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*stifled yawn*…

I don’t know why, but recently (ie – the last few months) I have been far more tired upon waking up in the morning than I have been when I went to bed. In fact, apart from the occasional weekend where I have been able to get twelve hours straight sleep I have quite often found myself barely able to cross my room to shut off the damned alarm that insists that I actually wake up and start the day.

I sometimes wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that it quite often takes me over an hour to actually fall asleep in the first place, even if before I went to bed I was barely able to keep my eyes open. It’s not like I’m a restless sleeper*, you won’t find my duvet flung to the far side of the room or anything like that. It just seems that rather than recuperate my body has decided to wait impatiently for me to wake up so it can carry on doing whatever I happen to be doing.

And now… back to work!!!

* – I am a restless trying-to-fall-asleeper

Why should I remember you…

I was recently talking to friend when I name-dropped someone from our past. What surprised me was the follow question of, “Who??” And even after digging out a photograph the response was still, “I don’t remember…” This got me thinking to what makes someone memorable…

During my time at university I have gotten through (checks his fingers) about fifty housemates. Now some of these I can just about remember their faces if not their names, some of these are barely the faintest of memories. Take the following photograph from… my second year. While I can name all of them I am only still in touch with one of them (thanks to FB). The others, even though I’ve tried, have remained somewhere out there… I wonder how many of them remember me…??

After many years worth of different university clubs and societies I have been introduced, indeed been team mates with many, many people but I certainly couldn’t name them all. I wouldn’t be able to come close. You could even limit it to just the names of the committee, or even the committees I was a member of I’m fairly certain I would be missing people.

Why I hate ryanair…

It was recently announced that Ryanair was pulling most of it routes from Manchester airport and my first thought was how lucky the people of Manchester were. I’m not suggesting that flying by Ryanair should be the last possible choice but if you are able to drag your luggage to your destination might I recommend getting a good pair of walking shoes??

You might in fact need a second pair as a (not so) recent offer from Ryanair giving flights from Oslo to London for only taxes (bout £15), which sounds like a pretty good deal. If you’re interested, the London airport they were using was Prestwick. Yep, London Prestwick, only thirty miles from the city centre. That’ll be Glasgow city centre. Or a bit more like four hundred miles from London city centre, which I think you’ll have to agree is taking the biscuit for naming far flung airports after big cities.

I have flown on a couple of the low cost airlines and I will admit that Easyjet are my favourite, the crew seemed happy and cheerful but the guys on Ryanair well sullen and surly.

Up on the roof…

I have been spending quite a bit of time up on the roofs of buildings recently. A couple of weeks ago I was bopping along to my ipod on the roof of the Freemason’s Hall in Manchester. This week I could have been found on the roof of All Saints Church in Central London which was quite nice. I also perfected my sliding-down-lead-roofs slide as it was quite steep up there.

The day after that I was up on the roofs around Trafalgar Square looking down over the National Portrait Gallery and Admiralty Arch.

It certainly makes a change from what seems to be my other work option which would be the sub-basements on construction sites. At the BBC, Cannon Street Station… either up top in the sky, or buried in the depths below.

Everyone’s a critic…

I very rarely get to go to the cinema as often as I would like. If I’m at home I just don’t see to get round to going, so I usually only when I’m away on tour somewhere. I actually think I’ve been to the Cineworld in Wolverhampton more often than I have been to the cinema down the road!!

This weekend I finally got round to seeing the latest Harry Potter film, which I enjoyed.

I hadn’t planned on enjoying the film, in fact I had been warned that I’d probably dislike the film for the simple fact that I think that the cannon of the story is fairly important. I certainly grumbled during ‘Prisoner of Askaban’ because of all the changes that the film put in over the cannon. But I did enjoy ‘Halfblood Prince’. Admittedly I did wonder what the point of blowing up The Warren was for, but apart from that I did really like it.

Unlike the last movie I saw which was the latest Star Trek movie. I love Star Trek, even the latest reincarnation that was Star Trek: Enterprise, so I was really looking forward to seeing the new movie. So much so that I actually bought tickets to see it at the Imax theatre in London.

I was certainly blown away. The special effects are just amazing. The basic idea of the plot was pretty good as well. What actually happened, the fine details of the plot was… well… utter rubbish. I could not have been much more disapointed if I tried. I realise that the director was trying to bring some excitment into the series by saying that by changing the past it means that any of the main charactors could be killed, even though we all know that they aren’t going to kill off any of them. But what they did do was to say that if you are to take this new film as cannon all the movies and television that are set after the latest movie (The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Movies I-X) technically don’t exist anymore. If Vulcan, 99.997% of all Vulcans and Spock’s mother are all killed in the past how can they appear in episodes set in the future?? Not to mention the fact that it has been established that further in the future there is a force who makes sure that the timeline is protected. No sign of them in this movie and apparently they may never exist now.

I am therefore, as cool as the movie was, considering Star Trek to be non-cannonical and therefore not actually Star Trek. Well as the director himself said that it was set in an alternative univerise it can’t be the real Star Trek.

Vaguely silly…

Every now and again I get to do something that is vaguely silly. Occasionally I am given the opportunity to see it coming. When this happens I guess I then have the choice of getting out of the way, taking that step aside… or carrying on full bore through hell and high water.

Traditionally I carry on full bore, but then again traditionally I don’t know what’s coming.

Oh well, only one thing for it really…. FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!!

Doesn’t always works out how you expect…

A few posts back I mentioned that an old friend was wisely getting married on a Friday which is a marvellous idea. This continues the trend of friends getting hitched every eight months or so which is a nice interval for buying new shirt/ties combos.

I was talking to a young friend last night (must be young, hasn’t had any friends married off yet) who was telling me that she was planning on getting married by twenty-six and by my age (very nearly thirty) would have two of her four children.

Now when I was her age and thirty seemed a very long way away I suppose that I too thought that I’d be settled down by now. However, now that I’m older and wiser (stubborn and stuck-in-my-ways) I have come to realise that life doesn’t always work out how you expect.

One of those questions that turns up every now and again in email questionaires is the “where do you see yourself in five/ten years times??” If you were to ask me that now I’m not sure I could answer. Will I still be here?? Will I still be blogging, shooting or any of the other things that I do now. Will I be married, will I have kids…??? Ten years is a very long time and there is only one way to find out.

They say patience is a virture….