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Pesky protesters…

Places where it might not be fun to be at work tomorrow include The City where a bunch of rather important people are meeting this week. The fact that they are meeting isn’t why it might not be fun but the fact that The City might very well fill up with people who think that by wasting taxpayers money (£7.5M) by having to be policed is somehow a good or useful thing.

In case you can’t guess I have a very low tolerance of protesters in general, mainly because I find they get in the way and despite getting in the way their actions make no difference… well, apart from getting in MY way when I try to do stuff. Unfortunally for the protesters I can do nothing to help whatever their random cause is and by annoying me I’m more likely to think that whatever it is that they want, however good it is,  is a bunch of rubbish.

The Boss did ask whether I wanted to wait until Thursday before heading back but my response was along the line of that if anyone really wanted to cause trouble I would be wearing steel toe-capped boots and hey, it’s their kneecaps!!

I really don’t like protesters as you may guess…

A myriad of colours…

As I sit here watching ‘Lewis‘ and pondering toast I wonder where all the colours have gone.

You see, when I started university all those years ago I got to wear all sorts of different colours. Pop down to good old C&A (do you rmember them??) and buy a couple of shirts in nice bright colours. Reds, blues, greens… all sorts of lovely bright colours.

During one of my rare occasions of putting clothes away (as opposed to storing them on a chair) I noticed that all my current batch of tops were white, black or green with the occasional detour into a blue or red.

So yesterday I headed into the great shopping centre that is Camberley in the hunt for something brighter and you know, it’s a lot harder than you’d have thought. Wondering through the stores I found lots of bright colours that had big logos on, but looking for something that is just plain and simple… well, I could buy black, white or a khaki-green…

I did find some brightly coloured polo-shirts which raised my hopes… until I saw that they were Ralph Lauren polo-shirts and were priced at sixty of your english pounds each. Sixty pounds!!!

As comparision the ones I did find in a discount sports shop that were priced at four pounds forty-nine pence were much closer to what I was expecting. Alas only a red and a yellow were available in the bright colour range… apart from white, black and pink.

A culinary letdown…

Spaghetti, is there a meal that is more dull…?? I suspect not, certainly when you thought you were having cornbeef hash for dinner!! Actually, if I’m honest I find almost all pasta dishes to be a bit of a let-down, even if you compare them to dishes like toast.

Now a well made toast dish can taste lovely and you have a full range of possible toppings that can go with it.

Pasta just sits there and is dull and boring. Sauces do nothing to it.


Busy, busy, busy…

Oh yes, I have a blog don’t I….?? ;o)

If I were to say that I have been rather busy so far this year I may be understating it. For example, I took my library books back today and paid my thirty-six pound fine for overdue books. That’s how busy I’ve been!! Actually, I’m not allowed to take another book back until I return the last one that I didn’t realise I had (I have since found it).

In the last week I have been having lots of early starts to get up to a Convent in Buckinghamshire. Early starts were needed to avoid the worse of the M25 traffic. All I can say that it has been a lovely week out in the sunshine, reading my book and generally having a good time.

Hail to the bus driver…

There are silly things to do while driving and then there are sillier things. For instance, driving a minibus back from Loughborough on a Sunday afternoon, heading through the Welsh Valleys and watching the ‘estimated remaining milage’ drop from forty-four miles remaining to zero inside the distance of fifteen miles.

This can be worrying as on Sunday afternoons, in the Welsh Valleys, there aren’t a lot of petrol stations that are open. Some are in fact so closed that they have been raised to the ground. You can therefore imagine my annoyance upon the bus coming to a stuttering stop in Aberdare. Especially with an open Tesco’s petrol station two hundred yards down the road…

Luckily the very nice man from the AA came and saved us, so all’s well that ends well!!

Home and away…

and I don’t mean the Aussie soap!!

I have been on the go for quite a while now. By this I mean that if you were to ask me when the last weekend where I got to spend it at home I couldn’t really tell you. What I have been doing instead is clocking up 250-700 miles each weekend since the end of January… and you know, it really does all add up!!

This weekend I have Saturday off which is quite nice… sure on Sunday I have a 320 mile round journey to Shropshire but the important thing is I have Saturday off.

In the meantime I’m going to take advantage of the fact that North America have already moved their clocks forward by listening to Ice Hockey that would usually be starting at midnight (our time) but now starts at 11pm!!

Inside and out…

I was back in Wales this weekend though I don’t think I managed to stop at any point… well no, I caught the last fifteen minutes of the England/Ireland game. On the Friday and Saturday I was helping set up and run the British University Team Champs which my old archery club were hosting… if it works there should follow some youtube clips.




It was very chaotic but somehow it all worked out in the end… don’t ask me how for I have no idea. And boy, the final was exciting with a single point victory for Nottingham over the strong favourites that were Warwick. I also noted that every single team that I scored lost. All of them. And yes, I scored the final on the behalf of Warwick!! ;o)

Sunday was the Glamorgan Field Champs which meant that I was glad that it was a lovely sunny day. There is no better way to spend a day than walking around a wood shooting things. The rsults aren’t out yet so I don’t know how I finished, but I do know it wasn’t in the top three. But as I wasn’t expecting that it doesn’t matter. But I will be back next month for the two day event which is supposed to be even tougher!! Excellent!!