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And another one is over…

Today is the last day of May, in fact, we’re into the final twenty minutes of May which means that we are only weeks away from being halfway through the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Nine… How on earth has that happened??

I mean, that’s half a year and where has it gone…??? But hopefully the upcoming summer will be great and full of fab stuff!!

A glorious bank holiday…???

Well, a sunny if not glorious bank holiday… doesn’t happen too often does it?? In fact, it was so glorious that I stayed indoors on the Monday simply to recover from the ten hours a day that I’d been out competing on the Satuday and Sunday. I am certainly a lot brownier than I was at the start of the weekend!!

I hpoe that you all had lovely bank holidays (at least those of you who had them) and let us hope that this is that start of the BBQ Summer that we were promised!!!

It’s not happening…

After getting hailed on (BBQ summer anyone??) last Sunday I’ve been telling myself that I’m not goign to get ill… I am infact still insisting that I’m not going to get ill, however my body is startig to disagree with me.

I’m already on to my second hanky of the day and just feel sort of run down and ready for bed. On the up side, I fully plan on ignoring my body because the weather is nice and I have things to do.

Hope you’re all feeling better than I!!

I got round to it eventually…

It’s only been a week, and it means I shan’t be writting about Eurovision (which was great) I thought I’d share a couple of photos that I took last week. The first is from Salisbury Cathedral, which when you consider is something like eight hundred years old, it is pretty impressive.

We did do the tower tour and I suspect that we were lucky in getting possibly the most enthusiastic tour guide in the place. I say this as the group that left an hour after us had caught us up by the time we got to the top.

And yes, you get to right to the top of the tower… if you don’t like heights I wouldn’t advise going. The climbing isn’t too bad as it’s spread out and the views are brillient. You may spot some rungs in the spire photo… that’s because you can only get to within forty feet of the very top from inside and you have to climb the last bit on the outside, including the overhang at the very top.

Hampton Court Palace is a beautiful place, it always amazes me how lovely the gardens are though I was lucky in that desert meant that I was unable to prove my claim that I can navigate the palace maze blindfolded. I also discovered that if you want to take photos of any of the paintings at the Palace you need to get a letter from the Queen herself saying that you’re allowed.


While I upload promised photos of Salisbury, Hampton Court and Platform 9 & 3/4 I thought I would share something I saw on The One Show while they were interviewing Dervla Kirwan (of BallyK fame).

This is even related to my trip around some of the touristy attractions of Southern England as I was driving Yip and Ceiwen around and Yip is somewhat of a Christmas song fan; very much in the vein of ‘why limit Christmas songs to Christmas‘ kinda way. You can imagine my shock and horror to discover that she had never even heard of the classic Pouges track ‘Fairytale of New York‘. Well, that was soon corrected!!



Sadly for you…

I have had a rather busy weekend… so busy that I actually had to take both the Friday and the Monday off work to fit it all in… I appologise for not tell you anything about it at all so far, indeed I’ve only just downloaded the photos off the camera onto the computer.

Sadly, for you, the one thing that is really starting to bug me are the mistakes from the latest Star Trek movie… It doesn’t help that I’ve found other like-minded people. On the up side, it is still possible for them to correct it all in the next movie. The number of totally random plot twists that appeared in Lost before I stopped watching it (around episode five) – they share the same director – means that just about anything could happen next!!

Oh, you don’t care…?? Well, in that case I’m off to have some toast then!! :p

End of the line…

I always find it slightly amusing to see adverts for train companies where at the end of the journey our travellee is met at the platform by their loved one. The reason being is that there are fewer and fewer mainline stations where you are allowed out onto the platform to meet, greet or say goodbye to loved ones.

All of this is, of course, for the public safety… who knows what sort of fit the guys at Kings Cross left luggage office would of had if I hadn’t lied and told them that that of course I had packed the bag I was checking in, yes I knew what was in the bag and of course I hadn’t left it unattended!! ;o)

Frigging awesome…

I went to the IMAX theatre today to see the new Star Trek movie… you may assume that I enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun. It is certainly a film that can be watched by those who are fans and those who have never watched an episode of Star Trek in their life.

However, as a cannonical fan, I do have some quibbles…

Isn’t technology wonderfull….??

I love the way that things are getting smaller and smaller. Take my USB drive for example. It’s an old one, only 256mb, but even so it measures a mear 65x15x5mm. This makes it small enough to misplace without too much hassle. I do have ways around this,┬áit tends to be either in/on the computer or in the small pocket of my bag.

I really should have paid attention therefore when I found it in my hat on Monday.

By Tuesday I had no idea where it was.

I eventually found it late last night in the pocket of some shorts, next to a tipex pen… no, I don’t know how it got there either.

On the up side I now know what I’m doing for the rest of the summer (my diary was on the drive).

To the bride and groom…

I have found it slightly sad that I’ve not really had a lot to say recently, alas it appears that my life of date has been on the rather quiet side. Or should I more rightly say, not full of the most interesting aspects of modern life.

On the up side this weekend was something different with the wedding of a dear friend of mine. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology (which I am still learning to use) I can share the start of the bridal procession with you because I know that some people like to see such things.


And if it all works fine I may even be able to share the First Dance with you…


So all in all a very good weekend was had… and I would like at this point to deny any claims that I was rounding up any lost and lonely bottles of wine and keeping them company!!! It’s all lies!!! ;o)