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It’s raining in june……..

Therefore it must be Wimbledon!!! And because it’s Wimbledon Tiger Tim Henman is putting us through the wringer with his will I win/won’t I win….. darkness stops play at 5:5 in the fifth, come back tomorrow……..


It then took Tim a whole fourteen more games after that to get that first win and set himself up for what is bound to be his year… again. ;o)

Of course, there will be people who will say that next year Andy ‘Upstart’ Murray has got the best chance of all British players for many years, but I personally just haven’t warmed to Upstart. Can’t play at Wimbledon this year?? Fine, don’t want to watch him anyway, people get funny ideas and think of renaming Henman Hill.

My wellies aren’t as bright as Auntie D’s but are good old, bog standard green wellies, useful for keeping feet dry and deep mud/water!!

The silver ring thing………………

I’m sure that many of you have probably already heard of the story about the girl from Horsham who has taken her school all the way to the High Court over her (non-existant) right to wear the Silver Ring from the aformentioned Silver Ring Thing [SRT].

Now, not wanting to be overly cynical, but in my opinion this case is quite simply publicity for the SRT and I fully expect the High Court to uphold the descision of the school to ask her not to wear the ring, or to face expulsion.

The counter argument has been made, and I quote, “Sikh and Muslim pupils can wear bangles and headscarves in class,” however I fully agree with the headmaster when he says; “her ring was “not a Christian symbol, and is not required to be worn by any branch within Christianity”, adding that Lydia was free to display her faith in other ways.

A ring, silver or not, is not, has never been and I can not see why it ever would be, a bonified “symbol of our faith.” Unlike the “bangles and headscarves” which are symbols of faith.

Down to my own personal feelings I have a great sceptiscism about the SRT. This is partly because of my suspisions about Christian fundamentalist organisations and the fact that I’ve read reports that suggest a failure rate of around ninety-eight percent!!! But never mind, at ten dollars a ring they raise plenty of money for….. good causes.

The bit that got the greatest snort of derision from me was to; “In the Bible it says you should remain sexually pure and I think this is a way I want to express my faith.” The way I do it is just not to have sex with people.

Well, one of the ways I express my faith is, there are others, of course!!!! ;o)

Is there anybody here it doesn’t suck to be…………???

I can’t remember who it was, but a couple of weeks ago someone commented on the general quality of their love life… i.e. the lack of it and general bleak outlook for anything in the near future. Now while I can’t comment on the general prospects of that commenter it was something that rang very true for myself.

However, I suddenly decided while reading that that I shouldn’t feel so. In fact, I decided that I would take a much more positive outlook on the life of a singleton. Sure, it’s pretty much non-existant and thirty is only a couple of years away, but does it matter???


And that positive outllook has lasted for at least a couple of weeks.

Riding through the glen…….

Well, I haven’t had much sleep yet (yes, it’s two days since the weekend), but damn did I have fun!!!

On Saturday it was the British University Outdoor Champs…. I went, I saw and I got very wet…. several times!!! Yes, there was a lot of sun, and it lasted long enough to dry us out, right before the rain started up again!! It was a very long shoot (we started at 8.30am, finished at 7pm) and at the end of the day I came seventh!!!

That would have been ok, but I also wanted to shoot at the Neath Open the very next day.

This meant that after a very long competition, in not the best of weather, I then had a long drive with the prospect of another long shoot the next day.

Oh boy.

For the first couple hours it rained. The words ‘Soaked’ and ‘Through’ would apply. Thankfully it then warmed up, the sun came out and it finished great. Mainly because I finished second.


And at practise the next day I was playing with my spare arrows and I was doing….. fairly ok as you can see.* If you’re interested the target was set at 60yds (for those of you who don’t know yardage, it’s about 180m!!!) ;o)


* sorry for the size, it looks better larger

Just a few more zzzzzzzzz’s…………

I’m back after a very tiring weekend…. I am really wishing it wasn’t Monday tomorrow (well, today actually) cause I need about fourteen hours sleep.

Needless to say I therefore have to be up early tomorrow for work, but I did win a medal (silver) this weekend so it was worth it!!!

Hello, who’s there……???

I was going to write about how I dislike alling people on the phone… I don’t know what it is, I just don’t like doing it.

However, I found the first two episodes of ‘Series Two’ of Dr Who (again) on one of the unlabled videos, so now it’s time for me to go to bed.

Nighty night!!!

Always one more, isn’t there……..???

Over the last week I have been watching the ‘first season’ of Doctor Who with Chrisopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. It has been very enjoyable and I may have to go buy them on dvd as the quality isn’t as good as it could have been.

Also as the last episode ‘The Parting of Ways‘ isn’t on the tape…..!!! I kid you not, I have twelve of the thirtenn episodes, from Rose to Bad Wolf but seemed to have missed the very last one.

I mean, what happens?? Rose has been taken hostage and is stuck in the middle of a half-a-million Dalek army about to invade Earth. The Doctor has said that he’s going to rescue Rose, save the Earth and wipe every last Dalek out of the sky. All of this without any weapons, defense or plan.

Damn, it’s going to be a good episode……..

Just a little bit of nakedness…….

Ahhhh, to feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair…… sorry.. I’ll appologise for that and any mental images it brought.

Apparently the army (that’s the British Army) is fearing the thought of nudists on a near by beach (here) might be a shock for cadets. As if anything that they see while out on the town on a Fri/Sat evening is a whole lot better.

In all fairness to them, it’s not so much the nudists that they are worried about, but the voyeurs who hang around nudist beaches looking for sex that are the problem.

You’d have thought that being the army they’d have a whole series of unique problem solving resolutions that come in all different size callibers…..

While on the theme of nakedness, tomorrow (as well as today) there are a series of naked bike rides organized as part of a worldwide protest against oil use. Starting at 3pm Hyde Park Corner, the UK page is (here) with rides in London, Brighton, Manchester, Southampton and York. The international page (so you can find a ride near you) is here.

So…. if you’re at a loose end tomorrow……. ;o)