Monthly Archives: May 2007

Driving ‘long in my car……

I would hate to be thought of suggseting that women aren’t as good as drivers as men….. there are afterall some very good female drivers, just as there are some very bad male drivers.

But this was a female driver…. actually, what I found scary was that this isn’t the first time this has happened at the very same train station only four years earlier. (that was a male driver)

I mean…. how do you mistakea subway for a carpark?? Would not having to drive over the kurb and round the pedestrians been a slight clue…..???

Video killed the radio star……

With the Test Match over, the dvd player unavailable, computer in use and the rain falling all day I had a look through my video collection. And I don’t mean the one movie ones you buy in HMV/Smiths/etc, but the one hundred and five recorded ones that I’ve taped over the years.

They come in three sorts. Those that the label is what is on the tape, the ones where the label isn’t what’s in the tape and the ones that just have no label.

The majority are the first. There are maybe half a dozen of the second and about twenty of the third.

I shall obviously have to watch through the first lot, just to make sure that there’s not anything else on them. The second lot I generally do know what’s on them, it’s just that the label is wrong. But I’ll watch through them anyway. As for the third lot.. well… I’ll have to watch through them just to see what’s there!!!

So, how long to watch one hundred and five videos, some three, some four hours…. most on long play (so six/eight hours long)…..?? Approx seven hundred and thirty odd hours, or thirty days…. continuously.

A little bit of time then!!

Sometimes it hurts………

I have a slight trouble with the truth. You see, I have a compulsion to tell it. If you ask me a question, you will get the answer (if I want to give it). Of course, you had better be ready for the answer cause if you don’t like it….. well….. tough.

Cause it’s true.

And that’s the funny thing about the truth, or possibly The Truth. How often people don’t like it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I can’t lie, I can lie incredibly well. If you ever need to convince someone of something, I’m your man. Partly because I’m so believable (afterall, I tell the truth). I once convinced a housemate that they had changed the time of her favourite tv programme so I could watch ‘The Simpsons’….. once I’d conviced her, I did then let her watch her programme, because I’m not nasty.

I have found the best way to deal with The Truth is to accept it. There have been, for example, a number of people who have called me arrogant(!!!)…. thing is, I am. I have a terrible ego and love to be centre of attention. All these things are true and I accept them. And this is the key point.

If someone says something that’s true, if you accept it, how can it hurt??? Afterall, isn’t it true??

Likewise, if they say something that’s not true, well, obviously the person doesn’t know what they’re talking about, so you can ignore them and what they’re saying. Stupid buggers.

Of course, I guess that you need to be arrogant and have an ego for this to be the case….. which for me isn’t too much of a problem.

For those of a more delicate nature a phrase you might wish to employ is “screw you arsehole“, then storm away and then get upset. The important part is to do it in that order, never, never let them know that they hurt you.


Here comes the rain……. yay…..!!!

I don’t know what it it, but all of a sudden I’m feeling really tired by the end of the week….. actually, I’m generally feeling shattered by about Wednesday, but I force myself to the end of the week.

Thankfully there’s a whole three day holiday so I can try to catch up on my rest.

And it’s going to be rainy so there’s going to be no urge to head outside and do stuff. Like this afternoon when I got back from work early, a nice ten mile bike ride, and I didn’t crash!!!! That’s two rides in a row where I’ve stayed on my wheels. Almost makes you wonder why I bothered getting some new cycling gloves (having broken all my others).

Actually, I’ve been waiting to buy new gloves hoping to find some nice bright ones, as opposed to the black/grey ones you usually find in Halfords. My new ones are bright yellow with multi-coloured thumbs!!! When I get a photo I’ll put it up… there are very….. colourful.

You might die……

I’m sure that this is supposed to be a serious story, but I’m tired (and on my way to bed, have to be up at 5.15am).

Apparently there’s some drug that’s on the market which if you take it there’s a ~40% increase of having an heart attack and ~65% increase in the chance of death.

Let me repeat that. If you take this drug, trials suggest that there’s a 65% increase in the chance that you’ll die.

The chance of any one person dying is…… anyone….??? Yep, 100%. Everyone dies. Eventually. This drug has increased the chances of something that’s guaranteed to happen. That’s pretty cool!!!

I knew it……..!!!

Thankyou flavonoids!!! These are the things in tea that make drinking a brew the better for you than drinking a glass of water. It rehydrates you and give some protection against heart disease and some cancers!!!
Tea Rocks

Not only that, but the Royal Mail is bringing out a set of postage stamps with all the book covers of the Harry Potter series. How cool is that!!!!


An increase in resonsibility…….

After many months of being an assistant this week I have been given the oppertunity to run a couple of surveys myself, as the surveyor. I’ve had two fairly simply jobs so far this week, recording boundries of a house and levelling around a barn. Tomorrow I’m off to deepest, darkest Essex to do a road.

So how do I find this increase in responsibility….??? Well, there’s this job up in the Midlands that’s very tempting….

My five photos……..

To steal an idea from Farli these are my five photos…… I have a few more, but these ones I actually already had on Flickr….


Encapsulates two of my all time favourite things…. being outside and shooting stuff. I am at a slightly loose end at the mo as my bow is away being repaired….. I will be destroying a target when it gets back.


The tag line for the Leafs is ‘The Passion That Unites Us All‘. They are my NHL team and I will one day actually get to see a game live. As the photo shows, two on five…… no worries


I have a great fondness for sausages…. they are the greatest of the food groups. Slow cooked on a BBQ, down on the beach….. can there be a greater day???


Back outside again. A scene famous as being just outside Nottingham in ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves‘ a truely fantastic film.


A marvel of engineering.

Of course, I could have easilly had added many more…….