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Oh so close……..

Last night I checked to see what my overdraft was….. and guess what, I was only £1.80 over drawn!!! How cool is that!!! Or, should I say, how cool was that…..what with the fact that I’ve gone bought some tickets this afternoon….. where to I hear you ask….. well…… have you ever heard of….

THE WINTER OLYMPICS!!!!!! to see Sweden v. Russia in the Ice Hockey…… Oh yeah, I’m pleased…..

So that’ll also be with some plane tickets to Milan, so a bit less money in there than there was…. but will it be worth it??? Oh yes!!! I’m only away for three odd days, but it’s like my first proper holiday in four odd years…. so I’m looking forward to it!!!


nb – no, I don’t speak Italian, no, I don’t like flying, am I still going to have a great time…. yes!!!

Operation: lie to university……….

Well, this is how it works….. I have the basics for my thesis, but it needs some work on it…… the universitybeklieves it’s going to be submitted tomorrow……what we (my supervisor and I) are not going to tell them, is that it isn’t……. we’re going to wait, and submit it in the next week, when it’s ready…….

And if they ask where it is, it’s “getting bound”…….

Operation: Lie To University, is GO, Go, GO!!!!!

So here sit I……….

So, here I am, sitting in the library, just fourty-six hours away from submitting my MPhil thesis…… when I say submitting, what I mean is being forced to submit (if they accept it) as it’s that or the street…… personally, I’m not happy with it, mainly because I don’t understand what on earth is going on, both generally and with the science……and that I know I should really of had it finished at least a year ago……

Thing is, I hate it……all the practical stuff was great, but I’ve just not gotten this whole writing up lark. I managed a couple of chapters fairly quickly, but they were the easy ones, the last two have had to involve me understanding stuff…….. which I don’t.

On the other hand, all that’s really left is the “what my results mean” or more exactly; “what my results mean in a scientific manner” which is slightly different!!!

But enough of this jabbering…… best get on with this……. this….. horrible, horrible thing!!

“We will never forget them……………..”

These are the lines of Ronald Reagan (now how often is he quoted on the Wibsite..??) in describing the Challenger disaster, which occured twenty years ago (Saturday). On This Day – BBCi

Unlike with the Columbia (tragic that it was) there was something about the Challenger disaster that made that much more impact. The fact that it happened during liftoff, and so was still bvery visable to all the crowd and the millions watching on tv, and that it was carrying the first school teacher (picked from over 10,000 applicants) to go into space.

I know that most people are going to be thinking about Holocaust day today (and the Muslim Council’s decision to boycott it) but my thoughts are with these five men and two women who’s lives were snuffed out bearly a minute into one of the greatest adventures they could have gone on.

Imagine a world……

I’m sure that there used to be a hymn that we’d sing in primary school where the lyrics were along the line of “Imagine a world without any people, imagine a world without any war, imagine a world without any suffering, imagine a world without any hope…….

It was one of those sad/thoughtful hymns that you never really appriciate when you’re only seven…… but I wish I could remember the words…..however, it does sort of lead me to what I’m talking about today……

Last night I was wondering what a world without me would be like….well, two possible worlds, one where I never was and the other, if I were to cease to be how the world would be different from then on……

How many other lives have I had a positive inpact on, how many has that impact be negative, has what I’ve done, overall, been better than if I never had been…… it’s an interesting question….. I’d like to think that in some cases I have managed to help, though was my help unique, would I have been the only who would have been able to help at that time???

It’s an interesting thought……

One other note that I’d like to tell people about, tonight on BBC2, Horizon is looking at the debate on Creationism, ID and evolution and the teaching in schools…… it’s a 9pm. Apparently, over half the British population doesn’t believe that evolution is the definate answer here which just goes to show there are a lot of fools around…….

edit: thankyou, found the lyrics, don’t remember the last couple of verses, but hey…nor seems to bequite a sad as the one in my mind…..

Think of a world without any flowers

Think of a world without any flowers,
think of a wood without any trees,
think of a sky without any sunshine,
think of the air without any breeze:
we thank you, Lord, for flowers and trees and sunshine;
we thank you, Lord, and praise your holy name.

Think of a world without any people,
think of a street with no-one living there,
think of a town without any houses,
no-one to love and nobody to care:
we thank you, lord, for families and friendships;
we thank you, lord, and praise your holy name.

Think of a world without any worship,
think of a God without his only Son,
think of a cross without a resurrection
only a grave and not a victory won:
we thank you, Lord, for showing us our Saviour;
we thank you, Lord, and praise your holy name.

Thanks to our Lord for being here among us,
thanks be to him for sharing all we do,
thanks for our church and all the love we find here,
thanks for this place and all its promise true:
we thank you, Lord, for life in all its richness;
we thank you, Lord, and praise your holy name.

– Bunty Newport

Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, but………

There are several levels of secrets in the world. Those that aren’t secret, those that should be kept quiet for a short time, those that can come out after a much longer time, and those which should never be mentioned again.

Of course, sometimes the hardest thing is to know just what level of secrecy that each secret you’re told is….. I had a friend talking to me, asking for my help, and I tried the best I could. Something that I could have told them that might have helped, I had been sworn to secrecy about….. least for the time being….and then I was sworn to secrecy about the conversation that we were having…..

Sometimes it just makes life that bit more difficult……. but then again, life is difficult anyway!!!

It must be love……………..

I have a habit (well, several really) of evesdropping on other people’s conversations when I’m sitting in pubs or cafes. I know I probably shouldn’t, but I often find it very interesting to listen in to what other people are saying…..a bit voyeristic I know, but……but you can so often iver here things that are funny or just plain interesting!!!

I have recently been recording my CDs as MP3s as I now have a hard-drive large enough and so when I overheard the conversation between a couple where she wanted to look over his music collection it made me wonder why……..

Would looking over one’s music collection show something about the personality of the owner….??? Are there certain albums that could be deemed “bad” incase your music collection was ever looked over??? I am sure that I must have a couple of no-nos!!! I have two Rolf Harris albums, whci I suspect wouldn’t be rated very highly. How about that Busted album or possibly The Beatles #1 album (which I have actually never listened to).

Just what are “good” and “bad” music albums to own……???

And to leave a final thought, Genisis, according to a new Aussie Bible: “Out of the blue, God knocked up the whole bang lot. God said ‘let’s have some light’ and bingo, light appeared.

Mildly disappointed………..

There was a report in the paper last week that said that three quarters of people though it was acceptable to have sex on a first date. Is it me, or is that really quite sad??

I can remember listening to a programme where they were looking at the rise in STDs (sexual transmitted diseases) in the younger generation. They were showing an old movie clip the was shown to members of the RAF during the Second World War. In this clip there was the sargent-major telling a class of recuits that if a woman was willing to sleep with them, what’s to say that they weren’t willing to sleep with others, and while you migh be lucky and not catch anything, you might also not be so lucky……

Sixty years ago the average age for the loosing your virginity if you were a guy was 21 and a girl 23 and for over half it was on their wedding night…… now-a-days the average age is only sixteen (and what’s the betting it’s actually lower, but that would be suggesting that most people are breaking the law) and less than one percent will wait till they are married…….

I know someone, who would prefess themselves to be a Christian, but then had a very physical relationship that lasted six or seven weeks….. and when it was over said, “Well, I knew it wouldn’t last, so I enjoied myself while I could……” as if this is perfect justification…….

To me this seems so wrong, on so many levels that I can’t see how someone would want to live like that. How they can live like that and still think that it’s all alright….. I know that you shouldn’t judge people by the same standards that you put on yourself, but I just don’t get this attitude to promiscuous sex that seems to be around. I just don’t.


Interesting, hotmail definatly had three email “you have messages” from here, and yet I’m being told there is only the one….. oh well!!!! No wait, found them…!!!!

Actually, this is really just to out in the photo I said I would. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I just rescanned the photo at a lower resolution……hence a smaller file size. And it worked!!!!


For the description, just see below, the one that has no photo!!!

Some photos for the weekend………………

Three out of the four photos uploaded well (the fourth was just black…..)


This is from a trip to Cadair Idris where it was… well, a little wet and windy would be a good description….but I just like the way all the hoods are up.


On the way up Cadair, you can’t quite make out the summit, it’s just round the corner. I just like this one, with the tree in the centre and Rob just looking back……


The first of the two protrait style B&W photos. This one I like the way the light highlights on the face and with the background just being slightly out of focus.

The second one hasn’t worked…… apparently this has got something to do with decompressing large files (the original was 25MB) but it was a lovely snapshot of a former girlfriend of LordS and I just like the general impishness that the photo suggests…….if I can get it to work it may go up at another date, or it may not!!!

Have a good weekend now!!!