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The wisdom of bon jovi – summertime…..

I suspect that there are a number of people here who would agree with me that Bon Jovi are pretty alright and that their songs are listenable, especially in a car (not so in a karaoke bar). I know I have put up their lyrics in the past and guess what, I’m going to do so again.

This is from the latest album (Lost Highway), which I’ve had for several months, and I love the general upbeat nature of this track (Summertime) in particular. The bit I especially love is the “how to stay happy” part. The “not giving up.” There are times when we all need such things, some more often than most.

I keep a postcard in the back of my mind,
Of white sand, sunshine,
And you shining like a brand new dime,
That’s keeping me from giving up,
Thinking that I’ve had enough.

I’m off to buy some more milk then it’s back to the writing perfect answers to potential viva questions. On the other hand, I’ve been told that it should all be over by noon Friday.

It’s not up to me to say…. but I will…….

There are times, when people who know me will say, when I can be rather argumentitive. I can admit this because it’s true. There are some topics on which I am more likely to disagree with people than on others. These can range from increasing penalties for some offences (like drugs) or the defence of freedom and liberties that have made this country great.

The one that gets me, however, is a biggy. The free will/predestiny debate.

For those that can’t guess, I’m on the side of Free Will. Mainly because it’s true and predestiny isn’t. (don’t sit on the fence here!!)

As far as I’m aware there are some terrible holes in the theory for predestiny. These include the fact that;

A loving God would be willing to accept that vast people are going to Hell and there’s nothing that they can do about it. I mean, this is the same God that so loved the world that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, so that we could be saved?? Isn’t it?? He didn’t do that because He had already decided who would be saved and who wouldn’t. He did that so that WE ALL HAD THE CHANCE for salvation.

What else was there… oh yes, predestiny also degrades the Glory to God. If there is more rejoycing by the Angels in Heaven over one lost sheep coming into the flock, why would they bother if they already knew that the sheep was coming?? Where is the glory in singing His praises if He has already decided on who’s in the choir?? The Glory comes from the fact that we have CHOSEN to sing His praises.

I mean, if there is no choice, no freedom what makes the whole thing different from any other totalitarian country?? What makes God different from any other despot leader?? I prefer to think that God is better than that. I prefer to think that we are worthy than that.

I know that there are some people who might dis/agree with me, some may even want to say so. Please be free, but no debating. I have a viva to revise for and so my mind is on other things.

Next week, ‘Faith and the Acts of Faith.

Don’t tell me the score…….

My mum watches a lot of soaps… in fact, I think she watches all of them (one of the reasons for getting the tv arial fixed was because Neighbours and Home and Away are on channel five). When my parents go off on holiday it is up to me to make sure that all the videos are swapped over so she can catch up when she gets back.

However, now that we have (semi-)decent digital we have splashed out and bought one of these hard-drive recording units that can save a couple hundred hours worth of tv. Pretty cool eh?? Guess who it is who gets to work out how the damed thing works??

So last night I set it to record the Ice Hockey. I don’t know which of the two games five were showing, but in both cases it was the deciding game in a best of seven series and so I don’t want to know the result. Hopefully it’ll be either Montreal beating Boston, or Washington beating Philledelphia.

I’d have prefered it to have been my Leafs beating someone, but quite frankly they have been rather sucky for the last few years. Oh well….

And now, the end is near…. no, really….!!!

Twenty-six months ago (or end of Jan 2006) I submitted my thesis.

I just mention this as an example of how long it has been since I finished doing all the leg work for my thesis (the writing up as well as the practical work). My viva for all this work is going to be on the very first Friday of May, or in two weeks.

I wasn’t really very happy with the first one (back in October 2006) because I got horribly nervous, stuttered, answered questions wrong and generally made a total mess of the entire thing. To the point that I was even answering easy 50:50 questions wrong… and somehow still managed to pass…

And that was with the knowledge that even if I really screwed up I would have another go.

This is that other go.

It is pass or fail.

*insert expletive of choice here*

If it ain’t broke…..

…don’t fix it as the saying goes. Because it’ll only go wrong and you’ll end up looking like a fool. But not as foolish as the design for the new coins of the realm.


Now, as a special commemorative set I would admit that having the Royal Standard over six coins (the penny to fifty pence pieces) with the image as a whole on the pound is very clever, however this is not planned on being a commemorative set. This is the brand new design that will be replacing all the old, no longer “fit for purpose” regular coins (apart from the two pound coin, that’s ok).

This I’m not so happy about.

There are people who are going on about how having the denominations in writing as opposed to numerals will make it harder for non-english speakers to know what each is worth. There are others who might comment that unless you see the whole, individually they look rather… strange. Some comment on the fact that Wales isn’t represented on the Royal Standard and therefore ask whether this “inclusiveness” doesn’t include the Welsh (even though the designer is Welsh and the Royal Mint is based in Wales).

The reason why I’m annoyed is the fact that after over three-hundred and thirty years of appearing on British coins, Britannia is being taken away. In fact, she has appeared on coins for a lot longer, having been introduced by the Romans, but it was Charles II who brought her back.

Personally, I feel that this is simply change for changes sake. I know that graphic designers have got to do something with their time, but quite frankly there should be someone who had enough sense somewhere to tell the focus group (or whomever it was who thought that the coinage needed changing) where to get off. Preferably at the end of a pier, but I would settle for a long way away from things that are working without their help.

As the Royal Mint’s website says, “familiar designs that have served us well for almost 40 years“. It doesn’t say why they have to be changed.

Left a bit…. a bit more… a little bit more…. no, back the other way….

For some unknown reason, despite living in the commuter belt of London reception of most recievers (tv, radio, mobile phones) is pretty poor. And digital is worse.

Last week we had a tv arial guy come round to fix an arial that would do NASA proud to the roof of the house. What this means is that for the first time since we moved here (bout twelve years ago) BBC 1&2, ITV and C4 have clear reception and aren’t fuzzy. What’s more, we now have a watchable channel five!! What this means is that I can now watch NHL ice hockey. Just in time for the season to end.

Now ice hockey is one of my sporting passions. I got into it while working in my local. I’d be getting home late and it’d be the ony thing worth watching at that time. I say watch, the screen was so fuzzy that I couldn’t actually watch the game, but I’d listen to the commentry.

But now, once the season restarts, I can watch it again!!!

Not only have we got channel five we have even found some digital channels on Freeview!! They can be a bit scratchy but it did mean I was able to watch Dr Who Confidential after the destruction of Pompei was casued by The Doctor. I was also able to watch ‘Gavin and Stacey‘ last night and plan on watching Family Guy‘ tonight…. I love BBC3.

Alas, DAB digital radio still sucks and does mobile phone reception.