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A week is a long time in blogging……

Wow, has it been a week…??? Doesn’t time fly when you’re not having fun!!

Actually, that’s a slight lie, work has been no more sucky than normal (tomorrow I’m off into London to work in Harrods) and the weather has been nice and so I’ve been able to stand outside in the sun and listen to the cricket/tennis. That’s always nice.

What I have been doing is sorting out a few upcoming breaks that are coming up. The first is obviously my graduation in a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to it (well, apart from the actual ceremony) for the simple reason that it means I get to dress up. I always like dressing up. ;o)

The other trip is one up to the Lake District to meet up with some old friends and to mess about for a few days. I don’t know if anyone here has ever been to the Lakes, but I’ve been a few times and can admit to never actually making it the to the top of any hill or mountain. When you consider that I was a member of my university hiking club for five years, well, that’s pretty impressive… in a sad kinda way. However, I do know that if it’s wet and miserable there’s always the Pencil Museum is Keswick.

What I am looking forward to, though, is the via ferrata at Honister Slate Mine. That looks like a lot of fun!!


For people who are interested I finished fourth at the Uni Champs on Saturday in what, if this were golf, would be described as “challenging conditions.”

There are a number of (local) political reasons as to why this event has changed over the years from a fun sunny day out for a bunch of students into a fairly rainy slog that takes twice as long as it should. And when it’s raining you don’t really want to be out in the wind and rain for five hours longer than needed.

I will admit that I was very impressed that despite all the moaning at the begining of the day only four of our squad retired. I think this mainly down to sheer bloody-mindness on the most part but in sport bloody-mindness can really play a part.

Anyway, this was my last ‘Hurrah’ in the world of university archery, alas with my up-coming graduation I am having to retire from the fun. Or to be more corrrect, semi-retire. I can’t see myself not visiting every now and again. After ten years in the sport I have a pretty good idea of the rules and so can be a handy judge for league matches.

On having been pulled and pushed……

This morning I very nearly overslept. I’m not sure if my hayfever medication is making me extra drowsy or not letting me sleep properly, which is why I’m drowsy. Anyway, back to the nearly oversleeping part, for this morning I was off to see the physio because my old hip injury has been flaring up recently.

After the inital fun of standing on one leg, facing the wall and walking backwards we got down to the serious stuff of having my leg being twisted this way and that to see what movements hurt. Needless to say I’ve never had someone trying to “pull out my hip” while twisting my leg before, but he was a train physio-therapist and I’m not.

I have a bunch of exercises that I now have to do everyday before going off to see him next week.

But enough chat, for I have to pack up my equipment and head up to sunny Shropshire now for the Uni Champs. See you next week!!!

The real snail mail…..

There is something really nice about getting a honest-for-God letter. I got one a couple of weeks ago that I really do mean to replying to… but I’m not talking about that sort of snail mail. I’m talking about the Real Snail Mail.

This is a genius idea which involves attaching a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip to the shell of a snail. The RFID allows objects to communicate over short distances. Basically as a snail passes by one reader they pick up a message and when they come into range of another reader the message is trasmitted.

With Austin averaging 1.96 days per message it makes it faster than Royal Mail. Though Cecil is second class (3.26 days) and Muriel is like Canada Post in the Maritimes; nothing delivered yet!!

Thanks for the luck guys, will do my best!!
T&E – no, she does exist for there was a distinct lack of horsiness until the film started. I will admit, I had no reason to disbelieve her when she said she was from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania… but I suppose she could have been from Glasgow…
Miss Tickle – you have to like my use of the semi-colon in the last paragraph though and if you press that key on the left handside of the keyboard, the one with Caps Lock on it, you’ll be able to write in lower case letters as well. If you go check you’ll see it reads a lot easier.

The most dangerous man in archery…..

… is a bloke from Cumbria called Alan Wills. He was given this nickname a couple of years back when from no-where he came through and beat some of the best archers in the world to win a World Cup event*.

I’m not that good… maybe only third of fourth most dangerous. ;o) On the other hand, having spent nearly seven hours languishing in fifth at my competition yesterday I had a massive comeback in the last twenty-five minutes to snatch the bronze medal.

Coupled with the silver I won last weekend all I’m missing is a shiny gold for this month. Weekend coming is the University Champs (my last) and while it would be nice to finish with a win there it is highly unlikely. (my best finish is third) Of course, a series of freaky and unfortunate events could take place which would remove those five or six archers who are better than me…. but that wouldn’t be as much fun as beating them straight up.

Not that I’m competitive….. ;o)

* – he’s also one a likely inclusion in the GB archery squad for the Olympics, so hopefully you’ll be able to watch some of our top archers on tv!!

The city and a little bit of sex…..

Taking advantage of working overnight Thursday and having a train ticket to the Big City I headed into BC to meet up with a few people and catch a movie.

I’m afraid to say that I’m going to ruin my redneck image now by saying that the movie we caught was ‘Sex And The City‘.

I will admit that I did enjoy the film, but as I also enjoyed the tv series I was expecting to enjoy the film. One of the things that I enjoy about the SatC are the little verbal jokes that get dropped in. I also love the way all the charactors interact. I’m not such a fan of the Carrie Bradshaw charactor, the series revolves around her and is written by her and everything goes her way (more-or-less, eventually). Miranda and Steve and the way their relationship shows class boundries. Charlotte and Harry and their idilic life. Life enjoying Samantha and her toy-boy. A little bit of everything for everyone. There was even Louise from St Louis, who, despite having to live in a one bedroom flat with two others was able to still have designer handbags. Thanks to rental.

I was also glad to have guessed correctly which of Carrie’s friends ruin her wedding, though I was wrong about the cause.

While on the topic of americans, the reason I was stunned last night as because I met an american on the train to BC and on the jubilee+district line (she needed to know the way to Gloucester Road and I was going to HS Kensington) last night whom I shall simply describe as amazing. Mainly because I’m a great believer in leaving you wanting to know more.

Is it morning….??

It’s always tough waking up before six. I’m talking about six in the evening, so I slept in until about seven. Nuts, missed The Simpsons.

I had a very good birthday last weekend, headed back to my old stalking grounds in S. Wales and was very lucky with the weather. It was glorious. I also got to bump into a few of my older friends whom I’ve not seen in a while. Oh the silliness!!

I also had a good shoot and managed a new pb on the sunday of 1303 which means I can recieve what I suppose you could call an archery merit badge for breaking 1300 points.

And now it’s time to get ready for work!!

To each of us a month of the year….

Have you noticed how different months almost have different personalities. I, for example, am very similar to Sept/Oct. End of the summer, lazy days. Trees are getting ready for winter but there is still enough of the summer left for the days to be nice. Warm days, crisp nights.

Generally speaking my favourite types of people are those that are late spring/early summer people. The sort of people with whom things are always happening. Maybe the occasional squally shower, but generally speaking a person with whom everything is looking forward to the good days to come.

I’m not a spring person for the very simple reason that my hayfever is worse then and subsequently I’m rather congested and rather snuffly. (insert usual complaints about itchy, bloodshot eyes and the usual stuff here)

There are two types of winter people. There are those that I shall refer to as Christmassy people or there are Scrooges. Christmassy people are those that bring in the impression of chestnuts roasting by an open fire… a nice hot drink and curling up on the sofa with something good on the tv. Fairy lights and gentle music. Jack Frost painting on the windows, woolly hats, gloves on strings and snowball fights. (actually, I quite like Christmassy people as well)

Scrooges are fairly self-explanatory.

This leaves us with two more “types” to go. The Jan/Feb types, cold, gray, rainy, and those that can be represented by high summer.

High summer are always full of joy and happy to share it. Whether they be kicking back and doing nothing or full of plans for getting stuff done there is always a positive slant to everything.

Doing only two things….

I do wish that I could say that I’ve been really busy, and in a way I have been. However, that “way” is a very focus and not very interesting way to the general populace. For example, I suspect that walking up and down the middle of Piccadilly identifying the owners of the inspection covers (British Telecom, water company, Cable & Wireless, etc) though exciting in it’s own little way (Bendy Buses ARE a danger) over all it’s fairly boring.

I also reconise the fact that as much as I love shooting and can quite happily talk for hours on all sorts of tiny little things (such as my dislike of Hoyt’s ‘tec’ bars, parallel limb bows or metric/imperial rounds) I realise that there is a very specialized market for that sort of chat (which I find at Archery Interchange UK).

That actually covers what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks. Though I will be taking Friday off work and driving up to Swansea for the weekend. Though when I say Swansea I mean Pembrey Country and that’s for an archery competition.

On the up side I am getting to meet up with a few people so that’s nice.