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Dead tired……..

I am feeling so very, very tired.

In fact, very, very tired doesn’t really cover it. Early mornings, full day’s work, three hours of commuting and two very, very late nights. That’s how tired I am.

I think sleep should come fairly easy tonight. Least I hope so!!!

*mustn’t snigger*……..

Last year I travelled all over the country in an attempt to gain a place in the National Rankings. Which I did at position 72nd. Very happy.

Did it again this year with the intention of doing better, and I scored a whole load more points. Unfortunally so did a whole lot of other people.

On the up side I still move up the list. Up three to 69.

*mustn’t snigger*

Fringe benifits…….

If I was ever asked which was better, being single or being tied down in a relashionship, I would be forced to conceed that there might very well be some fringe benifits to not being single. Though these are most definatly outweighed but the freedom of choice you have when you’re free and single.

At this very moment of time I really could do with having someone to hug and hold till it was all better.

Hmmmm, fringe benifits……..

And the bells were ringing out…….

Yes, I know that people will say that it’s far too early to even be thinking about Christmas, but frankly you’re wrong. Though I’m not acually thinking about Christmas per-say, but more about ‘The Pogues who are the singers (along with Kirsty MacColl) who bring us this Fairytale Of New York.

You see, I’ve borrowed ‘The Ultimate Collection’ of The Pogues from the library and it’s brilliant. For the first time I actually know what the words to Fairytale are, due t the fact that they’ve got them written in the leaflet.

The second CD is The Pogues, live at The Brixton Academy and it’s amazing. You have no idea what on earth is being sung at any time. The tune gives the song away, but the words could be anything.

The boys of the NYPD choir
Were singing ‘Galway Bay’
And the bells were ringing out
For Christmas Day

The only one……..

Over the last couple of the years I’ve pretty much stopped following the formula one racing because it was boring. Well, not any more, no sir-ree!!

Three drivers within a handful of points, one race, and a british driver right up there in the mix. I suppose it’s a shame that I didn’t really want him to win. I wanted Alonso to win, or possibly Raikkonen as the “Iceman has been up at the top for a couple of seasons and has always just missed out.

Well, not any more.

There have, of course, been irregularities and McLaren have said that they are going to apeal the result but Hamilton has shown that he (after a bit of prompting from Alonso) might end up being a decent sportsman by admitting that he would rather win the title on the track, not in the courtroom.

He is young, I’m sure he’ll have his day.

Not forgetting………

Over my years at university I have had many, many housemates. Helped along by the fact that I spent three years in Hendrefoilan Student Village, living in a house with ten others. Some have been great, some less so. Other’s I can barely remember. Such as the frenchman Alex, who spent most of his time in his room and so we never really saw him. Scott the Canadian has the dubious honour of being the only Canadian that I have grown to dislike. Mainly because he woke me up four or five times a week, coming home about 3am, drunk and singing loudly as he was carried up the stairs.

And there have been the great housemates.


This was a good year. This photo was taken on the last day that Jill (centre) and Audra (far right) were with us. They made up these little momentos for us to remember them by. Jess (the other American) had already left, as had Martin and I think Rosie didn’t wake up when we were all roused.

I have tried every now-and-again to get in touch with Jill and Audra but it can be very difficult when you can't even remember if it was Ohio or Iowa State University. One of those pesky states with only four letters. Of course, digging up one of my old address books suggest that Iowa and Minnesota might be good places to look. Hmmm, Iowa has half the population of Minnesota and only a quarter of that of Ohio.

Though it is bigger.

Life with you….

When I was a younger man
When I was a silly boy
I didn’t need a thing
I was strong as anything
I viewed solitude as a joy

But since I met you I’m distraught
You wondered in and now I’m caught
I never thought I would see
Someone so truely good
Someone who’s everything I’m not

I want to spend my life with you
Don’t want to live all alone
I can’t conceive of the years left to me
Without you in our home

But what if? What if? What if what?
If it’s not perfect then it’s not
But every care I’ll take
Nothing I won’t foresake
To dwell beside what you’ve got

Every time I think about you
I think I can’t live without you
I tell you something
I am nothing without you

The Proclaimers – Life With You

and bonus points for the other West Wing fans who know the other three english language words begining with ‘DW’.

To pass the mark or not……

I am not a great user of that great time-wasting site known as Facebook (apart from for peusdo-Scrabble), however something has happened that I was sure that wouldn’t happen. I’ve hit my self-imposed one hundred friends limit. And it’s not like I’ve been signing up people willy-nilly. Of the nine people who have put in a ‘friend request’ I only want to accept two.

But that would take me over the hundred. Which I didn’t want to do.

I suspect that I’ll accept them and to hell with the staying under triple figures. On the other hand I suppose I could just un-friend a couple. Old housemates that I don’t actually care about, old work collegues.

It’s something for me to think about I suppose.

Super saturday, some sections (of) sunday sucked……

Ahhh, aliteration… yeah, that’s all that I’m going to manage. But I will admit that the title really does cover my weekend really, really well!!

Saturday rocked. I did some shopping that I wanted to do (photos from that when I’ve put them together). I managed to see the guys from The Club. Then headed over to the lecture theatre to see The Archbishop of Canterbury talking about misunderstanding religion. Oh, and giving the slap-down on Dawkins and Hitchens. Ha!! The BBC comment here and Rhys there. Unlike Rhys and Nessa I failed to make it through into the actual lecture theatre, even though I arrived forty-fivr minutes early. On the up side, by not getting in I did manage to get to sit with Blondie and Genieve, which was nice. Even when they sat there and talked about wedding rings.

I also noted that the Archbisop got a much longer and warmer greeting when he popped in to see us in the over flow theatre than in the main hall. As he just stood there waiting for the clapping to finish so he could say a few words.

After having a brief cuppa with CathSoc a visit up to the pub was in order, and at that point my plans sort of got changed (sorry to those in the Cricketers). You see, I got the offer to go shoot some fire arrows.

DSCN4941 DSCN4949

It was fun.

Then we got back to the pub just in time to see Jonny kick us into the lead. Excellent!!!

Then on Sunday it started to go wrong.

First I went to church, which generally isn’t a bad thing, expecially as it was Sung Matins which I really enjoy. Apart from one, tiny, little, small thing. The world’s most boring sermon. Well, it might have been, quite frankly when a sermon starts with; “In the first verse of today’s reading….. I sort of tune out (see cartoon below). As did portions of the choir by the looks of them. But I do love the choir. Helped them clear all the books/kneelers as they were having work done and didn’t want them to get dusty. Even got to field a few of the “Oh, new member for the choir??” by those new members who don’t know that I’m no longer local.

A few hours later (reading my book on the beach) met up with Shazam, watched a few episodes of Family Guy, met up with my archery coach and then came home.

Now I’m going to write the emails that I’m supposed to be writting……

For once she’s come out quids in…..

My sister normally buys me fairly crap pressies, but this year, she did a lot better. I am currently watching the last episode of the first series of Black Books with Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and Tamsin Greig. Bloody amazing.

This is the forward to the dvd;

This DVD contains the first series of the series ‘Black Books’, the Channel 4 comedy series for that channel. (4). The first episode is episode one, which is followed in sequence from numbers two through six. The sixth being the last of the first six part series. The series was originally shown on Channel 4 programme was made it is available on DVD, which is this.

In order to operate this DVD you will need a DVD player or know someone who owns or has access to a DVD player. To play this DVD put it inside the DVD player and press play. The programme is also available on video which will NOT WORK in a DVD player. In the event of possessing a DVD of ‘Black Books’ without a DVD player, you will need to change your DVD for a video cassette, or if you have a DVD player and a video of ‘Black Books’ the reverse will, of course, in this instance, apply. The makers of this prgramme hope you enjoy it in this exciting format. (DVD).

Dylan Moran

Bloody brilliant.

Oh, and it’s finished just in time for the new series of Have I Got News For You, amazing timing, genius.