interesting. Below the age of about seven months (ie – babies) they truely aren’t interesting and I don’t like them. I supose one way round that would to have a job that takes you away for several months at a time…. like working in Antarctica or something. Now there’s a thought!!!

The best thing about being a Grumpy Old Woman……..

Aye lad, back in day we had no time for such spats, O’course, I say spat, I could ask what spat??? With the magic of technology spattiness disapeared…… O the joy of the realisiation that this being MY blog, I can do sneaky things like that (for those of you who knew there was a spat and wondered where it was……, for those of you who don’t, well lad, I mean, well, it’s the magic of the edit button!!!!)

I would like to wish Dippy the Diplodocus (at the Natural History Museum) a happy 100th birthday. Yay!!!

Now, for those of you who have a bit of spare cash at the moment and perhaps thinking of heading to London to see the new musical Billy Eliot, don’t. Don’t waste your money, you’ve seen the film, you know what happens. Go down to your local computergame shop and buy Lego Star Wars. Load it up and then perpare to have more fun for the next few days than you’ve ever had……… it is too cool for words.

Now, for those of you who are shipmates on the Ship of Fools will know this, but for those of you who don’t, the Ship of Fools ( ) recently sent out a number of their "Mystery Worshipers" around London, all on the same day in rate churches. The results are now in and all can be found on the website. they also have a few selected reports where the more unusual occured. Such as where a member of the congration bemoaned the lack of a Mystery Worshipper at the chuch, a couple where the guests were liturally frog-marched (their words) to see the pastor after the service and another where the pastor appears to have keeled over….. 150 minutes for the service, and still going strong…….

I would also like to welcome anyone who’s come over from Richard Hall’s site (when is he due for a mystery worshiper…..??), apparently I’ve been linked from there. Well, I would love to stay and chat some more, but I’m off to powder my nose!!!