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The cutest cathedral… ever…

There was only one bright spell on my trip this week, and this was the only part where it wasn’t raining, I wasn’t working, there weren’t crazy people who seemed to think I was lonely. This was Monday evening when I went out for a short walk while hunting for dinner.

While I was out I came across this cathedral which I thought was so cute that I actually went back to the hotel to get my camera. I guess that there is a reason why that time in the evening is known as “the magic hour” in photography circles, simply from the way the sun lights everything up.

I’ll wait to see if anyone recognizes which one this is.

Then I found this lovely bar/resturant that served great food and as there was only me in, the bar manager gave the waitress a wine lesson that I got to eavesdrop into. I should also mention that their lemon cheesecake is to die for.

It’s almost a shame that the rest of the time just sucked.

Making the team…

Got an email last night that said;
It is with great pleasure that I can formally invite you to join the Welsh Senior Target Team for the forthcoming team event at the British Senior Indoor (they mean Outdoor) Championships.

*insert a very bouncy bimble*

The unintentional consequences…

Having been married for six months how would you describe then being told that you would not be allowed to stay together for the next eighteen months. Even after the Home Office had approved the marriage?? The UK Border Agency describes this eighteen month period as “an inconvenience”.

This is the situation that a couple in North Wales now face after, nineteen year old Canadian, Rochelle married her British sweetheart and a slight cock-up by someone in the Home Office means that they have fallen foul of a law designed to prevent forced marriages of young Asian women.

If she leaves the country she will not be allowed back in, even though the Home Office is more than happy that this isn’t a sham marriage. And even though I say “if she leaves” what I mean is ‘when she leaves’ as she’s not actually allowed to stay.

Go figure.


We are crazy…

This weekend I was given an informal wedding invite (or at least it said that a formal invite was to follow) for a friend’s wedding next year. Two things impressed me with the invite.

The first was that inside the invite was a fridge magnet that had the people/date/time of the wedding so you wouldn’t forget. This is most certainly a very good idea and as soon as I can get round to it I’m going to put mine up on the fridge.

The second great idea is that the wedding is going to be on a Friday. Now most weddings tend to be on Saturdays (even though this is traditionally seen as an unlucky day to wed) for a varity of reason, probably many of them work related. This is fine when people put work down as more important than whatever they get up to at weekends. However as an archer, weekends are when I go to competitions and over the last couple of years I have missed out on tournaments as wedding duties have applied. On the upside this is a wedding between archers and they fully understand the nature of competing at the weekends and that of waiting to compete during the weekdays.

In fact, the bride has allowed the groom-to-be to go to a football match the weekend before the wedding on the sole condition that she’s allowed to go shooting on the Sunday after the wedding.

We are a crazy bunch of people…

The old enemy…

With only a few hours until [the 40th anniversary of] Neil Armstrong become the first man to walk on the moon you would think that there is little else to talk about… however, after seventy-five years of trying England have finally beaten The Old Enemy at Lords with Freddie Flintoff showing the sort of spirt that will be missed terribly when he retires from test cricket at the end of the series.

It is a terrible shame that it is not possible to watch The Ashes on terrestrial television, but all cricket followers know that the only way to follow the sport is in fact on good old 198LW and TMS (Test Match Special) and that is how half the members in The Office were following along this morning.

It was listening to TMS yesterday while ‘Aggers’ (Jonathan Agnew) interviewed Rolf Harris during lunch that I discovered the ‘Tuffers’ (Phil Tufnell) has covered ‘Two Little Boys’ for charity. A special Ashes version. I make no guarantees about it.

I did mention that we won didn’t I?? Of course, the last time we beat Australia was in the last series* back in 2005 (not including the women’s team who beat everyone). Here are a few moments that you might remember from then…

* – apparently there was a series in 06/07 but no-one has heard of it…

Forty years ago…

I don’t know what it is but ever since I was little I have been fascinated by space travel and those lucky few who have managed to leave this speck that we call home. Yesterday the space shuttle Endeavour lifted off from the Kennedy Space Centre, heading towards the International Space Station. I will admit to trying to watch the launches over the internet when I can (NASA streams them live) and I do plan to make a trip out to Florida to catch one of the launches live before NASA mothballs the shuttle in a years time.

Forty years ago there was another space mission launched by NASA by the name of Apollo Eleven. This carried three men, two of whom were to become the first people to walk on the surface of the moon. The names of these three men are unforgettable. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and The Other One*. These men went out without the promise of return. Without the promise of rescue. They went into the unknown and they returned.

* – Michael Collins


Last night I was looking for a certain set of photographs that I’d taken, Ooooo, ages ago. Problem was they were somewhere in the two shelves I have of photographs, all stored in ‘no particular’ order.

I did eventually find the ones I was looking for, but looking through all the other ones I was surprised at how much I had just forgotten. There is a line from the Avenue Q song ‘I wish I could go back to college‘ which goes, “I wish I had taken more pictures“, and in a way so do I.

It would certainly help in trying to identify what is going on in some of the photos.

Never-the-less I’m going to transfer all of them onto the computer as that way I can sort them all out into various categories… and them put them on the internet!!

Just to warn you….

All the world’s a stage…

There is something to be said for a well performed play. I don’t get to see them very often (been a few years since my last… King Lear I think) but I have always enjoyed them.

I used to think that it would be a lot of fun to do read-throughs of some of Shakespeare’s plays. Well, some of the shorter ones at least. A bunch of friends and somewhere to perform.

Somewhere like;

A nice amphitheatre in which to perform. I think that it’s even still there and hasn’t been destroyed with the general rebuilding work that’s been going on in the Marina area. Not as nice as it used to be though, as there used to be an actual stage with exits ‘stage left/right’ as well.

I am currently rereading through the ‘Thursday Next‘ series of books by Jasper Fforde. This is set in a slightly different reality where books/plays have a slightly greater importance than they do now. In one of the books Thursday (our heroine) goes to see Richard III which has an almost Rocky Horror cult status. Not only do the audience participate, all the actors are picked from audience members half an hour before the show starts, but the audience call out and make… helpfull… suggestions.

There was a moment’s pause and then the curtains reopened, reveling Richard at the side of the stage. He limped up and down the boards, eyeing the audience malevolently past a particularly ugly prosthetic nose.
‘Ham!’ yelled someone at the back.
Richard opened his mouth to speak and the whole audience erupted in unison:
When is the winter of our discontent?’
Now,’ replied Richard with a cruel smile, ‘is the winter of our discontent…
A cheer went up to the chandeliers high in the ceiling. The play had begun. Landen and I cheered with them.
Richard III was one of those plays that could repeal the law of diminishing returns; it could be enjoyed over and over again.
… made glorious summer by this son of York,‘ continued Richard, limping to the side of the stage. On the word ‘summer’ six hundred people placed sunglasses on and looked up at an imaginary sun.
– The Eyre Affair, Jasper Fforde

Like mad dogs and english men…

With the temperature pushing the low thirties (or mid-high eighties, depending on your preference) it is most certainly a time to be working indoors with the windows open and fans on full. I suspect that those of you who only work in offices would disagree with me but as someone who works both inside and out, indoors is a lot nicer.

Yesterday I was sent to a rather posh school to do some work for a few hours, arriving about eleven in the morning. For the next four hours I was standing in the middle of a lawn, sweltering underneath an umbrella in an attempt to find some sort of shade.

Needless to say it was rather uncomfortable and I was very glad to get back to The Office where I could get out of the sun, have an ice cream and not feel like I was slowly melting!!