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My thumbs up of the week…..

I know that many people don’t like traindrivers. They don’t like being stuck on overcrowded, late-running trains that travel slower than they did a hundred years ago. But I like them.

When I’m bored and the weather is nice I like to cycle along the canal a bit to where I can sit on a bridge and watch the trains go by. The reason I like traindrivers is that if you wave to them they wave back, pretty much ever time. Or they sound the horn, and that’s even better!!

It was a differnt time, a differnt place……

As I sit here in the office (awaiting something to do) I read my paper, and for once stop to read the obituaries. I know that this might seem a little bit morbid, but every now and again I do like to read them, if only to marvel at some of the amazing lives that have been lived.

In today’s Times is the obituary of Iva Toguri an American citizen who was falsely accused of being the notorious Japanese propagandist “Tokyo Rose*”.

It is an amazing story. Iva had travelling out to Japan just before Pearl Harbour to visit an ill aunt and being an American-Japanese had been arrested at the onset of hostilities. While out there she participated in radio broadcasts to Allied troops (not that she’d been given the choice) but evidence has since pointed out that the broadcasts she had been involved in weren’t the ‘Tokyo Rose’ ones.

After the war had ended the FBI, under pressure to arrest the traitorous ‘Tokyo Rose’ found out that Iva had worked at the radio station and arrested her. After being transported back to the United States the FBI paid ‘witnesses’ to commit prejury. The evidence was non-existant or simply not true. The most surprising thign about the trial was that in the end Iva was sentanced to only ten years in jail and $10,000 fine, as opposed to either life imprisonment or the death sentance.

After serving six years of her sentance, being the model prisoner Iva was released and went to live with her father in Chicago.

In 1976 a media campaign, led by Bill Kurtis of CBS, brought to life new evidence of Iva’s enforced wartime occupation and the extent of the prejury at her trial. She was pardoned by President Ford as his last act in January 1977. Not once did she utter a word of complaint against those who had mistreated her and sent her to jail. Though pardoned the fine was never returned. She passed away Sept. 26, 2006 aged 90.

It’s a truely amazing life. Arrested by both sides of the war, branded a traitor by her home and never complaining. If such a thing were to happen today you can imagine the press having a field day, the compensation for wringful imprisonment along would stretch into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Truely an amazing woman.

* – if you, like me, didn’t know about the Tokyo Rose, it was the name given to English-speaking Japanese women who broadcast to the Allied troops, playing up the Japanese victories and pouring scourn on their enemies. Chosen for their sexy-sounding voices it was hoped that they would undermine the GI’s moral. It was the GI’s who gave these women the generic name ‘Tokyo Rose’.

Can I go to sleep now…….

I have decided that this whole getting up early for work really sucks….. and what’s scary is that I’m starting to get used to it. It also means that I’m having to go to bed earlier in the evening as well. I’m just too tired to stay up late!!!

In other news, I have been told when my viva is going to be. Friday morning, sixth of October, so in just over a weeks time…… now, what did I do again…..????

What, it was real……???

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted on the side of a bus the poster claiming; ‘The Reedemed Christian Church of God’. I was impressed obviously, as to be ‘Christian’ you are “redeemed” and in a “church of God.” A quick google search later and I discover that it’s not a case of over emphasis but The Redeemed Christian Church of God is a real church, founded in Nigeria in 1952.

Well, that’ll teach me.

It’s the weekend……..

Well, I’ve been working a proper job for a couple of weeks now and I’m starting to learn the importance of the weekend. This morning I managed to get four hours more sleep than I’ve been getting simply by the fact of not getting up till ten o’clock. And it felt great.

I am now going looking forward to just pottering around for the next couple of days before going back to the grindstone on Monday….. sigh…..

There’s a song in my head……………..

I have been very tired today. This is mainly due to the fact that to get to Sutton for work I have to be up at 6 o’clock in the morning. I hate early starts, I have always hated early starts. For a very simple reason. I am one of these people who doesn’t fall asleep in the average of seven minutes. If I fall asleep inside forty-five minutes I’m doing well. Normally it’s a bit longer.

Therefore, you can assume that my mind is not at it’s sharpest.

While working hard down in Sutton, the songs that went through my head included;
Lola, she was a showgirl,
I am who I am,
Luck be a lady tonight,
Bella Notte,

as well as a couple of others that I can’t remember, cause my brain doesn’t work.

I also fitted in some more swimming, and this time managed not to leave the pool with a cramp. And that ws nice!!!

Timing just off……

I was off swimming again yesterday. The Boss decided that me sitting in the back of the Office wasn’t any good so sent me home at lunchtime.

It was a lot nicer being in the pool in the early afternoon. For starters, at one point I had the entire thing to myself. With five lifeguards just for little old me I felt very privilaged. Or maybe they knew something I don’t about my swimming!!!

When I went swimming last week I wasn’t too good. I haven’t been swimming for a long time, and I got a twinge of a cramp on my very last length. Yesterday, again on my very last length I got a full blown cramp which I can still feel.

Note to self – stop swimming two lengths before you plan to!!!


There are two types of people (ok, ok, I know that there are more than only two types of people, but this is one of those; there are two types of people, type A and type B, I’m type A and blah blah blah…. bare with me, it get’s worse) those that like to dust and those who don’t.

I don’t like to dust. I have never seen the point of effectivly just moving dust so it gets a different view of the room. All it does is get swept up and then settles somewhere else. If’ it’s just sitting on the bookshelf, least it’s not in the air making me sneeze!!

I know that there are people who would say that if you’re dusting properly that the dust should stick to the duster and be disposable, but i find that these people are those who do do dusting, and therefore are biased.

Those wondering why I mention this well, I had to do the dusting yesterday or I suspected that my mum would have shouted at me.

Now where are my socks…….???

In yesterdays T2 section of The Times was a small article about a study that showed men were smarter than women. Don’t worry, it was only by 3.63 IQ points so we’re not talking about a lot.

What made this article funny was that because it had been written by a woman she immediatly went on the attack. Sure, this study used ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND students but it’s rubbish. I mean, we all know that men aren’t smarter than women. Can men ‘get the children up, feed the cat, do the school run, drop off the dry-cleaning, order teh online shopping and still make it to work by 9.45am? Or find a pair of clean socks.’

One of the smartest people of the last century was, in my opinion, a Prof Albert Einstein. Well known for not wearing socks. (he once worked out how much time he would have wasted over his lifetime putting them on….)