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After so long………

I’m going to copy a letter from The Times as an example of Britishness……..

Sir, I can imagine nothing more British than being at Sunday’s Promenade Concert at the Royal Albert Hall when two minutes before the performance, the news came over the speaker system to a packed audience that England had won the fourth Test.

Foreign tourists and non-cricketers looked bemused at the spontaneous roar and applause at the announcement; and I would swear that a smile even came over the face of the bust of Sir Henry Wood.

Ian du Pre – Kensington, London

Now I’ve been following the Ashes series very closely and all these close finishes are starting to fray my nerves, so I’m glad that there’s a couple of weeks to reset them all before the final Test. A Test in which England have to only draw to win the Ashes…… I’d like them to win, but I’d settle for a draw…. as long as it isn’t as close as the Old Traford Test which was heart-wrenching……

But to be able to have the Ashes back would be great, if only cause cricket is that much better a game than any other that might be played…. especially considering that the season seems to be starting earlier and earlier every year!!!!!

Taking the advantage……………….

Now, I’m going to take the full advantage of anyone who might tut-tut this being away….. what with the fact that I’m just not seeing the point of the Greenbelt festival…..


I mean, yes I know, I know, it’s a festival for the youth (and older ones), music, political, evangelical, blah, blah, blah….. there was only the one act that I’d have liked to have seen, but as there was another that I actually despise, I feel that they balance each other out, leaving it a whole lot of blah……..

Of course, saying that, I’m not really a festival person. I’ve seen all these other people getting excited about going to Greenbelt and it just seems far too expensive for just not a lot…….

But then again, aren’t most festivals….???

Wood has recently come back from Cropredy and I thought that as normal he shows a great understanding of being a fish out of water in his reports (pts 1, 2 and 3). Now this is another festival where I know people who get really excited about going (including one who wants to get married on the main stage) and yet again, I fail to see the point……..

Maybe I’m just to cynical……????

There comes a time…………………….

I’m sure there comes a time in most bloggers life where they start to wonder more about the people who do come to their site, than what they’re going to write in it. What made me ponder this was that I’ve had my first person (that I’ve noticed) from Nigeria. What made me notice it was the fact that the Nigerian flag was bigger than the British, American, Canadian and Dutch flags put together…… not sure why, but there we go!!!

I mean, I can take an average and guess that with the number of posts a month, and my average views that there are 15-20 people who regularly brouse here…… assuming that everyone comes to see what I wrote when I wrote it, otherwise the numbers go up a bit.

However this month has been different. For one very good reason. And that’s Sandi Thom and her song I wish I was a punk rocker. For once, not only does it seem that I’m on the bandwagon, but I got on right at the start having had several hundred people coming here, all searching (in one way or another) the song title….. Only one was nice enough (Vharri) to leave a message, but it does leave me wondering…… just who are these people visitiing here…. will they return, or was a mearly a port-of-call on their way……..???

And so as I ask if anyone is going to the Mumbles Beer Fesival as I’m planning on heading out there for a few pints of the lovely beery stuff…… if I can find someone to go!!!!!

nb – unpacking is going, got myself some new bedding as the new place doesn’t have duvets and stuff……. made me realise that for the three years in Brunswick and Bond St’s I’d been using my sleeping bag…… for three years!!!!! I’m willing to bet that there are few, more used sleeping bags around!!!!

Sharing problems……………

There are times when sharing a problem can help, and times when it doesn’t…… for instance, I mentioned my old friend Nicky whom I’ve tried to find, but with no luck. As I suspected, I did a quick google search just now, and my blog is fourth in the list, after a Nicola Stoner who works for the NHS. What this means is that if I search for her again, I have to look round my own posts, which will be no help to me……… on the other hand, if she happens to search for herself (I don’t appear under my name till page two!!) she’ll hopefully reconise herself and get in touch……. It’s a long shot, but there’s little else I can do easily!!!!

[In fact, there are only two people whom I know that come first when I search their names, Duracell and Doc, thou in Doc’s case, she has a differnt spelling than normal, so that explains why she is the only person the Google finds!!!! Ha, found another one….. Carrot]

There are some people who will know that I, on occasion, come up with film ideas. I say film ideas, as opposed to book plots as I imagine in pictures and have the special effects and stuff, and don’t know how to write them, so I story board them and that works fine. My last was a Zombie film short that was a lot of fun, if only cause I got to “kill off” a whole lot of people with zombies……. oh aren’t they fun!!!!

My lastest idea that’s to be story boarded has been floating around in my mind for a bit, but it crystalized while I was listening to the great musical Chess. Again, I see it as the film, as oppossed to the book, as I can imagine the opening sequence as pictures, but not how to write it……

When I’ve got it a bit more sorted I may let on the plot!!!!

Stuff, stuff and more stuff……………..

Well, we’ve started to move stuff from one house to the next…… we have a lot of stuff. I mean it. We hired a van over the weekend, five trips later, we’re still “living” in the old house with basically only the big heavy stuff moved over…… and it’s not like it’s a long trip, two minutes by road…..

But as for post, I was the first in the new house to get mail (thank’s Duracell) and worry not Yip, your post card was delivered this morning. Obviously Mail Canada works a lot better than Royal Mail!!!! If anyone else would like to send me mail (and I’ll probably reply if you have a return address) please feel free;
149 King Edward’s Road,

is where to send it, though as it’s taken two days to pack and move stuff, and there’s more to go, don’t expect a reply really quickly if you do send anything (postcards are preferred, I like to put them up, but whatever you’d like really).

Oh well, can’t hang round here all day I’m afraid (though I’d like to) going to pop to the “new house” and move some of my stuff up stairs to my room, before heading to work this evening……. yay!!!! 😉

New house!!!!!!!


Come Saturday I shall be £400 worse off, but will have the keys to my new house!!! Of course, I’d rather not have to move, it’s quite a hassle, but the new house is lush and damned am I glad we found it!!!

I’m going to hire a van for Monday (which this reminds me to do so) as I’m the only person in the house who drives (also the only person who drinks, which is going to make the house-warming fun) and personally I don’t want to make several journeys in the car, if it’ll all fit into a transit. (possibly a long wheel-base, I have a lot of stuff!!!!)

But yay!!!! I’m excited, and as and when we are moved in, people are most welcome to pop over for the house warming….. I don’t think we’re getting a lot of choice as LadyS has already planned it!!!!!

On the phones…………..

Thankyou to timesonline for providing me with the quote is forgot to bring in with me when I was going to write this….. silly me!!!

“Texting is perfect for the English because they'll do anything to avoid having to speak”

Lorraine Stephenson, the Londoner whose transatlantic company sends pictures via mobile phone, says she is not surprised that Americans trail the British at text-messaging because “Americans absolutely love to talk”

Which I agree, though I would question her when she says “English” as what I think she means is men. In all fairness most of the women I know can quite happilly while away the hours on the phone, chatting. Whereas, men (like I think I’ve said before) don’t. I don’t like to make phone calls, unless I really have to.

For instance, I’ve been told by my chaplain that he was having luch with the bishop and mentioned me….. which interested the bishop and he asked for my contact number so he can give me a call and arrange a meeting…… so sometime (presumable this week) I’m going to get a call from the bishop. What do I want to mix with bishops for??? I know my place!!!!

It’s not like I haven’t been told it before!!!! 😉

Friends reunited……………….

Yesterday I updated my entry for Friends Reunited for no more reason than I haven’t fir a while and thought I should. Also to check to see if anyone whom I would like to get in touch with, but don’t have contact details for have signed up.

They never have done.

Which is rather sad really, as it’s always the ones you can’t find out about which are the one’s you can find. For instance…………………

[~~~~~~ wavy reminiscent lines ~~~~~~]

Way back in Primary School (for those who might not of had the same school system, we had “Primary School” years 1-3, “Middle School” years 4-7 and “Secondary School” years 8-11) my best friend was a girl who had moved into the house opposite called Nicola stoner. For the next two and half years we could generally be found round one of our houses, or somewhere on the estate, probably getting into trouble (as you do).

Then her parents split and her mum moved to Basingstoke, taking Nicky and her new brother (I think it was her new brother) and I never saw them again.

And I wonder what happened…..???

[and cause I’m now feeling sad 🙁 I’m off for a cup of tea and some chocolate!!!!]

Love and lions……………….

Now while I realise that I could run any number of fairly bad puns about the chemistry of love, or physical relationships, this is a serious Masters research project from that institute of education, University of Oxford, which isn’t surprising in all fairness.

It’s based on a system for modeling atoms in radioactive decay. (isn’t that reasuring…???)

However, it does suggest that while “super daters” have a good effect on other’s lives (by breaking up “weak” relationships and forcing them to find someone better) they are less effective in finding the right partner than those who wait and let others come to them.

(Now for the science bit……)

“If you have a complex network and you stay in one site you see more traffic coming through,” Mr Ecob said. “It’s a denser network, so there are more possible matches.”

What’s more, having an increased set of preferences makes no difference on a single’s chance of having a relationship, as long are you’re willing to accept people who meet only a fraction of your criteria. All about compromise, eh??? The Physics of Love

How many people drive small cars?? Smart cars and minis and the like?? If you do, you may want to avoid Knowsley Safari Park as the lions seem to mistake the smaller cars for potential prey. They have even had a couple of ladies, in their car, who were chased by the lionesses. Confused lions ‘hunt’ small cars

Out on a limb……………

Now I like heading out to the hills when I can, and I have a great urge to climb things when I see them. I infact scored a yes for all ten in the “How to tell if you’re a climber” from Return of the Nephilim;

1. You’ve wondered whether it is possible to get from your bedroom to the bathroom without touching the floor.
2. You’ve wondered whether it is possible to get upstairs/downstairs without touching the floor.
3. You’ve tried both.
4. If you failed, you’ve spent a long time pondering how to do it and trying it.
5. You see a building with pronounced grooves in it or raised brickwork and think “that building is climbable.”
6. You carry your shopping basket with as few fingers as possible.
7. …and then do the same with the carrier bags on the way home. Usually one per finger per bag for as long as possible.
8. You can’t look at any vaguely vertical surface/edifice without evaluating it for climbability.
9. When the weather is fine, you want to be outside. When the weather is rubbish and you are trapped inside you start doing 1-4.
10. If it wasn’t for the often rotten stonework, church buildings would be brilliant for climbing on.

and so I was flicking through my hiking magazine and they had the Top 10 Via Ferrata routes for the Italian Dolomites. For those who don’t know what Via Ferratas are, they are high Alp routes with fixed cables and ladders to allow those who aren’t mountainers can get the experience of “Exposure” while being fairly safe. Needle Sports has a bit of information and a few pics.

Now this looks like great fun, and I think would make a great long weekend for a couple who liked such outdoor sports. So my problems range from not being able to speak Italian, not having any of the equipment needed, not having the timeor the money to go and being single.

But I have hope!!!!

Now, my magazine also suffered my wrath, after coming up with a “tick list” for Snowdonia. I’m not against tick-lists in general, The Lakes have The Wainwrights (214), Scotland have The Munros (over 3000ft, 284) and the Corbetts (between 2500-2999ft, 220) so it’s only right the Snowdonia has it’s own.

I just disagree with the list. They are described as Snowdonia’s Top 103 Peaks (all of which are over 2000ft). Now, some of you may have read when I mentioned the Welsh 3000er’s, the fifteen mountains in Snowdonia that are over 3000ft. Trail have come up with a sixteenth…. yes, they’ve found a whole extra mountain!!! Oh no they haven’t, it’s a spot hight on a ridge……. it isn’t even a peak!!!!

So, I looked up as many of the mountains as I could. I was able to look up eightlyone of them and decided that twelve of these eightyone weren’t peaks and shouldn’t be counted. And there’s there’s another four in which the reaccent is between 30-35m, and in my opinion that isn’t enough to be another summit. So I’ve lowered the ticklist down to eightyseven.

Of course, I am a bit on the sad side……..