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I was just sitting at my desk, inputting man-hole depths and pipe sizes for K. Hospital when I stretched my arms out.

There was a click.

This was followed by pain.

My shoulders, upper back and neck now hurt….. all I did was stretch… :'(

Plans for the morrow……..

I have two things to do tomorrow while I’m in Guildford tomorrow.

The first is to go have a drugs test before taking a personal track safety course in a few weeks. So obviously I’ve been avoiding all hardcore drugs that I normally indulge over the weekend. Thankfully as it’s not till ten it means I can have a little bit of a lie-in before heading over.

After that I’m going to be heading into town (as opposed to The Office… I know naughty me) to ask at The Shop why my new phone doesn’t appear to be working.

After loving my old phone to little bits, to the point where it does not work anymore I got a new phone (Sony Ericsson W810i for those interested) which arrived today. Put in my SIM card, charged the battery, turned it on and…… nothing. The screen lit up, the SE globe symbol came on with Sony Ericsson underneath it and seven hours later that’s still all I’ve got. I’m fairly certain that by now something else should have happened.

There’s a reason why I’m a ludite at heart.

The dangers of fair and free elections…….

As we all know elections are one of those funny things, where just about anything can, and often will, happen. Sometimes, not always to the best result. Take this for example.

Now we all know that certain parts of the Islamic World can be slightly… touchy… when it comes to any sort reference to their religion. There were large riots of the publishing of Danish Cartoons that were slightly mocking of The Prophet (I’m willing to bet you’d never find an Islamic version of the Cartoon Church). So you can see the obvious problems associated with letting school children vote to call their Class Teddy Bear ‘Muhammad‘. Especially when you then let them take it home and compose a diary called “My Name Is Muhammad” as homework.

Personally, I suspect that a lot of this outrage isn’t so much about the naming of the bear (if Muhammad is the world’s most popular name, people are happy for people to be named after him), but more the fact that the children voted for this name.

Can you imagine, children (boys and GIRLS) learning about voting in an Islamic Country?? Crikey, think about it, an African country as well. I mean what would the world be coming to if the population of Third World Countries, or those of Islamic Nations got to expect free and fair elections with results reflecting those of the general popular vote??

I think that we all know what this whole thing is really about.

And just for fun, next time I have fish (or hamster/gerbils/etc) I shall name them after religious figures, and yes Muhammad will be there. But not the Dali Lama, because you would be unable to replace him. Not unless you have the permission of the Chinese Government to be reincarnated. I kid you not!!!

Just to let you know…………

I was at the County Championships for my wonderful sport (archery) and today not only shot a personal best, but also did well enough to win!!

Whoo-hoo!!! County Champ!!!

I carried on in the evening as I was shooting a double round and I won that as well, so I got two gold medals which is very nice.

(does this make more sense Semele???)

First among sequels…………

Fourteen years after she pegged out at the 1988 SuperHoop, Thursday Next is grappling with a recalcitrant new apprentice, the death of Sherlock Holmes and the inexplicable departure of comedy from the once-hilarious Thomas Hardy novels.

Her idle sixteen-year-old son would rather sleep all day than save the world from imminent destruction, the government has a dangerously high stupidity surplus, and the Stiltonista Cheese Mafia are causing trouble for Thursday in her hometown of Swindon.

Then things begin to get bad. As Reality Book Shows look set to transplant Reality TV Shows and Goliath invent a trans-fictional tourist coach, Thursday must once again have her wits about her as she travels to the very limits of acceptable narrative possibilities to rescue the reading experience from almost certain destruction…

At bloodly last that latest Jasper Fforde book, First Among Sequels, was on the shelves of my library I was able to borrow it and catch up on the latest adventure of Literary Detective (SpecOps 27) and Jurisfiction Agent, Thursday Next.

I will admit, it is slightly easier to understand what on Earth (and Fiction) is going on if you start at the begining of the series (The Eyre Affair).

Anyway, I know what I’m doing this weekend……

Arrange me a marriage……..

No, that’s not a request… I’m not that desperate. Yet.

It’s the title of a programme that going to be on tv this evening, at 8pm.

What happens is that in each episode a white, twenty-something person who has failed to find someone for themselves has an Indian Marriage Arranger come along to pick someone suitable for them. Using traditional Indian marriage arranging “principles of compatibiility”, such as whether they match our victim’s; background, class, earnings, expectations and education.

Oh, and the friends get a say as well.

And then at the end of the show they get introduced at an Asian style introduction party.

Then they get hitched….. well, maybe. It’d be funny if they did!!

Spend the rest of your life in blissful gobbling……..

As rain has pointed out tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US of A. I hope that all of you over there, and those of you from there ovr here (and elsewhere) all have a jolly good time.

There are many traditions associated with this celebration, but my favourite (oh, go on then, favorite) one has to be the pardoning of the turkey, if only cause it lets me post a picture of GWB anda turkey. Like this one….


I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that May (the above turkey) and her friend (Flower) were both pardoned, and in the case of May, well, they get to go to Disney World to be Grand Marshals in the Thanksgiving Day Parade…. which is pretty cool!!

Out partying………

Tis coming to the dreaded Christmas Season (incase you hadn’t noticed) and this means that those annoying things known as “Christmas Parties” are happening.

I have two that I need to try to get out of.

The first is in a couple of weeks and is my Club’s Award Night. I am only Outdoor and Indoor Champion but I think I have a way out of this. I’m going to be out shooting in South Wales, in a wood, and that’s much more fun, and I suppose that if I go, dressed in my finest, I could get back in time. Though it would mean walking in the woods, dressed-to-the-nines…. I’ll put up pics if I do it.

The other is The Work Do. Now I went to TWD last year and quite frankly didn’t enjoy myself. The food is nice, but all very every other Christmas Party food. Soup/salad/third starter, beef/turkey/fish/vegie main, chocolate/cheese/christmas pub desert. Oh, and a free bar, but as I don’t really drink to excess that just doesn’t interest me. But as it’s a small company it’s not like you can just slip through the cracks.

Anyone able to give me a good excuse???

Avoiding writing….. some more……

I am rather well practised at avoiding writing. I’ve pretty much got an MPhil in not writing.

However the writing that I am currently avoiding is that of Christmas Cards, which in my opinion are up there in importance as postcards and birthday cards. I have been diligent and have been collecting addresses for those people whom I can’t remember house numbers, postcodes and the like.

And now I have to write the cards.

That is the hard part.

In slightly other news, set a new personal best in the old shooting things tonight. 581 out of 600 on a ‘Vegas‘ round. This is shooting at a twenty centimetre target at twenty yards. If we shot it under the ame rules as the County of Surrey, it’s a new County Record!!!

Keeeeeeeeeep dancing…….

Saturday night is the night to sit down and eat dinner while Strictly Come Dancing is on. My favourite couple who isn’t going to make it through to the end show has to be Kate and Anton. They were doing the Paso Doble tonight and I thought it was really very good, especially considering that Kate had injured her upper back the day before. Well, I suppose the last thirty-forty seconds weren’t as good as they could have been, all the same I thought that the judges were being overly harsh when they gave them only twenty-one points.

I suspect that the finalists will be Kelly and Brendon, Alesha and Matt and then it’s going tobe a tough choice between Gethin/Camilla, Matt/Flavia or Letitia/Darren. I have been really impressed with Kelly, but my natural dislike of Brendon means that I hope that he doesn’t win, as much as I wouldn’t mind her winning.