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However, sadly…..

Well, I’m home now and there’s been news. We’ve gotten in touch with my parents (who were in Sweden) and they are on their way back.

However, sadly Nana has passed away this evening.

It’s just doesn’t seem right though. When Grandma died twelve or thirteen years ago she had been ill for a bit and the same with Great Uncle and Aunt David and Peggy. It was a case that you could see that they were going and you could be ready for it. When I was home only three weeks ago Nana was fine. She went into hospital yesterday with suspected bladder infection which turned out to be some sort of agressive leukaemia and now she’s gone.

I mean, now-a-days people don’t just die. Fine one minute and not the next. I know that’s being horribly naive of me and it’s just that it’s very late and I’m tired and this has come out of the blue…. bed I think.

The Son of God really is a Superman……..

Apparently, the new Superman is Jesus or at least represents Him.

This argument imediately falls down down flat for me right at the begining where we’re told; ‘An all-powerful father sends his son to Earth to save mankind by showing them the “light”.‘ If I remember correctly, Superman was sent to earth to save him from the destruction of Krypton. He had been sent to earth, because he would have powers there, powers that he would need to survive.

To say he is cradled in his mother’s arms like Michelangelo’s Piet (Wiki) is a definate reference to a religious background is a bit rich. How many ways are there to cradle someone in your arms??

A female nurse rushes into his hospital room, only to find it empty, just like the Mary’s finding His tomb empty. An obvious link I’m sure you’ll agree. Or, and Superman is apparently stabbed in the side with a shard of kryptonite, just like Jesus was stabbed in the side when he was on the crucifix. Does anyone remember the end of ‘Gladiator’, in this image we see Maximus, being held outstretched – cruxifiction style – about to be stabbed in the side by Commodus.

Why is it that there are a bunch of people who just have to try and find some sort of “Christian Background” to films. Superman is an action adventure film. Sure, you could make up some issues that could be used in discussion groups and the like, but to then sit there and say; “yes, this is an obvious retelling of the Biblical story….

Sometimes I think it’s cause otherwise they feel that they can’t go see the film unless they can say to themselves; “this is religious, I can see this.

A very merry un-birthday, to you, to you……….!!!!

This week sees the birthday of two friends. Yip and Ece.

A rather, slightly embarassing thing though, despite knowing Ece for, oh, five years, I’m not actually sure just which birthday this is. It could be her twenty-fourth, or possibly her twenty-fifth. Up until about five minutes ago, I wasn’t actually sure if it was today, tomorrow or Saturday. Turns out it’s tomorrow. What’s worse is that I’ve asked her before, at least twice over the last couple of years. I even wrote it in the card I sent this year (as I can’t get the time off work to go up for the party) that I wasn’t sure when or which her birthday was.

But happy birthday to you both.

I miss it……

A couple of weeks ago Swansea Central Library was forced to close due to something being wrong with an important structural beam. I’m not too sure, I was speaking to one of the librarians in Brynmill Library and she told me that they had had to evacuate the building when it had been spotted and so everyone had had to leave all their stuff behind. I’m going to guess that they’ve gotten their stuff back now.

But the building is still closed.

This is quite sad because I like the library. I liked looking at the books for sale, I like being able to borrow books that I might not want to buy. To borrow random books like Knife Throwing: A Practical Guide. Or I would borrow dvds, I was about to start working through Series Four of the West Wing. And now I can’t.

In other news, I’ve had a couple of people get here through imaginative searches. One who was looking up; “half step dropped tuning songs bon jovi” I have no idea what they were looking for, even by looking at the possible sites that this suggested. The other was; “chelsea tractor sinners” of which I was the top of the pile….. which I was quite impressed about.

Zero taste, all the sugar…. no that’s wrong…..

Over the last couple of weeks Coca-Cola (Wiki) have been advertising their new coke (Coca-Cola Zero) which apparently has all the great taste of Coke, but none of the sugar. Which means that they replaced the suger with other stuff.

However I have noted that all the adverts seem to be aimed at a very narrow market. With tag lines like ‘Girlfriends without the five year plans“, or “Work mates without the work” or….

Coke Billboard

To me these adverts are sexist. Not to women, but the way they suggest that guys in their late twenties all seem to be pillocks. The only place where you find such people are in things like advertising (which might explain something) and I don’t want to be associated with such people. That’s what things like big sticks were invented for.

Now, if you take something like Renault TV Ads, such as the Clio – France vs. Britain advert, it’s genius (just click on the ‘TV Ads’ and it’s second from the top). As the two young people give what’s so good about each other’s country;
she -France
he – Britain
she – the Effel Tower
he – Blackpool Tower
he – 1815, Waterloo
she – the 18.15 from Waterloo

and at the end of the advert, they’re both over looking Paris;
she – the most romantic city in the world.
he – let’s see…….

I know which advert I’d rather be watching……

It’s not science…….!!!

This weekend I was watching Channel Five’s Top Gear wanna-be programme.

Miss Vicki B-H decided to do a scientific experiment looking at tire wear. She took two cars, one with new tires with 8mm tread and the other with 1.8mm treads (legal min is 1.6mm).

Driving the two cars at 50mph, with the 1.8mm car only three car lengths behind in wet conditions she was shocked and dismayed that the two cars hit each other. She was so shocked that she said that this showed that the legal minimum should be raised to 3mm.

This just goes to show that even though she is a semi-professional driver and tv presenter, she knows nothing about how to run a scientific experiment. (this is where the guys on Top Gear would reconize that they aren’t scientists)

When driving at 50mph, a three car gap will pretty much gaurantee a crash between the two cars, no matter what the tires are like. The fact that the cars had a combined crash speed of around 30mph (they were travelling in the same direction) just goes to show that the legal minimum is exactly right, even taking into account of people driving far too close in wet conditions.

We know this is the presenters of the aforementioned Top Gear once drove a series of cars that they had bought for less than £100 into walls at 30mph (apart from Clarkson who’s speedo wasn’t working, so he did it at 40mph). And they were all fine. One broken bone in the hand (Clarkson) in three crashes.

So we know that even in the worse of conditions tires with 1.8mm tread work to slow the car down enough for the crash to be “safe” at least for the passengers. But that doesn’t stop the suggestion that it might not be safe enough.

Bloody Nanny State………..

nb – I should point out that I do sort of enjoy Fifth Gear (though not as much as Top Gear) and this is more a rant at the suggestion that the legal minimum should be raised after their “experiment”. Sadly, a number of other things annoyed me this weekend so tomorrow, Coke Zero………

Beware of the mad peole…….

If you want to know where to find a bunch of mad (fit, but mad) people, tomorrow is the 30th Snowdon Race (available in cymraeg/english/italiano) where about one thousand people are going to run up the highest mountain in Wales and then run down it. And the fastest of them will be doing it in about an hour.

For those of you who are unable to get there, worry not, for there is supposedly coverage on S4C starting about 2pm.

Mad, truely mad……

What is life……..???

What is life and how sacred is it?? Highly emotive questions when it comes to Stem Cell research. For those who might not have been listening to the news (due to the saturation of Lebanon) recently might not have heard that Mr Bush has exercised his veto power for the first time since coming to office to prevent additional funds into government funded research.

Ignoring the fact that three-quarters of the American population were in favour of the law, or that it got through the house 63-37 (a couple of votes short of a veto proof margin) what we come to is what conducting research to help save people’s lives is worth.

Now, I know the argument is that life, no matter at what stage of development, is sacred. Mr Bush made this very clear at his announcment where he was surrounded by children who, and I quote; Each of these children was adopted while still an embryo and has been blessed with a chance to grow, to grow up in a loving family. These boys and girls are not spare parts. This is all very sweet and aww bless, but not all embryos that are produced during the IVF are viable for implantation. The ones that are viable, that are healthy, robust, mulicellular are stored, implanted. But the ones that haven’t developed, that are still only at the one-two cell stage are not of implant quality. Ones that wouldn’t be carried if they were implanted. Even in Mr Bush’s perfect world, these embryos are still being destroyed.

These embryos are still good enough for scientific reseach. We can still use these to help others. Or rather, we could have used these.

Over the years there have been many cases of question marks over the morality of medical practises. Blood transfusions, organ transplant, IVF, non-human muscle transplants, all of these have had issuse over their use. All of these are now in use.

Ludite alert……

I’m sure I’m going to regret this, but it looks like I need a new computer, any suggestions???

I don’t have the internet, I don’t really play games (the old one can’t really cope, but I do like playing racing games) but I want to put my tv card into the new one so I can watch tv/videos/dvds. As that is the only reason I actually set the old one up.

I’ve been to Dell and have understood very little of the tehnical blurb though I’m under the impression that the bigger the numbers the better it is. And GHz are better than MHz. (actually, I know what giga-hertz and mega-hertz are)