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No longer popular…

When it comes to the end of the year you get many “This Was 2008” television programmes listing all sorts of different topics. Most shocking celebrity moments, greatest sporting moments, TV moments, etc, etc… You also get the Top Baby Names of (insert year) which is the most reliable indicator of the influential people of the year.

While Jack topped the baby boys for the umpteenth year (fourteen) Olivia stole the top spot for the girls. The Top Ten is as follows:


Where as if you’re looking for your name’s position in the Top 100 you will need to head over to where you can look through the lists. Or, if your name doesn’t appear in the Top 100 do a search and see how unpopular your name really is. Mine ranked 2206th having dropped 196 places this year alone.

Because sometimes I’m wrong… no really!!

Having spent the last few days hanging around at home feeling generally bored I thought that I’d quite like coming back to work if only for the change in scenery and to be able to do something (I have to finish the plots of the Central Methodist Hall at some point).

Well, I’ve gotten to lunchtime and I half wish I’d booked the days off and stayed at home. I’m not saying that my work is boring (though it is really) but there are only three of us in The Office today and it’s all rather quiet.

That and I really need to sort out whether I can actually make the New Years party. Which’ll teach me to wait until it’s confirmed before booking the time off work, rather than waiting. I am looking forward to it as it’s a Cluedo themed party, hence the pith helmet in the previous posting… I’m going as Colonel Mustard.

What, what!! ;o)

Is it over…??

Crikey, that does make it seem like a harsh time of year, which is not my intention. All in all it’s been quite enjoyable, I even risked the Sales shopping (bought nothing) and am now the proud owner of a pith helmet.

I am however in a quandary. I have gotten a late invite to a New Year’s party (see above note about pith helmet) though I did tell The Boss that I wouldn’t need any days off over New Years cause I wasn’t going anywhere. Usually not a problem but when it’s a seven-eight hour drive simply not drinking and pulling the all-nighter isn’t really an option.

This is where we see if accepting all the Aberdeen/Darlington/Saturday night jobs count for anything.

That and I’ve bought a pith helmet and I want the opertunity to wear it!!

Hallelujah, hallelujah for He has come…

And though it is Christmas Eve I’m not talking about Santa (but NORAD tells me he’s also on his way) but the wee baby Jesus. Well, the wee baby Jesus a couple of thousand years ago.

It is quite amazing to think that the simple birth* of a child has gone on to to have such an effect on just so much. I wonder how many people at the time of His birth realised what a momentous occasion that this was. Well, apart from the Wise Men and the Shepherds.

Have a very Merry Christmas, one and all.

* – yeah, the Immaculate Conception and the phrase ‘simple’ might not really go together, but lets just roll with it eh??

Asking methodists difficult questions…

There are many difficult questions, not only for the different Christian denominations, but for all religions. This one kept the folk at the Westminster Methodist Central Hall occupied for most of the morning: “Is this an alarmed firedoor and can I go through it…??

Apparently the answers were, ‘no it’s not and yes you can.’

And I’m not going to mention it (well, I am really), but the Anglician institution of Westminster Abbey were on their second service before the Central Hall had even opened. I noticed this as I arrived much earlier than expected and had to wait for them to open up this morning!!

Christmas curry lunch…

To describe my day at work today as quiet would possibly be an understatement. I had done what I needed to do pretty much before lunch and I have been forced to kill of the time until I could get away with going home. For some reason (probably due to being out of practice) blogging didn’t coming into my mind until just now.

It looks like I’m back at the Westminster Methodist Central Hall tomorrow, which involves a bright and early start in the morning… I say bright, what I of course mean is a dark and early start. Sure, the days are getting longer but it’s still far too long between getting out of bed and the sun rising above the horizon. And by far too long I mean that I have to get up BEFORE dawn. That is quite simply wrong on so many levels!!

On the up side, by having such an early start I should be able to get into London fairly easilly (especially as most sensible people won’t be working tomorrow) which means I may get finished in time to get back to The Office for our traditional Christmas Curry Lunch.

Could there be anything better I ask you??

It’s very, very nearly Christmas…

There is just something about the fact that there are only a couple of days until Christmas, but as they happen to be Work Days it just doesn’t yet seem to be officially Christmas. I suspect that those who might have small children at home and would be more than happy for Christmas to be over by now, but for me it just doesn’t yet feel like Christmas.

On the upside, in a couple of days Work will be over and then Christmas will start a-proper!! My presents will all be wrapped and under the tree, including the “spare” pressies incase my sister already has one or two of her pressies.

The last weekend before Christmas…

I’m am glad to say that I have managed to finish all of my Christmas this afternoon. Though when I say “finish” what I mean is “more-or-less finish”. There are still a couple of small things that I need to pick up, but nothing that won’t be available at your local supermarket.

I wasn’t able to find everything that I wanted, and somethings took me through several stores before finding it back in the very first store that I had looked in.

Sleepy sleepy…

I don’t know about you but I feel shattered today. I got home and came very close to just falling asleep where I sat. On the up side I’ve started my Christmas shopping and tomorrow I shall be finishing my Christmas shopping. Then I can be all wrapped and ready for The Big Day.

And now the sofa beckons so I can gently doze in front of the tv.

What day is it again…??

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m starting to struggle in remembering just what day it is. Especially in relation to “The Big Day”. It was only this lunchtime I was reminded that it was only a single week until Christmas Day (and therefore mearly two weeks until the end of 2008 and the begining of 2009).

At some point I’m going to have to go out an actually buy some Christmas otherwise there will be some disapointed family members. You never know, if I can’t pick up what I want to there still might be some very disapointed family members!!

But what Christmas be like if there wasn’t a mad dash for pressies on the last Saturday?? ;o)