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If I could vote……

Now I am not a Londoner which means that I am unable to vote in the upcoming London Mayoral elections, however, as someone who does work in London quite often I know that the final result will effect me. Obviously, with my Conservative leanings I would be more tempted by Boris (Johnson), but even if I weren’t I would still want my vote to go to him.

I know that he is famous for his gaffes, but remember that this is an MP who despite being in Westminster for only SIX YEARS is probably the most well-known Tory MP there is. David Cameron, William Hauge, Boris… and others…

Something a lot of people seem to forget is that there’s more to Boris than meets the eye. Not only is he a classics scholar (from Oxford) but was also president of the union in his time there. He spent five years working at The Torygraph in Brussels as the European Correspondent.

He is someone who lives in London and is one of the City’s most famous cyclists, though I sure that the Evening Standard now has a reporter following him for when he breaks the traffic laws.

I suspect that the battle with Willy Ken is going to be tough but I think Boris can win.

nb – yes, there is a slight mistake in that last line, I did it on purpose.

There’s always next season………

Well, despite a very good 4-2 win last night over table topping Montreal it seems that for the third year running my poor Toronto Maple Leafs are out of the playoffs and have no chance of trying to win the Stanley Cup for the first time in over forty years… yes it has been a while.

Yet again they put on a very show for the last month or so, looking like they might just scrape in (just like last year), but a very poor run of loses back in Jan/Feb (again, like last year) meant that the mountain they left themselves was just too much to climb.

But there’s always next year!!

In local news my Guildford Flames did win the league and by beating Romford last night are currently sitting in second place in their playoff table, which would be good enough to make the semi-finals in a few weekends…. last year we lost in the final, but I’m hoping we can do better. Though I can’t make the final this year, it clashes with my mum’s birthday and I think I’d get in trouble if I went away then… Oooo, I wonder if she’d want to come…???


My all time favourite movie genre is that of the action-comedy (with or without a side order of romance). Indiana Jones, Lethal Weapon, Serenity and the latest bunch of comic book films (Superman, Batman, X-men, Spiderman). All of these are highly enjoyable.

My new film to add to the list is that of ‘Stardust‘.

In this film, a young man, Tristen (Charlie Cox), heads into a fantastical land in search of his mother and a falling star which he wishes to give to his love for her birthday in a weeks time. Needless to say, things don’t go quite as planned.

For starters, it turns out that this fallen star is a celestial beauty named Yvaine (Claire Danes) who isn’t best pleased with the thought of being presented as a love token, but conceeds on the promise of being returned back where she belongs.

But this is far too easy… to make it trickier an old witch, Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer) is also after Yvaine for her own neffarious purpose. As is the evil prince Lord Septimus. Throw in sky pirate Captain Shakespeare (Robert De Nero) and a shady trader (Ricky Gervais) and you have a full bag and a very entertaining film!!

Oh, did I mention that his mother was a princess being enslaved…??


Don’t forget, British Summer Time starts tomorrow!!

Howdy all…..

Hi guys, how have you all been?? Sorry for my enforced absence, I got home from an Easter Vigil only to discover that the central heating in the house was broken… well, it’d turn on but then blow the electrics. Needless to say the warmest room in the house was the room with the computer in it, subsequently my mom moved into here for the last few days meaning that there was no internet access for the rest of us.

But it’s fixed and I’m back now!!

I had a very good Easter and got to catch up with some people whom I’ve not seen in ages (ie – more than a year) and drank lots and lots of tea. In fact, I had a brilliant weekend, apart from the fact that I ended up being awake for forty odd hours, by the end of which I was rather tired. Understandably.

Speaking of tea, I think it’s time for another cuppa…. see you soon!!

The force of habit…….

Not all of us are as lucky to have you ;o)

paul had to wait to be 29 to meet me….30 to go out with me…..and 32 to marry me.
apparently he’d given up hope, and was destined to remain a bachelor, but i had other plans!
so you never know, and you’re certainly too young to worry about such things just yet!
love you!

Alas I have this rather bad habit, and that is that I run… and not in the three-times-a-week-to-stay-healthy kinda way either. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I do start getting close to someone I do just run. If you were to ask me why I honestly couldn’t tell you. I have excuses that I tell myself but that is all they are. “They can do better than you, they don’t have those feelings for you, it’d never work….” all really shite excuses, especially when used together but they are always good enough for me just to take that step backwards… I’ve done it in the past and I’m willing to bet that I’ll do it in the future.

If I were to honestly answer the question as to whether there is someone special whom I’d like to ask out I might be persuaded to say yes. If I then got the follow-up question of whether I would, the answer would be no. Why?? Pick a reason, chance are I’ve thought of it already. I mean, why would someone who’s pretty, intelligent, good company and shares similar tastes to me actually be interested in me?? I mean really, that’s just crazy!!

Yes, I really am a fool….. *sigh*

Facebook friends…….

This weekend and next I’m going to be meeting up with a couple of my Facebook Friends. Which in itself doesn’t sound to unusual, apart from the fact that one I only met briefly all the way back in the 2000/2001 season and the other I’ve never met at all.

It’ll certainly be different from my last few weekends where I’ve been managing to meet up with old friends (ie – people whom I knew before Facebook) inbetween shooting at various competitions. You know, the milage soon builds up. I can’t decide what’s worse, all the competitions being so far away, or the fact that it’s my friends that are so far away…..

Only kidding, it’s fun going away for comps, it’s annoying that everyone else is far away.

Trying to be good……

When the bulb in my bedroom blew last I thought thatin this current climate of energy conversation I bought one of these low-energy bulbs rather than one of the regular light bulbs I tend to prefer.

It’s not been in for long and already I’m starting to dislike it.

I will admit, unlike the energy saving bulbs of old that you had to turn on about three hours before you needed them, this one does get brighter a lot faster. However, there is a distinct pause of about a second between my switching the switch, the light coming on dim and then kicking up bright.

My old bulb came on straight away and that’s what I want!!! Light, now!!

Confirmed bachelor……

An question that ponders upon my mind after a long conversatin about all these up-coming weddings is; how old do you have to be before you can be a confirmed bachelor…???

Had a very good weekend. Met up with a bunch of old friends. Set two new personal bests with the old archery game, won a tournament and set a new county record as well… all in all a very good weekend.