Monthly Archives: December 2007

Happy new year…….

So now that Christmas has come and gone the next break in the working week is that of New Year.

Now usually, at NY, the plan has been along the lines of meet up with people, enjoy the evening with drinks, snacks and games. What quite makes this that different from any other evenings where drinks, snacks and games were involved I’m not too sure… possibly still being there the next morning for breakfast.

Not for me this year, I am going in for an early night.

Unusual I know, but I’m going to be trying for the County Record for a ‘National’ Round with the old bow and arrow on the morning of the first. The current record is 636/648, so I have twelve points to play with.

I mean, this is surely a better way to start a new year off… rather than slightly hungover and that whole worse-for-wear feeling that you have the morning after the night before.

The magic, magic hat…..

This is my new hat, it is amazing (though unfortunally it means you have to see me as well…. sorry bout that).


on the other hand, isn’t that hat amazing???

nb – if you happen to be interested, those are arrows that I’ve shot, all at a distance of 70m. That isn’t too shabby either…..

So nearly over…….

Well, it looks like another Christmas has been survived. I have briefly escaped while Love Actually is on. I’m not saying it’s a bad film, I do enjoy it, but I also have it on dvd so I can afford to miss a bit.

There have been some great pressents, including a hat that is going to become legendary, I kid thee not on this. There are bright colours, tassles, ear flags and it’s knitted…. I’m wearing it tomorrow at my shoot and will no doubt wear it at work, and when I go see people.

Got away without having to play too many “family” games. Thank God for the fact that there were no batteries for the Boggle so we couldn’t play that. I really, really hate Boggle. With a true passion that is shared by nothing else.

More or less…

But it’s back to work on Thursday… not that I’ve been given anything to do, so it’ll be in The Office until The Boss decides what I can do… chances are he just plain forgot to give me something to do… or thought he had but didn’t really.

And yes Rhys, the word is ‘Pavement‘, but it was late and after all, I was close….. :p

A no sock day……

This has been a no-sock day which means one of two things.

one. it has been a lovely sunny day and I have not had the need to wear proper shoes and therefore socks,

two. I have not gone out today.

It has been the later, been inside tidying things up, wrapping pressies (now under tree) and generally awaiting for today to be finished so we can get on with tomorrow. I also got to watch My Fair Lady which is one of those musical that I just love….

“I have often walked, down this street before, but the street has always stayed beneath my feet before….”

I am even happy with the ending of the film, a damn sight better than the ending of the original play where Eliza goes off with that upstart, good-for-nothing Freddie….

Right, well, it’s time to shower and head off to bed, before Santa makes his way down the chimney. God bless and Merry Christmas to you all.

Now, “Eliza.. where the Devil are my slippers?”

Tis the end of the season……

Well, the Christmas Season is now over…. well, nearly, there’s still the post on Monday, but first I have to get through the Work’s Do… to say that I can think of more entertaining things to do this evening would be an understatment.

Re-alphabetizing my cds would be a good example. Or organising my books in order of colour.


New shoulders please……

Some people may remember a few weeks ago I complained that I had foolishly hurt my shoulders by simply stretching my arms when tired. Well they have been progressivly getting better and then worse again.

At the moment itis the area around my right shoulder blade that is giving me problems. To make it slightly worse it is a case of no matter what position I try to get to sleep in, it seems to be a bad position for my shoulder.

On my back, no, that hurts;
on my front, nope;
on my left, still hurts;
same for the right.

What this means is that every morning when I wake up my back is hurting more than it was when I went to bed.

Therefore, if I can have only one thing for Christmas, new shoulders would be very high upon my list. You know, just incase Santa is reading…..

A lovely, white christmas………..

I suspect that I take a little bit too much pleasure of telling the truth, but doing it in such a way that not only do you not realise that I’m telling the truth, you don’t even realise what I’m telling the truth about.

And no, I’m not telling… for one reason, that would be telling and therefore be taking away all the pleasure of not really telling and secondly it’s more fun if you have to guess. Imagine it like a cryptic crossword puzzle, but without knowing any letters… or even how many letters there are. Or the topic. Or indeed, what the question is.

Like I said, just “a little bit too much“.

All around the world…..

I know I’ve been not here for a few days now, I’m afraid to say that it isn’t because I’ve been really busy doing things, but more a case that I’ve nothing to report. That still is the case, apart from the fact that I’ve had to buy a new SIM card for my phone, which means I have a new mobile number. It also means that I’ve misplaced everyone’s phone numbers.

But before I go I thought I’d leave you with this game know your world where the idea is to click on the position of various capital cities from all around the world as fast as you can. I got to level ten and scored three hundred and sixty thousand odd points.

Not too shabby really.

Just another bad day in the office……

Though that should possibly read; ‘Just another bad day FOR the office……

So, I hear you ask, what could have gone so wrong….??? Well…..

The job I was on yesterday down in Hampton Court is now not letting us back on to finish it till maybe Febuary. No worries, equipment failure last week meant that I had something to do down in Southampton. That was until the arsey-architect threw a hissy fit and so we weren’t able to finish there.

M got herself thrown off the DLR today, H had spurious results which means a £20,000 piece of equipment is being sent off to be fixed.

Oh, and our entire Northern Office was thrown off the roof of Lincoln Cathedral. I don’t know if that’s literally thrown off, or just banned from being up there.

Oh, and the footy results aren’t out yet (they’re usually out on a wednesday), as the last set of transfers haven’t been put through.