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Nerd or geek…….???

I know that there’s a technical difference nerds and geeks, and I was wondering if you could help me decide which I am.

Am I a nerd, or am I a geek….???

I believe that one happens to be a computer expert which I am not.

The other has a love of all things Si-Fi and might do something like buy all seven seasons of Star Trek: TNG on dvd off ebay.

I now have lots and lots of high quality (my opinion) programming to watch!!!

Thankyou, but no……..

I got a rejection letter for a job that I had applied for;

Thank you for applying for the position of Trainee Drivers

I regret to inform you that on this occasion, your application has not been

We would like to thank you for your interest in this position and wish you every
success in your future career.

Yours Sincerely,

First Scotrail

Now this wasn’t so much a surprise, or a disapointment for the main reason that I had applied for this job over a year ago!!! The job actually started (or was supposed to) last september so the thought that I might have not made it had crossed my mind on a couple of occasions, but nice to know that they hadn’t just forgotten about me.

In the words of Mr T……….

Unlike most people, though I got my copy of the new Harry Potter book very early in the morning, I have not yet finished it. I am just over the halfway stage, so no spoilers anyone, or I will be forced to (as Mr T. says in the advert) ‘Introduce you to my friend pain!!!! Grrr……‘ I may even try to get my hands on a tank!!!

I do have a very good reason and that is the driving down to Bristol yesterday and today for a competition. The days were made slightly longer as yesterday I had to come home via Basingstoke as some of the roads I normally use were closed due to flooding. I had to do it again today (though a different route to Basingstoke) as some numpty had crashed on the M4 so they had closed it west of Reading.

The comp went very well, set a new personal best for the round, and more importantly it was a Master Bowmen so if I can get another two of them before the end of the season I can claim that as well!!

I am now going to finish my cup of tea, read a bit more (HP&DH), then have a shower and then go to bed, for I am shattered!!!

Very happy…..

Well, very happy might be over-egging it a little bit. Sure, I set a new pb in the qualifing round today, and sure, a season best in the head-to-head (though the Welsh squad guy beat me by one point). I have my copy of the new Harry Potter book (no, I haven’t finished it yet, been a bit busy and don’t want to spoil it!!).

What I am happy about is the fact that I managed to have forty minute conversation with a random stranger while in the queue for the HP book last night. Now while this doesn’t sound too unusal most people how know me will (or at least should) note that my ability to converse with people I don’t know isn’t that good. Sure, I can make comments, little snippets and the like, but I really need to have met someone, oh, at least three or four times before I feel comfortable to have a conversation with them.

So I feel quite happy about that!!

I bloody hate them……

There are very few things that I actively dislike. Spiders are very high up on that very short list. Spiders, to me, will induce one of two responses. One involves the sole of my boot, the other a rolled up magazine.

This evening I saw one of the largest (house) spiders that I have ever seen. As an indication to just how big this spider was I had to hit it with the rolled up magazine SEVEN TIMES before it died. Seven!!! Most spiders just go squish and that’s the end of them, but not this baby. I was half expecting it to be just a ruse and while I was off getting the hoover for it to get up and sneak away.

Thankfully the corpse was still there and the hoover delt with it.


For I, am a man……..

After work today I decided not to go to practice but went to B&Q instead. Now I have some boards that contain quotes from the academic year ’01-’02. One of the good ones goes; “The Bible – it’s a big book when you don’t know what you’re looking for.” B&Q is very similar.

For those of you who don’t know what B&Q is (do they have them elsewhere??), B&Q is a large store that contains all you need for the garden shed. i.e. tools, wood, garden stuff, electical stuff, bathroom stuff, all sorts of stuff. Though not Bulldog Clips.

I did ask.

Anyway, I left having purchased some wood, nails and cable-ties. Now I have an Object and Obkects-to-be. I have sawn, glued and nailed.

I feel manly!!!

“I would follow you to hades…….

…or Britain…” – just one of the great lines from tonight’s episode of the BBC (and HBO) drama Rome. It also has nothing to do with anything, other than being a great line and it kept me up after what has been a very tiring weekend.

On Saturday I was up in Bedfordshire competing in an Olympic head-to-head. Set a new personal best score in the qualifing round (yay!) and then in the first round I managed to knock out a member of the [junior] GB team. Didn’t get past the second round for the guy who beat me at the University Outdoor Champs knocked me out!!

Today was the County Champs. We had heavy cloud, glorious sunshine and a thunder storm!!! Thankfully the rain wasn’t too bad, and only lasted an hour or so. More good news, after falling just short of my pb in the last three competitions I managed to break it. By two whole points!!! Double yay!! 😀

To cap it all off, I then finished third!!! Triple yay!!!

Could it get any better you ask….??? Well, yes. I won in the raffle. And then I managed to pull out another one of my tickets and so won again!!!

I am also competing in Bristol next weekend, Andover the weekend after, there is the World Cup event in Dover the weekend after, and then the British Target Champs. And then Exmouth the weekend after that. A busy, busy bee!!!

Beating you head on the wall……..

Sometimes when things just don’t work, haven’t been working for ages, it really isn’t worth the hassle of sitting there trying to sort it all out. Beating your head against the wall so to speak. Not always. How long this last simply depends on just how sentimental your problem is. Days, months, years….

There is another way, just takes a little bit of time and money and it can all be sorted out.

I am still at the beating my head against the wall stage. It could be sorted for about £40-£50, but I would have to go sort it, could have been done, days, months, years ago……. I think I have a free weekend sometime in August that I could use to sort it….

Home alone……………

Just like Kevin I too have been left at home while my parents are off on holiday. I am not expecting any burglars to come a-calling, however my sister is supposed to be appearing at sometime with her latest boyfriend. That alone is worth setting up the bobby-traps methinks!!!

Apart from that it looks like I’m going to be rather alone over the next couple of weeks, so I shall promise to try not to go mad in the meantime…. well, too mad…. well, madder then!!!