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Camberley News – Friday, October 8, 1993

I have found a number of old bits and bobs while packing. One of the things I found was an old local newspaper that had this article in it…

Boffins Successful.....

I can’t remember what on earth we did, I can’t even remember all the people in the photo, but hey, I was a Boffin, what does that matter??? THe people that I do remember include, David Edwards, Wagner Lw, Karen Hooper, David Heap, James Dillon and Penelope Fenge. Oh, and me!!

Big boxes…..

Sixty-five hundred cubic inches really is quite large. (that’s the volume of a box 18″x18″x20″) I now have fifteen of these boxes to pack all the stuff in my room at the moment up, so we can redecorate (that’s just short of 100,000 cubic inches).

What this means is that a week after I’ve gotten home, everything that I own will be in boxes. Then there’s the time to repaint, wallpaper, put shelves in, swap beds (when we find a new one). Then I need to find all the stuff that I really want in my room and unpack them.

I really should have written what was in which box when I packed my stuff last week. I looked for my dvds, couldn’t find them, my Surrey/Hampshire library cards are somewhere. All I have are my clothes, photographs and radio. I know, what more could someone want?? Well, I’ve read nearly all of my dad’s Giles’ annuals so some of my books would be nice. Or more Giles books, cause they are great!!!

Back to the madhouse…..

Well, I now know why minimalism is so popular. There are fewer (heavy) boxes to move up and down stairs. On the other hand, when I get married, I know that I’ll be able to carry my bride over the thresh-hold, possibly from the church!!

It seems that my mum has decided that it’s time for my room to be re-done. Just because it’s not been redecorated since…. a long time. Sure, I mean I barely fit in my bed, that I have airfix model planes hanging from the ceiling, a trainset on the desk and bookshelves full of books by Colin Dann and Enid Blyton and no room to fit anything that I’ve brought back from Uni (my clothes are still in bags, drawers and wardrobe full of clothes that don’t fit) so I can sort of see what she means.

To make all this happen sooner, all my stuff (baring essentials) is staying packed in boxes at my nan’s house till my room is finished. Thankfully I found my razor just as we were leaving, my face was starting to get a bit rough.

I’ll also have to get used to earlier nights, we don’t get channel five here, so there’s no ice hockey/baseball for me to watch and the rest of the channels aern’t worth watching after 1am.

nb – can you tell everyone’s at Greenbelt, only half a dozen posts over the weekend…. bet there are loads on Monday saying how great Greenbelt was…..

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehn, adieu; Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu……

Well, I’ve just come back from the lovely, over-worked people at the Citizens Advice Bureau with a case that the lady who saw me described as the worse one she’d heard of. I honestly can’t decide if that’s something to be proud of or not.

A case of “immoral and illeagal behaviour” if I may quote her. Not something you’d expect from friends, or possibly because when friendships go sour I should not be so surprised.

The thing that really cuts me though is that this could have been sorted out months ago, really, back in April that sort of timescale, instead a lot of behind the back naughty stuff and I discover that I’m supposed to have moved out last week.

Or as it is, not. I should explain, yes??

You may remember a couple of months ago I mentioned that LordS had asked me to leave but that I had no intention on leaving. Well, it turns out that though the contract says that only the landlady can ask me to leave (and likewise only I can tell her that I’m leaving) my loving housemates just told her that I was leaving and resigned the contract without me. So in one broad stroke deined me my legal right to live in the house, lied to the landlady and broke the terms and conditions of the contract they were signing!!

And then have the nerve to get angry AT ME when I point out that they’re not allowed to do that. And it’s just not me who says this, it’s the law and when they sign the contract they themselves say that they can’t do this.

But because I’m the better man I have decided to leave (though I can force the point, technically their contract was made null and void when they lied) and due to the short nature (I’m leaving in the next couple of days) I am in fact having to leave here and move back home.

This is going to make the finishing last touches of thesis much harder and all the friends and plans that I had for next year are now things that I shall have to say goodbye to. Oh wait, most of my friends won’t be back till after I’ve gone, that’s going to make saying goodbye a bit harder…….

I am not a happy bunny.

The path less trod…….

I’m off to the cinema to see ‘Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest’ which is supposed to be a really good film. But I know a better film. Mystery, Alaska. This is just one of the many small films that I’ve picked up recently on a whim and have really enjoyed.

I’m not sure what it is, but sometimes you can just take one of these small films (I say small, Russell Crowe and Burt Reynolds both star) and find them so much more enjoyable than a big buget, all stops out, summer blockbuster.

Chinese rules to being in Britain…….

From The Times, Chinese officials have suggested tips for Chinese visitors to these sunny shores. Such suggestions for visitors include;

– do not call Welsh, Scotish or Irish people “English”,
– suggested topics for small talk: Pets, eg, “What a lovely dog. What is his name?” (British people love cats and dogs),
– when you wish to use the toilet, excuse yourself and leave quietly. Do not ask people where they are going if they excuse themselves,
– few things are more likely to provoke an outbusrt of “tutting” – about as publicly cross as most British people get – than “pushing in” at a queue,
– foreigners may notice that whilst striking up a conversation with a stranger is unusual, many locals are quite happy to talk to another person’s dog.

You have been warned……

Blessed are the children……

One of the saddest things about going to a graveyard is the bit where they have all the plots with children in. I know that death is sad in most forms, but when it comes to those who are so young there really does seem to be something extra tragic.

I know that thi is really obvious but it’s something that never really strikes me till I see the small plots and you see the ages ranging from a few hours to a few years.

I’m heading back to Swansea tomorrow, I was hoping to stay home for a few more days but it seems that trouble is brewing and someone (ie – me) is going to have to sort it out. Yay.