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Well, here I am in the Southern US, and the weather has been lovely today. Really, not a cloud in the sky.

After spending my twelve or so hours in New York with the ‘scary weirdo’ in our dorm-room (there’s always one, and this time it wasn’t me!!) and managing not to go the wrong way on the New York Subway (only just) I headed South on ‘The Silver Star’ to Miami. I saw virtually nothing of New York, because I was mainly queuing up in a post office on 104th Street (between Broadway and Amsterdam). Don’t go there. Ever.

Even though there were three cashiers on duty, no more than one person ever got seen at a time. The queue was always around about twenty to twenty-five people and it took the best part forty-five minutes to buy stamps. I decided that in the end it was because the cashiers simply wanted to feel loved by having lots of people in the building.

Either that or they were bone-idle….. take your pick.

Today I looked around the lovely town of ‘Colonial Williamsburg‘ where they have the right idea of having the Union Flag flying everywhere. They even have a cool version of the Stars and Strips but have gotten rid of the “Stars” part and replaced it with a Union Flag.

Much better.

The whole inner part of town is as it was back in the 17 hundreds, and it was all very, very nice. I especially enjoyed the maze in the Governer’s Gardens and the Peanut Soup was very tasty. (imagine runny peanut-butter)

I missed the last bus out to Jamestown as I had to pop into the Amtrak station to book my ticket back to Richmond, and also booked my ticket from Washington DC to Canada. This sort of confused the poor guy as I don’t think anyone has ever wanted to book that trip from Williamsburg!!!! And when I say “missed the last bus” I mean walk into the bus stop as the bus decides to leave.

Well, it is now late so I am going to read one more chapter of my book (Watership Down) before heading to bed…. actually, I’m going to check the various hockey scores first, then read one more chapter, then go to bed as it’s getting late.

Nighty night!!!!

So good they named it twice…….

Yep, tomorrow I head south to New York, New York. Well, in fact I head North-East to Montreal and then South, but you get the picture!! I will be over nighting it there before carrying on to Virginia where it’s supposed to be +27 tomorrow (but a bit cooler later in the week).

Alas in the hockey game tonight the poor Ottawa 67’s lost with 45 seconds remaining to the evil Belleville Bulls (boo!!!!) 5-4.

Two interesting things to note, of the four comments from the previous post only one generated an email to tell me that there had been comments, and that had be the first since Feb 20th….. I’m not going to tell you which one, you’ll just have to guess.

The other is about the discovery of (and they’re being serious) semi-non-identical twins….. the newspapers are going to have to work hard this April Fools……

It’s great, eh…….

Yesterday there was snow, today we visited a Sugar Shack (where they tap trees for Maple Syrup), tomorrow there’s Parliment and the next day a Hockey game.

There has also been dinosaurs, totem poles, vikings and an Imax film that I fell asleep in.

I’m now off to have some more fun…..


Leaving, on a jet plane…….

Well, in about an hour I’m setting off to lands anew. Yay!!!

I was torn between two song titles, Chantal Kreviazuk’s ‘Leaving on a jet plane‘ and the Beach Boys ‘California Girls‘ and went with Jet Plane as the other is more of an in-joke.

Needless to say I am very excited and will try to think of you guys sometime while I’m away!!!

Well, East coast girls are hip,
I really dig those styles they wear,
And the Southern girls with the way they talk,
they knock me out when I’m down there.
The Midwest farmers’ daughter
really makes you feel alright,
And the Northern girls, with the way they kiss,
they keep their boyfriends warm at night.

I wish they all could be California,
(wish they all could be California)
I wish they all could be California girls.

The West coast has the sunshine
and the girls all get so tan,
I dig a french bikini on Hawiian Island dolls,
by a palm tree in the sand.
I been all round this great big world
and I seen all kinds of girls,
yeah, but I couldn’t wait to get back in the states,
back to the cutest girls in the world.

I wish they all could be California,
(wish they all could be California)
I wish they all could be California girls.

The Beach Boys

Just like riding a bike……

For those of you with long memories you may remember that a couple of days after Christmas I went off for a bike ride and crashed before the end of the road. Silly of me I know.

Since then, for one reason or another I haven’t actually ridden my bike. Mainly because the weather has been not nice, I’ve been in a rush or just too tired. But today was lovely. So I took my bike to the library.

On the way back from the library my rear wheel locked and I went arse-over-tip. I have cut open my palms, elbow and knee and it hurts.

Glad to see that I can still remember how to do it!!! ;o)

Not quite gone yet……

Ummm, yes.. cheers guys, I’m afraid that you’ve not got rid of me quite yet though!!! ;o)

I am however not gonig to hang around for long cuse it has been a very tiring week and I am feeling very, very achy…. which is what you get I suppose when you’re old and have to sleep in a different bed every night.

It was lots of fun though, and when the results come out officially I shall be able to tell you that I finished 9th at the British University Championships, only fourteen points behind the winner, how much fun the National Armouries in Leeds is. Also how bitterly cold it was up in North Wales.

But you shall have to wait until tomorrow for that as I’m tired and I need to put my laundry on, or I shall have no clean clothes to take with me on holiday!!!

See ya…….

I just thought I’d let you know, just because you’re not going to hear from me for a while doesn’t mean that I shan’t be thinking of you….. it’s just that I shan’t be able to get to a computer for about a week.

And that goes for the rest of you as well!!!!

Nice and simple……

I don’t like things being nice and simple.

As I may have mentioned once of twice, next week I’m flying out across the Atlantic to North America. you might expect that this in this week I would be getting things ready, washing clothes, getting “funny” money, making final plans…. that sort of thing.

Not me.

I’m back in Kent tomorrow (bloodly hell) and then I’m heading off to Swansea. I don’t get back home till…. next Wednesday as I’m being sent straight up from Swansea to Dolgellau for work.

This doesn’t leave much time to really sort things out…..

Oh well……

I would walk five hundred miles…….

Today (and for part of tomorrow) I’m pounding the streets around Tower Hammlet and Bow…. the constituency of a certain George Galloway MP…. I had taken less than five steps from the station exit before someone was offering me drugs…. I would hate to suggest that maybe if he was spending less time on programmes like Celeb Big Brother dressed in lycra and a bit more time there…. and I was only about fifty meters from the council offices as well.

And if you’re wondering what I am doing there, I am annotating a series of surveys for the Cross London Rail Link. Or, in other words, writting down all the different types of fences/walls/manhole covers….. it’s not so bad as the weather is nice….. just walking around, listening to my MP3 player.


The area encircled is where I’m walking. The area in the middle in the triangle made by the railways lines is apparently very dodgy and I’m not supposed to go there. I found this out after I’d done it….. oh well..

It’s never just one thing, is it……????

You may remember that only a couple of days ago I mentioned that my car was working (more or less) again and things were sunny….. well, they’re still sunny, however, the A31 into Farnham was stop-start traffic today which is unusual for the time of day…. I don’t know which fool had crashed further ahead and therefore blocked the road causing traffic chaos for all.

And then whatever that was wrong with my car that we thought was sorted turned out not to be sorted…. there is nowhere worse to be than in stop-start traffic when your car won’t tick over…. it’ll run, it’ll start, it’ll go…. it just won’t tick over if you don’t rev it (or pull the choke out).

So far we’ve cleaned the carbarettor, the fuel lines, changed the spark plugs, the leads, the distributer cap….. something somewhere is obviously wrong, but what!!!

Answers on a postcard to……