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We’re gonna win……………….

Thankyou for your wishes of good health…… while I’m getting through less hankies a day than I was the headaches have gotten worse… if it wasn’t one thing it’s another, eh??

But this wasn’t quite what I’m going to talk about today…. you see yesterday (apart from popping in on Linnet for tea) I bought a whole lot of stamps…. fifty-two to be precise. Twelve first class and the rest second. Now, despite the prices of stamps going up on Monday this wasn’t the over kill that it first appears… I was infact sending out a whole raft of letters, which also had to include self-addressed-envelopes which just doubles the amount of postage needed!!! And all these letters are for what I hear you ask..??? Entry forms for competitions.

You see, I am one of these people who are competitive….. If I play a game of something I have to win… otherwise what’s the point of playing??? And it doesn’t matter what the game is, or how good.bad at it I am, I want to try and win. Whether it’s a sporting game like footie/rounders…. is that the fire alarm….???? One moment….

….yes it was… and after thirty seconds or so people started to leave the building, but as you can guess, the building wasn’t on fire and I’m able to continue!!

But as I was saying, whether the game is a sporting game, or something more cerebral like scrabble or chess I try my best to win it, and I don’t understand people who play games and don’t care whether they win or lose. If you’re not going to try your best, why play….???

As for those competition forms I mentioned earlier….. well, they are part of my plan just to see how good I really am…. in other words, I’m going to try and get a National Ranking. This is going to involve me competing in competions throughout the summer months, from the City of Newport all the way up to Glasgow and when I’m finsihed I’ll probably discover that I’m not as good as I really thought…… but I’m going to try!!!

The blog title is pinched from a Bryan Adams song that I heard many years ago, and is on a compilation tape I’ve got in my car….. it’s a tune that I find gets me in that competitive spirt.

We’re gonna win
Don’t wanna be a loser – gonna win
Cuz winnin’ really is the only thing
Get out of the way we’re comin’ in
If ya wanna fight just step inside the ring
Does anybody wanna take a swing?
It’s gotta be all or nothing
Oh we’re gonna be the champions
Ya we’re goin’ all the way – we’re gonna win win

We’re gonna win
Forget about a draw – we’re gonna score
And then we’re gonna get a few more
Maybe another one just to be sure
We’ll make ya look just like an amateur
Until the final whistle it’s a war
And then we’re gonna pick ya off the floor
We wanna hear the crowd really roar
Ya – we’re comin’ in we’re gonna win win

We’re gonna win – we wanna win
Cuz number one is everything
We’re gonna win – we wanna win
We’re gonna be the champions
We’re gonna win

Bryan Adams

My advice to you……..

My advice to you all is not to get ill. It may sound very simple, but it’s good advice. I’ve had this damned cold now for three odd weeks and it’s showing no sign of going….. if anything, it’s getting worse!!! I’ve got a runny and blocked nose (how can you have both???), aches and pains a cough and since Sunday a headache that I can feel with ever step I take……. it’s starting to get annoying now…….

But your kids would be cute and fluffy…….

(nb – just so Wordy and Banana know, I’m not really mocking you in this post, it only sounds like I am!!!)

One of those things when you’re a single guy who has a lot of female friends is that you get a lot of; “Why don’t you ask out [insert name here]?? You’d be cute together/your kids would be cute and fluffy!!” (yes, that is an actual reason given)

Now I know that some people don’t like this, thankfully I’m not one of those people. I actually quite enjoy seeing who people think I should date, especially knowing that in pretty much everycase it’s not going to happen.

Recently both Wordy and Banana are championing their own separate favourites. This wouldn’t be too bad, but for a couple of obvious problems….. In one case it’s not actually ever seeing the person and in the other it’s the fact that there’s the Atlantic Ocean in the way.

Some might say that these are but small obstructions in the path of love, but my name isn’t Some, so I think that these might be problimatic…. well, at least annoying!!! ;o)

Do you have the t-shirt yet………….???

I would hate to suggest that it’s possible to flog a dead horse however, for those of you in Toronto you may feel the need to head down to the Princess of Wales Theatre to catch a new show…… The Lord of the Ring On Stage

Now, being four hours long (and also clashing with a Leafs-Habs game) I didn’t attend the grand opening. The reviews have been slightly mixed with the critics not really liking it, but members of the public seem to like it despite the critics. (according to the BBCi)

You can make your own thought on it by heading over to The Times Online where they have a four minute clip which does sound pretty good…….

On your marks………………

I love watching sports…… well, most sports, not football. I loved watching the Winter Olympics and I love watching the Commonwealth Games (currently in Melbourne).

Over the last couple of nights I’ve watched mountain biking, hockey, syncro swimming, basketball, a whole lot of athletics, swimming, table-tennis, squash, gymnastics, rugby sevens, netball and the triathalon….. though not the boxing, I can’t stand watching boxing……

Problem is, is that it doesn’t start till just gone 11pm…. so I get home from work round midnight, sitdown in a chair, turn the tv on and before I know it it’s gone 4am!!!! And I’m wondering why I’m feeling tired.


On the other hand, Glasgow is bidding to host the 2010 games, so that would be better for timing…. or it might go to Halifax (NS – Canada), and if I head over there for the Winter Olympic Games (2010) I may have to take a bit longer getting back……..

How do I say………..???

Not one to step away from a challange I am trying to think of how to phrase an email to a friend who’s old boyfriend (since christmas) has gotten himself a new girl. This wouldn’t be so much a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that as she’s an erasmus student, she’s not here to know…….and I don’t know if there’s anyone else who might have told her…..

I did ask Yip this question, being an ex-erasmus student herself, however, Yip being not very good at repling to emails has not yet answered…. so guys, any suggestion???


I have no time, for which I appologise. I popped in for a cup of tea and ended up in a conversation about testamonies, eccuminism, the Catholic Church and other stuff….. this leaves me with only 30 minutes to get home, get ready and get to work!!! Oh, and check my emails!!!

I wasn’t around yesterday (for which you guys missed on on an interesting post about sports bras….) because it was concert day and so I went to the church for the day.

Also, am feeling ill still…. singing with a cold and blocked ear wasn’t fun (though I couldn’t hear the sops… that was nice!!! ;o) hehehe) and all sounded very good….. The Teddy Bear’s Picnic went down well and everyone laughed when the basses joined in Three Little Maids, as we were hoping they would!!

And now with only twenty minutes left, I best get home!!!!