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Out and about (10:11 am)

The 40min drive to Caerphilly has taken me 2hrs & I’m still on the M4! Oh dear….

nb – it subsequently took me a shade under three hours to travel the 40 odd miles to Caerphilly….. my dad did his journey (off about 110 miles) in two hours……

I will never…………….

… have a number one hit record – what can I say, I have neither looks, nor musical ability, which means apart from Christmas #1 (Mr Blobby anyone??)

… compete in the Olympics – sadly, the sports in which I do compete in (and fairly well I might add) are not Olympic sports. There was talk of adding them a few years ago, but the IOC said no. Well, actually, they said NO!! This means that I could be British, European and World Champion but not Olympic Champion. I would willingly come fourth in all the previous competitions for Olympic Gold…..

… be Pope – which will disapoint/relieve various poeple, but I’m not going to be. Mainly because I’m not Roman Catholic, and this is apparently an important part of being Pope. Not that I have any big problems with RC theology. Apart from abortion, homosexuality, women in the church and contraception.

… be a Saint – by which I mean of the cannonised type. For though there is no Saint Bimble in the list of Saints I’ve just not got that touch of holiness needed…….

… get married – I’m not saying that I wouldn’t want to, but just knowing me, like I do, it’s not going to happen. I’m a commitment-phobe and marriage is apparently a big commitment… but I may be wrong on this one (the getting married, not that it’s a commitment!!!).

… play a musical instrument – what can I say, despite having sung in a choir for nearly half my life, I can’t actually read music. While this might not stop me from playing an instrument, it doesn’t help!!!

… speak a foreign language – I know people who can speak French, Spaish, Italian, German…. LordS actually speaks French, German, Welsh, Dutch, Afrikanns (all fluently) and know bits of various Scandinavian languages as well….. I can sort of manage with French, German and Italian, but only if I have my phrase book with me!!

… win an oscar – mainscreen Hollywood is a bad place to be….. much more fun to work in the smaller parts of the industry.

… listen to Radio1 – flatly refuse to….. evil station!!!

… become a doctor – unless I get given an honoury doctorate, in which case, I’d be wrong here as well!!

… appear in an eppisode of Star Trek – this would be a lot of fun, but they don’t seem to be filming any more episodes and unless there are plans for a new series that I don’t know about….. oh well…..

… grow up – I’m surrounded by people who are “growing up” and getting on with their lives, which is all very well and nice, but I like being a kid at heart…..

… finish this list – or tell you what else is on it, because there are so many things that I’m not going to do. Be a Superhero, work in a circus or stand for Parliment; are just examples of what else there could be……..

Finding forgiveness……………….

It’s only taken a couple of weeks, but I think I’ve forgiven LordS and Banana for acting like petulant children a couple of weeks ago…….

I’m also going to forgive Yip for the mistaken belief that Finland are the team to support….. fool…….

and as this computer has crashed twice so far this afternoon I’m gonig to wish you all a good weekend!!!!

I have before me……..

I have before me a piece of yellow paper with the following words on it………..

University of Wales Swansea
The Swansea Graduate School

Higher degrees

Submission of thesis/dissertation

Receipt form & request for fees certificate

This thesis/dissertation is submitted in compliance with the relivent Regulation for the Degree of: – MPhil
Canditates full name: – Me
In the Department/School of: – Chemistry
Date: – 31/1/2006

Which is nice……. I also feel that I should point out that when I said (yesterday) ‘come back into Uni to watch the Olympic ice hockey semi-final’ I should have pointed out that this would have been in the library, so the whole drinking thing might have been a bit harder…….. and I’m also supporting Sweden now, cause they were who we saw playing last week (how interesting would a Sweden – Russia final be….. just like the group game I caught!!!).

It’s a tough choice………

So, I have a tough choice, to go out with the guys out on the town to ‘drink my name’ or come back into Uni to watch the Olympic ice hockey semi-final, Canada v. Russia…….. I just have this feeling I’m going to end up back here……. how can I resist……???

While I was away…….

So, how are people…..??? Anything fun happen while I was away……??? Those always beig the question one has to ask if you’ve been out of the loop for any sort of time longer than a day. However, in those few days I’ve had a great time, as I’m sure you’re all glad to hear!!!!

I’m going to say nothing about the fourteenth, partly because I’ve run out of upload for flickr, so am unable to showe any of the piccies I took, and partly because I feel that because it was Valentine’s Day I should complain about it greatly (like I was dragged round The Tat Modern), however, considering that I had a lovely dinner with two highly attractive young ladies, I don’t really think I’ve got the right……. but more of that later….

Wednesday involved vast amount of travelling……. First to Gatwick, from Gatwick to Milan Linate, from Linate into the centre of Milan by airport bus. Then there was an hour’s break in a little resturant which served the thickest, richest hot chocolate I’ve ever had before we caught the train to Parma. And then a bus to the flat…… a little over ten hours travelling!!!!!

Somehow were we were up in time to catch a train for the three hour ride to Turin. We shared our compartment with a couple of lovely americans (Claire and Lindsey) who were on their way to support their friend Kristina Koznick in the slalom. So I’m going to watch that on Wednesday (it’s on BBCi, 13.45. I’m currently watching the Women’s Ice Hockey final).

The game we caught was Sweden v. Russia in the Ice Hockey and it was a great game….

Warming up...... bye-bye net......

The Swedish team warming up before the game, and taking out the Russian goal.

It was a very exciting game and I insisted that we supported Sweden, mainly because that a couple of the players for Sweden (such as the captain Matt Sundin and goalie Tellqvist paly for my Leafs). I should have guessed that while we were waiting for our (delayed) train that I was humming ‘The Russian’s’ part from the musical Chess that maybe I’d picked the wrong team……….

The first period was amazing, finished 0-0 but Sweden were playing better….. just a matter of time really. In the begining of the second Russia played some of the best hockey I have ever seen…… 3-0 by the end of the second and by the end of the third it was 5-0……… ahhh well…….

He shoots..... Attack!!!

Shots on the Swedish goal (again) and a Russian attack into the Swedish end (again!!!).

After the game we headed back into the city centre and looked at all the pretty lights (again, no flickr due to filling up my bandwidth…..) and you remember those americans I mentioned eariler…??? Claire and Lindsey…??? We bumped into them again!!!

After catching our train back to Parma (another three hours) it was then a fourty minute walk back to the flat, as for some unknown reason the buses stop running in the wee small hours of the morning!!!

Up, again early, the next morning (or later that morning) to catch the train to Milan. Lovely city, the cathedral is amazing….. even more so when they take the scaffolding off!!! I could show you the picture…. but flickr, etc, etc. But we did manage to have a lovely pizza, and while eating the pizzas we spotted the resturant that we’d originally been looking for!!!

Then the tram took a very long and winding route back to the central station, and we had to wait for the airport bus to turn up…. then there was a queue at checkin….. and a longer queue for security….. and then the realisation that the very long queue for the security was infact just the queue that had made it outside the security section, and that there was still a long queue inside security!!! (and this was still thirty minutes before my plane was leaving) Then I set off the metal detector, the handheld scanner found nothing so I got taken away and had my boots taken off me…… then they were given back and the security guy walked off…… was I free to go….??? Was he off getting someone else….??? If I left would they shoot me….??? Well, with fifteen minutes till take-off I took the risk, put my boots on and scarpered!!!!!

Olympic Flame Zamboni.......

And a final view of the Olympic Flame and just for Yip, it’s an Olympic Zamboni……

Back in town…………… nearly………………..

Hi ya guys…… I have had a marvelous time and am glad to be back….. well, I’m “home” at the moment, heading to Swansea tomo (later today).

I’m not going to really say much just now, because I’ve not finished postcards and having done a vast amount of travelling over the last couple of days I’m pretty tired.

The long and the short of it can be sumerised as ‘wow’.

P2163032 P2163035

The Olympic Flame and the ice-rink ‘Palasport Olimpico’ where our game was held.

Actually ashamed……..

I’ve never before been able to say that I am actually ashamed of the behaviour of people who are my friends, but after the antics of LordS and Banana this weekend this is no longer true.

Ceinwen was down this weekend, before heading back to foriegn climes, and I suppose the nicest thing you could say was that least LordS and Banana didn’t actively try to make her feel unwelcome…. mearly ignoring her, avoiding her, not responding and showing absolutely no interest in her.

Only once did I have to field the question; “Is it because I’m here that he is upset??”

What made it that much more galling was that while both LordS and Banana made it perfectly clear, before Ceinwne turned up, that they do not care for her any anyway, she cares for them. She asks about them, how they are doing, is upset at the bad news, pleased for the good.

I know that I’m not prefect, there are people that I can’t stand being with, but for civility, for the feelings of others and because my faith has love, forgiveness, understanding and charity at it’s heart I at least try to be nice to them. At least when they are around.

Subsequently I can’t understand why they can-not seem to feel guilty for they’re behaviour. They share the same faith, they have the same beliefs, but they don’t seem to care.

When next Sunday, when we pray for forgiveness as we utter the words; “We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; and we have done those things which we ought not to have done .” Will how they have behaved even cross their minds…??? Do they even think that they have acted wrong…???

I never thought that I would be able to say that I was ashamed of the actions of people I deemed to be friends….. but I am…..

nb – MrG was fine and lovely, no complaints what so ever…… so he’ll be getting a postcard from Italy!!!

A bit later than planned…….

Well, a bit later than planned, but having worked on it for nearly thirty of the last thirty three hours, I actually have a thesis sitting next to me…….. well, actually I have two, one of them though has been written by me…..

I am, as I’m sure you can understand, a little bit tired now, and am actually torn between walking home, and finding somewhere nice just to settle down…….

But first, a drink!!!!!

Catch you guys later!!!!

Today’s the day……… hopefully…….

So, todays’s the day I’m hopefully submitting my thesis…. I just need to print it all out, go through it to write what I need to change, change the stuff and print it out again……. however omens aren’t good…….

During the all nighter I pulled to see what I needed doing (hence a much earlier than normal posting) my old laptop refused to work, I was unable to find three diagrams that I need, I got no sleep and then my camera broke just after taking the photo below…… and going off on holiday next week, will I be able to get it fixed…..???

All I will say is thank God for the Ice Hockey that was on last night….. that and the TEN episodes of The West Wing that I watched……..