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No-one was harmed in the making of this post…….

Today I was working south of Guildford in the remains of a burnt-out cottage. It was a sobering experience. I don’t know if any of you have ever wandered through a building that has been stripped out by fire. Bits of the floorboards missing, large portions of the roof gone. The fire had started upstairs and one bedroom and the hallway were totally stripped and there was severe damage in the other upper rooms. Downstairs was a little better but I believe that the term that estatemen use is “fixer-upper.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the lady that had been home at the time did get out with her two grandchildren and dog.

It’s the very best injury……. (though I’m walking daintily…..)

A few years back (summer ’02) I made the mistake of falling down some stairs. (I feel that I should point out at this point that I had not been drinking or anything, I just tripped) This falling down didn’t result in any broken bones but did result in some tearing of muscle and ligaments in my hip. Well, groin (as the song goes).

Eventually it all healed up and I felt a lot better. However, it has never fully healed. There have always been twinges, especially if I’m pushing myself (up mountains and the like).

For the last few days I have been having great trouble with walking. Not doing anything strenuous, just plain old walking. Last weekend I was Up North and we headed out on Saturday to fly my helicopter on Ilkley Moor. I have long gotten into the habbit of taking my walking sticks with me if I am heading out into the Wilderness. I find them very helpful for when my hip twinges and I need a bit of support.

On Saturday I couldn’t even get halfway up Ilkley Moor before I was unable to head upwards any further. I was able to struggle round, keeping at the same level, so we still managed to have a little walk (and lose a mobile phone) but it wasn’t what we were planning to do.

Being under the big THREE ZERO and as someone who loves mountains this current inability to climb, or do any sort of proper walking, is starting to get very fustrating.

I’ve Pulled My Groin

I pulled my groin
It’s the very best injury
Though I’m walking daintily
I pulled my groin

I pulled my groin
When people ask, “It hurts you where?”
I say “Put your hand right there”
I pulled my groin

I pulled my groin

I pulled my groin
Though I do not enjoy walking
I am really happy talking
’bout my groin
I pulled my groin

I pulled my groin
It’s the treatment that I love
Because I’ve bought some oil to rub
I pulled my groin

I pulled my groin

Unless we’re in playoff time
When I’ve got a lower body injury that
Will have to be a game time decision

I pulled my groin
It hurts me when I skate
but not when I mastur.. hills
I pulled my groin
I pulled my groin

The Arrogant Worms – Toast

Here comes the bride……

I have a tricky problem that’s coming up. I have been invited to the wedding of Southern Belle in early May (got engaged at Christmas, so no hanging around). Thing is, Southern Belle is getting hitched in Virginia which of course will mean another trip over to The States.

I have checked out prices and at the moment the best deal I can get so far is London to New York for about two hundred and fifty pounds (via Toronto). If you are wondering why I’m looking at going to New York (which is seven hours by train north) or Washington DC is the fact that the cheapest flights are Tuesday-to-Tuesday and so I would have a few days before and after the wedding to fill up.

The problem is that apart from the Bride and the Groom I don’t really know anyone living on the East Coast and to be honest, killing off nearly a week by myself isn’t really that tempting. I know that there are plenty of museums and the like and I would easilly be able to fill up my days, but to be honest I really need someone to drag me out to places in the evenings, or I would simply stay in a write postcards.

There is Broadway, baseball (is the season started by then??) and all sorts of things that can be used to fill up evenings, just making me go will be the trick.

So I shall have to decide fairly soon as to whether I will be heading west or not.

Not-quite-ski sunday…….

Today, being a Sunday, means that that stalwart of BBC2 Not-Quite-Ski Sunday was on. I missed the middle part of the show, where apparently there was some actual skiing, but we got to see a guy checking out the ski piste in Morocco (not that good) and then trying his snowboard out on the sand-dunes…. just incase it worked there as well.

We continued our trek through the Alps… in mid-summer. Not a lot of snow.

Then there was Claire Balding, who was put through her paces on a celeb-salom (think of the Star-in-a-reasonably-priced-car from Top Gear).

When I left for my dinner they were just heading off to Whistler, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics, which apparently was the home of jumping-out-of-helicopters-onto-the-top-of-mountains snowboarding craze. Not really my cup of tea, but if it gives the presenters a buzz I suppose it’s a good investment of our licence fees!!!

Have just had my second really good weekend in a row and am looking forward to another one next weekend.

Two by two……..

Last weekend I got to meet up with some old friends and with some new friends. In fact, I met up with twelve people in all. Well, I suppose if you ignore the four year old you could say I met eleven people*. There was one thing that I did notice about ten of them (91%). They came as part of a pair.

Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with being part of a pair, what had surprised me was just the number of people that fell into that category. I mean, sure, as you get older you sort of expect that people start getting paired off and the like (afterall, I know of five people who are getting hitched this year alone), but after last weekend it’s rather hard to increase that percentage without bringing in another person!!

Of course, it does make it easier to play Blockbusters as it involves a team of two and a team of one. And Bob Holness. This means you can have a couple playing the Blue team and the two singletons, one playing the White side and the other playing Bob. In both matches the White side won and I got to utter the immortal words; “Can I have a ‘P’ please Bob??

You shall not hear me complain, but apart from the married pair (parents of the four year old) everyone else was younger than me.

* – well, maybe eleven and a bit people!! ;o)

Cake Sunday……..

As I’ve yet to be called to the Enquiry to explain what I was doing on that fateful night ten years ago in Paris, I guess I may as well tell you about my fab (long) weekend.


This is an indication of the lovely weather that we had, cold but lovely and clear. For those who would like to know which part of Up North this scene is, it’s Ilkley Moor, upon which if someone comes across a mobile pohne can you let me know. It’s not mine, but Ceinwen’s.


Sunday was definately ‘Cake Sunday‘. This is just one of a batch of pancakes that we ate through on Sunday. The batch was made up with nine eggs and was very tasty. My preference was either the Maple Syrup (Canadian) or surgar/lemon juice.


This was followed by this cake. There is only the one pound of butter used in the butter icing and it was delicious.


The second cake was this one, which was chocolate. To describe this cake as being rich would be doing it an understatment. You could feel your arteries clogging just by looking at it.


And importantly there were friends (old and new), without which getting through all that cake would have been a struggle. Because there was friends there was also much silliness. Playing the boardgame version of Blockbusters in the pub and going to the local park to play on the swings.

And on the skate park.

I’ll have you know that I’m the current world champion driver in wheelbarrow races.

Tomorrow, I promise…….

I am sure that I am not the first who has a series of two or three posts that are intended to follow on from each other over a couple of days, a bit like a chain of thought. However, as is always the case, I have yet been able to start that train of thought… tomorrow I promise!!!

Time to recover……

Well, I’ve returned from Up North where the weather was so fine I was unable to fly my helicopter. 🙁 so I shall have to do that another time. *sigh*

On the other hand I have had a bloodly good long weekend and have eaten enough cake to take my up to about May. This includes my pancakes for the year, which I had missed out on earlier. I will not mention tea, mainly because I know that on Sunday alone I was up to cup number six before midday and over three days we went through more than sixty teabags.

I’m going to put the photos up tomorrow, and I’ll share some then, but for now I’m off to bed. Time to recover from my weekend!!! ;o)