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County champs……

There is an art to archery. That art is to make a good shot and then repeat it over and over and over again. It sounds very simple, though you soon find that it isn’t really. Especially when you shoot outside and then have to deal with wind, rain and anything else that the British Summer decides to throw at you.

I am rather chuffed to admit that I am our current Indoor County Champ. Not Outdoor Champ though, and generally speaking Outdoors is deemed to be more important.


It was very close affair and at the end of a blustery day I manage to finish in third place (in county, fifth overall). Next year they’re making it a two day event because there’s nothing more fun than shooting in rain than shooting in rain for two days!! ;o)

As a side note, I’ve been picked for County Squad again, this time not for a friendly but in the Southern Counties Champs….

Playing catch-up……

Hello everybody *waves* I have all sorts of excuses for not being around, being busy and those last two posts were from a camping trip Up North.

But first things first, and that brings us to graduation, a day that has been only slightly delayed by about four years.


It went well, even if my department is no longer part of the School of Science but not really a part of the School of Engineering (where we now belong). Thankfully I still get to wear the science robes of gold even if there were only four of us (three phds and me) out of all the engineers in the room… I mean tent.

I was also a good boy and didn’t bow to the VC like I was supposed to (though I suspect that I was one of the few who knew you were supposed to), admittedly that was partly due to the fact that I was slightly stunned that the guy reading the names out managed to get my name wrong. Not mispronunced but given the wrong name*!! And yes, they check your name when you register, twice behind the curtain and then again right before you walk onto the stage.

Bloody engineers!!


* – just call me Michael, I suppose it’s close enough, I mean, my aunt often calls me Michael….

God is in the details……..

…but considering that He is considerably cleverer than the rest of us He can probably deal with the details. We tend to get rather hung up on them. A prime example of this can be found in any of the reports over the Gernal Synod where you can pick your topic. Homosexual priests or women bishops. Some are pro, some are anti and most of us are just generally confused and forced to agree with whichever bishop we prefer.

This is the dangers of details. After all, there are even different names for the twelve Apostles in the different Gospels!!

With all these, and sometimes conflicting, details it can hardly be surprising that sometimes people seem to miss the point. Unable to see the wood for the trees as my gran used to say.

I have found that The 100 Minute Bible is a very good version of the Bible for getting a general overview of the message of the Bible. I might not recommend it for reading in church but for a way of taking a step back just to see what’s happening it is very good.

Love, forgiveness, sacrifice, and the power and might of God. These are the themes of the Bible and these should be the themes of our lives. Now if only someone could remind those in charge….

And they lived happily ever after……

It was a lovely wedding this weekend and despite that fact that it appears that we are having yet another rather damp summer the weather held off and it was ok. I’m sure that you’ll be glad to hear (and see when you get down to the photos) that the bride was stunning and everyone had a good time.


Well, almost everyone found that joke funny, ;o)

wedding05 wedding06a

The cake and the bride,


Some of the happy guests.

Must remember to shave…..

Tomorrow (or in twenty-five minutes it’ll be today) I’m making the first to two trips to Swansea this week. This first one is for the wedding of the good friend of mine, the soon-to-be-former-Miss Willerton, and I’m really looking forward to going (though I still need to wrap the pressie and shave).

Well, more or less.

Thing is I know that the head bridesmaid (she may even be the Maid-of-Honour, I’m not sure) is studiously ignoring me*, I’m not one hundred percent of my “friendship status” with another friend (though I think its ok, got a birthday message).

All of this is due to what I shall merely refer to as “The Unpleasantness” from a couple of years ago. The really sad thing is that last month our bride-to-be felt that she had to apologise to me, which felt a bit awkward for the simple reason that I laid no blame at her feet (or in all fairness at the feet of the MoH or the other friend)

On the up side I’m also going to get to meet a whole bunch of other friends, a few I’ve not been able to meet up with for a while and I have very good company at the reception so I think that it’s all going to be fun!!

In slightly other news, I’m pleased to say that my touch typing has come along quite well… this whole paragraph has been written without looking at the keyboard. I’m not a good boy by keeping my fingers on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys, they still jump around like they do when I’m watching them!!!

* – as a hint, ignoring someone only works if the person being ignored actually cares that they’re being ignored. Someone like me will have fun by asking questions like, ‘Would you like a cuppa??‘ in company just to force them to ignore me. But that’s because I’m evil. ;o)

Not quite as Dan Brown would of had it…..

Last night I made the mistake of watching the new BBC drama Bonekickers instead of my usual fair of Doc Martin*. Bonekickers is a new drama series that follows the, and I can’t believe I’m using this word, adventures of a bunch of archaeologists as they discover all sorts of mythical artifacts that have somehow ended up under the sod on these British Isle… like the Cross of Christ.

Now as a regular watcher of Time Team I am fully aware of how archaeological digs go. I know that geophyis never works, that you never just rip something out of the ground to find out what it is, or that everyone in the squad looks glamourous even after digging in the mud for several hours!!!

In last night’s episode the team happened to come across a site that was suggesting that a skirmish occured between the Knights Templer and Saracen troops, over the remains of the Cross of Christ, somewhere in southern Britain. As if that wasn’t mad enough two sword-wielding teenagers who had been brought up by templer monks (and further brought up by a crazy, right-wing TV envangelist) then came along to try to rescue the Cross so they and the crazy, right-wing TV envangelist could raise up the Christian Soliders of the hymn and drive out all the heathens….

Like I said, a highly realistic drama, which was only differing from something that Mr Brown might have written by the simple fact that the “bad” guys weren’t from the Roman Catholic church!!

Next week somehow involves a US presidential canditate and therefore the “bad” guys will be the US Secret Service or some other American agency… who will be beaten by this bunch of glamourous archaeologists!!

* – this is one of those series that I could “watch” with my eyes closed, just to hear the accents. I do enjoy listening to the cornish accent. And while talking about regional accents on tv, apparently Wales isn’t represented by any of the television providers, expecially the BBC. This despite the fact that Gavin and Stacey, Torchwood are mainly based in Wales and Dr Who has visited no a few occasions!! I suspect that S4C isn’t included (a number of programmes on S4C – like the news – are produced by the BBC).

All dressed up…..

For the first time in ages I went into town yesterday to do some clothes shopping for I required shirt, tie and pants (to use and americanism, I do mean trousers) for a friend’s wedding next weekend. I’m sure that people will be glad that I managed to resist the urge to buy the salmon (read pink) shirt because I couldn’t get a tie that didn’t then clash with the trousers.

Oh it’s a hard life being me… it was a very nice pink, I mean salmon, shirt though.

But I now have me clothes, the pressie and somewhere to stay. I’ve also had a sneaky inquiry as to whom I’m sitting with at the reception. I’ve got something to do the next day so I think I’m all sorted. Just need a haircut and a proper shave (I may be a bit on the scruffy side at the mo).