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As time, goes, by…………………………

You know, you go away for a bit and your friends seem to take that as permission to carry on with their lives……

I met up with a couple of friends (the third one was semi-unreachable and doing somesort of agency thing having gotten in trouble with the old one for giving away too much money….. several times….the fourth (who I met in Aldershot last week) is only contactable through the thrid…..) this afternoon. One brought along her husband and two year four month old daughter and the other her fiancee…..


Husband, fiancee, daughter……???? Oh, and Lumpy the pink elephant.

Only a couple of months ago I was telling some friends at Uni that in my group of friends from school that only one had seeminly become settled in anyway (with a daughter and marriage plans). It seems that I was wrong. I just hadn’t known about everyone else.

In other words, it isn’t just something bout us from home, it is infact just me. I am the only person who hasn’t grown up. I mean….. why haven’t I???? What is it about me that means I hang on to the young child in me and refuse to let go.

They say that you know that you know when you’re getting old because policemen look younger than you. Or Blue Peter presenters……. in my case, it’s friends who are younger than me settling down and getting married off and all that malarky. I almost feel that there’s something that I’m missing out on, but I’m not sure if I really want to see…..

Have you noticed how when people settle down, marry, have kids, those sort of things, they change….. they might not notice it, but I do. They’re not the people they used to be…….sometimes it’s a good thing, but they always seem to have less time……or they can’t come out cause they’re doing something else…..

Like I said, they change…….

Also, as I’m travelling tomorrow I won’t be able to get to get online (and as I doubt the library will be open till tuesday (evil buggers)) I shall have to wish you all a happy New Year’s. May you all have a very merry time (in either sense) while I try very hard not to bash my brains out…….

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

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The Chronicles of Narnia……….

Which you might take to mean, I finally got to the cinema to see one of the big three Christmas Films (Harry Potter, King Kong, Lion Witch and the Wardrobe), so much thanks goes to Hopea Hia to agreed to go with me. Especially as I missed our annual trip to the cinema last Christmas!!!

But, wow…. I know that Narnia hasn’t had the best of reviews so far, but it is an amazing film. The feel of the englishness is there (even Leslie Neilson as Aslan doesn’t sound really American). I know that C.S.Lewis was suppose to have been against any film adaptation, mainly due to the fact that what the human imagination can do is so much more than the celuloid world. However, this has had as much care, if not more, than was given to Lord of the Ring.

If I had any crititizims, it would be that they have tried too hard to get their PG rating. Edmund is stabed and Peter pinned to the ground through his arm during the finakl battle, and yet they appear to suffer no loss of blood. Yes, you can have too much blood I know, but you can sanitize it too much.

But I would heartedly reconmend this film to everyone. If you like fanasty adventure films, if you were a fan of the books, if you just like damn good films, if you have a couple of hours free and want to go to the cinema.

So that just leaves me with Harry Potter and King Kong to see……. any takers…..???

About chess…… and possibly other stuff (a hint for Pants there)…….!!!!

So I went into Guildford today….. nice place. What impressed me was that I managed to pick up Batsford’s Modern Chess Openings for just under seven pounds…..but we are talking about a book that has been around so long that it is known as the chess player’s Bible.

And now that those people who get easily bored have left us….. let me tell you a tale. (aren’t I sneaky….???)

There are a number of beginings to this story…. depending on just how a full an account you’d like. I’ll make this a fairly full version, though I won’t actually go look stuff up, so it’ll all be memory based……and so therefore open to embelishments and the like, depending on what I deam fit…. just to warn you. (would I lie to you…..??? O:) hehehe!!)

Anyway…..sometime in the year 2004 (which shows what I man about beginings… but I’ll keep this quick) I was having a conversation with my good friend Yip when she started talking about digger herself a hole….it then came out that she had no idea what a JCB was…..shock!!! A quick direction to lead to the comment “I must ask my parents for one for Christmas!!!” Well, being the generous soul that I am, I sent her one for Christmas (a toy one from Sainsbury’s) and cause I’m nice (and did I mention talented and devilishly hansome…???) I sent both her and her family a Christmas Card…..

Being a good girl, Yip waited till Christmas before opening the present, but the cards were opened, so they could be put up…. lets say, what I’d written (what ever it was…..) led Yip’s mom to ask just what our relationship was…..especially as I was sending gifts from across an entire ocean. Poor Yip……

Of course, once the present was opened, all became clear and Yip was able to tell the story of why she was now the proud owner of a never-been-used JCB…. all of five inches long!!!!

So when she mentioned a certain whitewashing her home NHL team (though not the team she supports :p are they???) gave to my beloved Leafs I sort of mentioned that I’d found another appropriate gift and had sent it over. (as I don’t know if it’s made it or not, I shan’t mention what it is)

And for those of you who missed it, I mentioned like this; “for Yip who wants to mention last week’s Sens-Leafs game (the Sens won 8-2) I’m just going to smile in the knowledge that it’s not going to be me who has to explain to her mum that despite another Christmas Pressie, we’re not dating…… :p” I don’t know if her mom has commented of anything…..but we shall just have to see!!!

However, some people who shall remain nameless (totally nameless) just asking questions in such a manner that suggests that they’re seeing a lot more in this than there really is. Aww bless…… though I could have been wrong.

What was then scary was not just the general suspicion that there might have been something going on between Yip and I, but the whole backstory (“thinking that there was the whole wonderful sappy romantic story….“) that had been built up. And there was a whole backstory. Which was quite good, and very sappy and romantic, though truely fictional (or was it….???) (well, yes.)(stop it….just tell the damn story)(sorry).

I found it kinda sweet.

Which meant that I didn’t just kill the backstory, but went and replied, including a picture of Yip and I from when she last visited with “aww, aren’t we a sweet couple” which was a mistake. The reason being is that then I was given the whole “so, do you like??“, and; “you do like her, don’t you??” which I should have seen coming.

Saying that, those of you who know me well know that I don’t mind conversations like this. What with the way they make my life sound that bit more interesting than it really is. And how it hides my true love for…… nearly gave it away there…..

But I’m getting distracted from where my story is supposed to be heading. You remember that I said that this year seemed to be Linnet’s year for happiness this Christmas….??? (Christmas Eve…??) Finding a lovely bloke down in Bristol and all that jazz……so she mearly has to break off with the guy from back home who been messing her about……. has she gotten round to that yet….??? Apparently not. However, to make her feel slightly better from the teasing I was giving her about this (the guys live 225 miles apart… they shouldn’t meet) I thought I’d mention the above story….. I should of possibly waited till she wasn’t so pissed.

Inside the space of twenty-four hours I’ve had two people thinking Yip and I are dating….. and yet neither of these people even know her….. it’s a mad, mad world….. which is possibly copyrighted…..

I feel that I’ve not told the story as well as I could have (if anyone wants to tidy it up for me….???) and I sort of didn’t actually get permission to tell it (please don’t hurt me) however, the bit about buying Batsford’s Modern Chess Openings is true…’s a great book!!!!!

Things to tell…………………..

You know, there are times when I really, really want to tell something that quite funny, at the same time, I know that it could embarass the person who said it. (or did it, or is the topic of it……)

So I was writing an email a couple of days ago, explaining a situation that I knew had been taken, in slightly the wrong way…… it was very funny. Though the shattering of dreams of suspected happiness, it’s a hard job, but someone has to do it!!!!

It is a funny story, if I get the permission I’ll tell it…..

Thinking about new year’s………………

Well, now that Christmas is over (more or less) it means that New Year’s is fast approaching. You know what that means……

New Year resolutions.

Yes, those evil things……and so I’m thinking what I could do (or attempt to do) in 2006. I have some ideas, which I’d like to float, and to ask what others think might be good ideas.

1)get used to talking on the phone. I hate talking on the phone, and I don’t know why. Well, apart from the fact that I can’t see the other person, so I find it that much harder to read them and their body language, and I therefore don’t know what I can and can’t get away with saying. You also loose the ability to use your hands to wave around, which is something I do like to do when I get into talking.
On occasions I do get into chatting on the phone, in which case I can be on there for over an hour, but it happens very rarely and I think this is wrong. (in otherwords I was on the phone this afternoon and think that I should have done better than I did)

2)not use the words “dump him (or her).” I’ve had to use them on a number of occasions in conversations this year, and I’ve (usually) felt uncomfortable in using them. Admittedly there are times when they have to be used, but that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like to use them.

3)oh drat…..what was number three…….there was a third one. But I’ve forgotten it. I’ll remember it soon, and then I’ll list all of them round New Year’s, then you can all watch and see if I keep them!!!!

And now I really should finish up, as I’m being dragged round the sales tomorrow by my mum….. anyone in Guildford keep an eye out and you may see me!!!! (unless we go to M&S up in the Meadows, Camberley)

And the end is neigh……………………

So, as we come to the end of Christmas (well, it’s 1am Boxing Day now) and I was wondering if I’d be the only one who’d be sad enough to log-in on Christmas Day…… thankfully I’m not, though I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not!!!

How were people’s day?? (I realise that in some places, Christmas is still going….. my sister for instance is in Colorado and so it’s only 6pm Christmas Day there) I hope that you all had fun. Were we heading down to my Aunt’s place this year, so my mum was glad that there was no cooking or washing up to do. Which was nice.

I even managed to have a fairly enjoyable day. Got some very good books (Great Lies to tell Small Kids and Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Sh*t) and a few games and the like. And a cheap, small MP3 player…..which is cool.

So, how do you use one??? Or more exactly, how do you work MP3s??? I have CDs, but I want to put them on to the MP3 player. Assuming that I can make it work on my laptop (my desktop is so old it doesn’t understand “USB”).

It was Christmas Eve, and all through the house……..

I’m not sure if that’s quite right, but if I’m heading to Midnight Mass tomorrow, I won’t get to write anthing till sometime late Christmas Day……so this is my last chance to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, actually before Christmas itself!!!

So, Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Now, time to sort out all the stuff that happened today, try to make it cohearant (and spelt correctly).

Was in the lovely town of Camberley this afternoon (the home of everyone’s aunt), being taken shopping by my mum, as Littlewoods is closing and they had stuff cheap. Well, while waiting around for my mum (as she’s going, “how about this…??“) when I thought I spotted and old friend. I wasn’t sure, having not seen her for at least two years (if not longer). We passed them a few more times round town, but I didn’t say anything, in that whole “is it more embarassing to be right, or wrong??”

What made it funnier was that later on we had to go to Aldershot Post Office to pick up some parcels for my dad. Who did I bump into as I left the building….???? Yep, the friend that I thought I saw a few hours earlier in Littlewoods…… I really should have asked if it had been her……

I am a hopeful optimist…. it’s a terrible crime, but there we go. I love Christmas movies. I truely believe that good things do come at Christmas….. I hope that they’ll happen for me one day, but as long as they happen, that’s the important thing.

And it looks like they are. One story I’m not allowed to tell, another I don’t yet know about (unless it’s the same story… always a possibility) and the one that I’ve not been told to stay quiet about started only last weekend, and is on hold till after New Year’s when they can get together again……. what can I say….. I love happy endings….. (no, it’s not me to those who were starting to worry……my friend Linnet and some guy in Bristol.)

In other news;
Top Baby names for 2005 Jack holds on for eleventh year(!!!) along with Jessica.
Schools fail in daily prayer I’ll admit that I didn’t realise that daily prayer was still compulsory…… we used to have it up till year five in Middle School but with the increase of non-Christian students it was removed from Morning Assembly so everyone was able to attend. We didn’t have any at all for the entire of Secondary School (though we were given those small red New Testaments).

And with that the story is ended, as I resist the urge to listen to the rest of the Leaf’s game on online radio from

Take Care, have a Merry Christmas, one and all!!!!!

A bit more difficult…..

Well, am home and suffering from a slower conection, hence the double posting last night……. it was very nearly a triple posting, but I gave up with the waiting……..

However, being home I poped into my local library to look through the Electroial Register. I was very impressed with the refurbishment job they’ve done. I’m very impressed!!!

But, I’ve discovered a stumbling block in the whole looking up my friend. The Electorial Register that is kept in the local library is only for the local borough. In this case the Borough of Rushmore. It’s also sorted by road, so if you wanted to find someone it’ll be a case of looking through every road in the borough till you find them. So not knowing which borough, let along which street to look in……… so as you can see…… that makes it a bit more difficult.

What I really need is a big book that lists people by name and has their addresses…… like the phone book. There is a problem with the phone book. For instance. I’m not in the phone book. The reason being, I’m not the one who pays the phone bill.

So, in theory, I can look through the phone books (all in the library) list all the possible “Stoners” (a lot) and their addresses and go to a local library and then look them up in Register. I suppose it would be easier to pay the odd £15 to one of these internet companies and let them do it……… but I think that’s just not playing cricket.

Unless…….. Hampshire Central Library is in Winchester….. now if they had a copy of all the Registers for Hampshire, I could just go there and look through that…… I mean, there can’t be that many people in Hampshire….. right….????

Should probably clarify…………………..

I felt that I should probably clarify that Yip is currently 5 time-zones away so when I say dating, we wouldn’t be talking about in the normal phone call; “You fancy going to the cinema friday night?? Meet at Tim Hortons???” but I know what I mean…….

This pointless anouncment would have been given sooner, but I had left the library, and have only just gotten home…….feeling fairly tired so off to bed for me!!!!

Nighty night!!!!!