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You’ll never guess……

You’ll never guess what I saw last night. A 4×4. Not a Chelsea Tractor, or something like that, this was a 4×4 that was covered in mud. All along the side panels, up across the side windows, the edges of the windscreen, the bonnet. It was a 4×4 that had been used for what it was designed for.


Here we go again……

On Saturday our landlady is popping over. This of course means that every speck of dust has to be kicked out of the house, just incase it attacks her and causes her to have us thrown out.

This puts me in an interesting position. You see, no matter how much I tidy something, it will never be clean enough for the clean freaks that I live with, and they will just redo it. That has already been the case.

I’m guessing that somewhere there has been a conversation about what people are supposed to be cleaning, but if there has, no-one has told me, so I shall do my best not to cause any mess and will help the landlady out when she sorts the garden (I tried to mown the lawn a few weeks ago and discovered that the mower has no blades!!).

May you live in interesting times…….

An old Chinese saying, or curse if you will. Of course, in this busy modern era “interesting times” only really just covers it!!

We have wars in Iraq and Afganistan (as well as others), povety and politics, Wimbledon (spelt correctly this time) and the Football World Cup. We also have this.

If ever there was a time when being the Archbishop of Canterbury really, really sucks, I think about now must be very high on the list.

You know, sometimes I wonder if people are just trying to cause trouble on purpose. To imagine that ordaining an opening gay, nay, a practising homosexual to a Bishop wouldn’t cause some sort of outrage was either very short sighted on the part of the Episciple Church, or suggestive that they weren’t too bothered.

I would like to think that to risk splitting the Anglican Communion, to cause so much trouble would not be a thing done lightly. However much that I wish to be annoyed at them, my mind keeps bringing me back to another group of men who spilt a Communion because they believed they were right. Men like Martin Luther, Huldrych Zwingli and John Calvin (but to name a few).

Of course, I’m hoping that there’s going to be no burning of people for being heritics…. maybe just a bit of light beard-pulling, that sort of thing.

Now, if the Primates of the Anglican Communion were to come to me, to ask for my opinion (which I note that they’re not) I would be quite willing to give it as something like;

Dudes, look, I think that we can agree that yes, homosexuality is a sin. The Bible is pretty sure about that, BUT, and this is the important part, oneof the founding tennants of Christianity is FORGIVENESS. Our sins can be forgiven. Whatever they may be.

Yes, I realise that people might say that to have to ask for forgiveness for being what they are is too much to ask, I would point out that they are not asking for forgiveness for being homosexual, nor for being a practising homosexual, but they are asking God to forgive them for all their sins to Him. That is afterall what we all do.

So while the Episciple Church may have been a little naughty, but these are still Godly people and I am sure that He will find it in His heart to forgive them. As we should find it in ours.

Of course, if they were to ask me my opinion, I would have to write it a lot better. Thoughts and Archbishop Rowan Williams’ letter can be found, here.


I studied hard in high school, and at Harvard and in law school. My IQ doesn’t break the bank and I wanted to do this so I studied all the time. And I missed something, or it’s like I skipped a year because I never learnt what you do after you think you like somebody. What you do next. And everybody did learn. A lot of people anyway.
Josh Lymen – H.Con-172

I’m a big fan of the West Wing, and am slowly working my way through Swansea Library’s collection of dvds. I love all the charactors, but Josh is one of my favourites.

Sure, he’s a bit arrogant and screws up sometimes, but it’s the same with me.

There are some things……

There are some things that I really hate doing, such as having to rewrite the same stuff over and over again, especially in things like job application forms. You get these websites now-a-days for car insurance where you only need to fill in the information just the once and it’ll go to all the other websites and put the information through for you and come back with the answers.

Why can’t it be like that with job applications??? Why is there nowhere for me to put up my details and let the employers come to me?? Or a site that matches their needs to what I’ve put up and goes “You have the quallifications/skills that this company want, get in touch…” That would make this so much more simplier!!!

As it is, I’d best get back to filling these forms in……. let me see, give an example of my drive and determination….. well, I’ve tried to finish off these forms for starters!!!

Oh, and name and address of someone who can verify this….. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I should explain……

Now Genevive, it could have been about my car, but it isn’t. Thankfully, neither is it me being much more deviant than you’re giving me credit for.

You see, sometimes I do silly things, and sometimes I let other people do silly things for me. This is a case of the later………

On Monday night, after failing in the pub quiz a number of our group were heading into town to go to Flares. This isn’t really me scene, however I needed to check what times I was at work this week, so I headed towards town with them.

It was noticed that I had continued past my house, and being a bit on the tipsy side my companions decided to try and guess where and what I was off to do.

What did surprise me was that the conversation was still going on strong twentyfour hours later and it now turns out that I have a twentyfive year old, blonde girlfriend called Rachael. And the danger of drunk people asking the questions is that it really doesn’t matter how silly, or how long it takes you to come up with them, they still believe.

And when people are drunk (well, tipsy at least) the questions asked fall into such categories as that below……. now the real question is whether I should come clean (if only so I can have a conversation with someone that doesn’t involve “Rachael”), or should I see how long I can keep this going…….

It’s time for Game Seven…….

For those people who really can’t stand the way I go on about Ice Hockey, best if you stop reading now, cause that’s what I’m talking about….. for tonight in Game Seven (in a best of seven series) of the Stanley Cup Finals.

I, of course, am hoping that the Edmonton Oilers become only the second team in NHL history to come back from a 3-1 game deficit to win the cup (have to go back to 1942 and the Leafs who were 3-0 behind to win). Carolina may have the home ice advantage, but the Oilers have won there once already and are coming off a 4-0 win on Saturday night….. I am most certainly tuning in tonight!!!!