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Pittsburg, Baxter Springs and Joplin Railway……

Not quite a real railroad (Pittsburg, Baxter Springs and Galveston Railway, and Joplin-Pittsburg Railroads were) but it could have existed and if it had it would have had the initials PB&J.

Instead these go to the Peanut Butter and Jelly (Jam) sandwich. Due to a terrible shortage of peanut butter in the jar last night when I was making my lunch for today I decided to give it a go.

Using raspberry jelly it was quite nice.

And as a general aside, has anyone else had the comment notification thingy stop going to their inbox…??

It’s back……… *guitar riff*

Tonight saw the fantastic return of that great show Top Gear. Apparently there was some other programme final on one of the other channels….. I’m not sure.

To make up to one of the Desperate Singletons (see ‘Confirmed Bachelor’ below) here are the lyrics of a fantasic song and a link to an mp3 of a bit of it. Very, very good!!!

Tiny Little Me
Have you ever wondered how the God who made the universe,
And all the plants and creatures that you have ever seen,
The planets, stars, the moon and sun, is watching over everyone,
And still has time for tiny little me.

My God made crocodiles and antelopes, jellyfish and billy goats,
Elephants and spiders and buffaloes and bees,
Rattlesnakes and porcupines and ladybirds and butterflies,
And still has time for tiny little me.

My God made deserts dry and mountains tall, jungle vines and waterfalls,
All kinds of places where I have never been,
Forests green and oceans wide, the wind and rain, the sea and sky,
And still has time for tiny little me.

And He knows how I feel every night, every day,
And He knows what I’m thinking and what I’m going to say,
And he’s known all about me since before the day that I was made.

My God made mums and dads and great grandmothers,
Aunties, uncles and stepbrothers,
All the different people who are in my family,
Grandads, sisters, babies too and second cousins twice removed,
And still has time for tiny little me.

Nigel & Jo Hemming

Tiny Little Me mp3

Possibly not ‘strictly come dancing’……

Having spent the afternoon in the garden “pruning” one of the trees I have come back in to discover that there’s nothing on tv (not really a surprise). The choice seems to be between ‘You’ve Been Framed’ and a ballet over on BBC2.

I’m not sure what the ballet is, or how long it’s been going on…. it seems to be set in a court, we have couples coming out and dancing before a King and Queen, oh, and here’s Little Red Riding Hood….. on tippy-toes…. and that’s a very bouncy wolf (seriously!!!). And now the more traditional girl in tutu and guy in waistcoat and in leggings that show far too much!!! She just seems to be standing on tippy-toe while he spins her around…..

Now, while I am sure that ballet does have it’s place among High Art (I know which I’d rather be getting money between the ballet and anything that might appear in the Tate Modern) it can be a little bit….. insular. If you don’t know what’s happening you’ll never work it out. You mightn’t understand even if you do (this is apparently Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky).

I am on the other hand a big fan of opera. For while these too are stories with far reaching plots they have the slight advantage of having the people able to tell you (in song) what on earth is going on. While “Oh I’m dying, I am dying, he has stabbed me, I am dying….(all in a different language mind you)” might go on for several minutes least you know that the guy (or gal) has been stabbed and they are dying.

This girl now who has just spent the last couple of minutes pirouetting round the stage was really impressive, she certainly deserved her applause….. but why was she doing it….??? What this’ll all turn out to be is the celebrations for the birth of the princess (Sleeping Beauty) and the evil fairly godmother will burst in any moment to give her wish (curse)…… though possibly not as there are only a five minutes left…. who knows!!

Confirmed bachelor……

When you’re in your mid-twenties (I rufuse to think of myself in my late-twenties…. that’s next year) conversations about relationships are always interesting. I suspect it’s because people are getting older and worried that they’re going to miss-the-boat and be left-on-the-shef and all that jazz.

One of the social groups that I’ve always found just a little annoying are what I shall call ‘the smug-couples’. These are the people who through love (or possibly desparation) have found each other and want everyone to know just how happy they are together. “Oh we did this together; Oh we did that together…..” they become less of two indviduals but seem to merge into a single person. Like one of these Hollywood couples who the media put the names together (yeah, I can’t think of any d: I don’t do celebs).

While there might be people who fall into such a category and who suspect that my feelings of such are due to the fact that I “simply haven’t found the one” or “just jelous” they are missing the simple fact that while, yes, I am single, if I were not it wouldn’t be something that I would bring up in conversation. If asked, maybe, but not by myself. What this means is that while you will never get a post here with me anouncing that I’m off the market, you might get one that along the line of “oh, btw, I’ve been told that people might like to know that I got engaged last month……

Likewise, I also find the Singletons who are desperately on the hunt for a partner, just slightly amusing. To any that might be reading I would like to point out that I don’t find you outright laughable, it’s just you’re talking to me about how long it’s been since you last had a boy/girlfriend and I’ve been single a lot longer than you have. Remember…..???

Your pleas of; “Why can’t I find someone nice….???” don’t fall on deaf ears, but I may have less sympathy than I might have otherwise.

Having noticed a distinct lack of snow pictures from our recent weather I’ve included a photo from my bedroom window;


and while I did try to stay up for the All Star game last night, with neither Channel five working and playing the Young Star game from the day before instead of the ONLY GAME PLAYING LAST NIGHT I went to bed. We (East) lost btw…… (12-6)

Eyes not staying open……

I am feeling quite shattered at the moment, therefore you shall have to wait till tomorrow to hear my thoughts on Singletons and…. ummmm…. whatever non-Singletons are called…..

Unless I manage to stay awake for the All Star game tonight in Dallas (as C5 isn’t working I can’t tape it) inwhich case I may be looking for ways to stay awake and not to doze off in the study…

Like I did last night….

A bit nippy……

I know that this doesn’t really count to those people in Canada and the Mid-West who have been suffering ice-storms, but it was a bit nippy out there today!!!

I’m currently working on this barn, which is in a field, on the top of a hill, in the middle of nowhere. (i.e. Wiltshire) It is a beautiful place and in the summer this job would be great. The track would also be less muddy and the ford less deep.

As it was we were quite lucky to get through and for a second on the way back I was certain that Zippy had stalled in the middle of the ford…. but not. I got through with no problems.

It was a clear and lovely day today and it was only the wind that made it seem extra cold. And the wind is supposed to be stronger tomorrow……

Now, I’m not normally known for suffering the cold but I was wearing a thick shirt, jumper, fleece, coat (with hood up), woolly hat, two pairs of gloves, thick socks and thermal socks and there were times when even I found it a little on the cold side…….

The [second] greatest story ever told……

Well maybe not…. I suppose it all depends….

If you were to appear in a film, your life to be made into a big buget biopic, who would you like to be you??? I was wondering this only a couple of days ago and came across the slight problem that any film that would be made, would be made in the future….. which means that any actors that appear would probably not be acting yet.

A slight problem.

This therefore led the conversation a bit more along the lines of who would be best to play us now. I thought a younger (chubbier) Woody Allen could play me quite well….. gee-whizz, if this was a Hollywood film it’ll probably be set over in the US anyway.

Who would you like to play you?? And just to let you know Rachel Weisz has already been taken. One of the few actressess that I could think of. Thankfully well recieved!!!

If I had thought of it I would have made use of My Heritage’s celebrity face recognition page….. though best pick a good picture otherwise you might not get any suggestions…. or not very nice ones. As an example two different pictures gave me the choice of Jamie Cullum, Toby Maguire, Keanu Reeves, Donald Rumsfeld or Dutch Prime Minster – Jan Peter Balkenende.

Yet another website to kill off a few hours…… (o;

The end of one and the begining of another…….

This weekend was MrG’s funeral Up North. Unlike the Swansea People who had to leave at 2am to do it in a day trip I split my journey into two by popping into Ece’s halfway up. It made the drive up not so long and meant that she could come as well.

Which was nice.

Legally Blonde has some details of the service that I wouldn’t know, but needless to say the church was packed and it was a beautiful service. The trip to the cremetorium was a bit more intertesting…. having been stopped by a red light we lost sight of the Swansea Coach we were following, thankfully a lucky guess at the next roundabout and a controlled right-turn meant that we were able to spot the coach before it left the road we were on and roadsigns from then on meant that we were able to find our way.

Which was lucky.

It was nice to catchup with several people that I hadn’t seen (in some cases for over a year) for a while. A bit of gentle gossip and chit-chat before heading back to the Midlands. That way Ece and I could go to the pub and then get soaked walking home. And did I have spare trousers……????

Next morning it was off to the Happy-Clappy Church, where as Ece was with the little kiddies I got to sit in the old pews at one side that had kneelers and got to be as High Church as I possible could. Mwhahahaha!!! It was a baptism (I kid thee not, the child’s name was Christian) which I thought made a nice ballance for the weekend.

A goodbye and a hello.

p.s. this time at HCC I was confused for Ece’s brother, last time it was her boyfriend. I’m hoping to be reconized as a seperate individual next time… but I shan’t hold my breath!!!

n.b. explained myself at the end of the last post for those who are interested.

Out and about (16:46 pm)

well at first I thought I was in trouble but it seems not. But I’m apparently mad, but aww hell, we knew that already! (o;

p.s. and now I’m not using a mobile phone I can fit in a few more words to explain.

In the church I happened to be sitting at the otherside of the church from Ceinwen and so apart from a hug to say hello I wasn’t able to ask if she’d recieved the letter (I don’t fully trust the post).

During the wake we were sitting at separate tables and by not paying attention to the time (oh curse the time wasting abilities of general gossiping) the Swansea Coach was due to leave before I’d had the chance to find out….. was this due to the fact I was in trouble and therefore being avoided…???

As it turns out no, it seems that my frivality is simply accepted by those who know me. It twas her housemate who doesn’t really know me who thought I was mad (sic. nuts).

I can live with that!!!