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A little bit twee…

I greatly enjoyed watching the latest BBC adaption of a classic (Emma in this case*), out of all the things that the BBC does, these adaptions, be they Jane Austin, Charles Dickens, the Bronte sisters… are done incredibly well.

I will admit to not having read the book and therefore didn’t know what was going to/supposed to happen, but I did feel that it was fairly obvious that at some point during the story our heroine would realise who it was she was in love with… I was starting to get worried when she still didn’t seem to realise herself when we were getting near to the end of the last episode but thankfully she finally twigged and we got our happily ever after. Thinking about it… four weddings and a funeral… that sounds familier…

I don’t know why, but no matter how twee I do actually like for these dramas to have happilly ever afters, especially after what had been a very happy series with only possibly a little too much giggling… but that’s not always such a bad thing!!

* – yes, I know it finished at the weekend, I’ve been ill

It’s time for a question…

Well, despite Blade being on the other side I decided to watch Question Time with the BNP’s leader, Nick Griffon MEP making his debute, and I was pleasently surprised… not by Nick but by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi who I was expecting to be totally out of her depth, and while she might not have been as strong as one of the Tory heavyweights she wasn’t washed over like I was fearing.

Mr Griffon was, unsurprisenly, unabashed about those views of his that he felt he could get away with and terribly evasive on those that he wouldn’t have gotten away with. I did laugh when he said he was unable to tell us why he was no longer apparently a holocaust denier because european laws prevented him from talking about such things… even after Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, promised that nothing would happen to him.

Actually, there were a couple of good laughs at he BNP’s leader when he was put under pressure of “what-he-thinks” comapred to “what-he-can-get-away-with”. Just that pause as he wasn’t able to say his first answer but had to come up with a more acceptable version.

Of course, outside the fools that make up Unite Agaisnt Facism spent the day making trouble… I feel that they just don’t realise that if they, and others like Peter Hain, hadn’t make such a fuss chances are that that no-one would have seen him on the TV (afterall, who actually watches QT??) and he wouldn’t have gotten extra press in the newspapers this week.

As my dad said, it wasn’t so much the being on QT that was the Christmas pressie for the BNP but all the fuss in the press that was brought up by those who are anti-BNP…

A good sporting day for britain…

It has been a good day for winning World Championships for Brits today. Early this afternoon Beth Tweddle made up for the disappointment of falling off her favourite apparatus, the asymmetric bars, by coming back and winning on the floor.

If you didn’t see it her routine can been seen here though if you don’t want to see the Columbian gymnast land rather painfully on her head don’t watch the end of the second tumble of the routine (about 2min 56sec) though she is apparently not too badly hurt.

It has always amazed me at the tumbling ability of gymnasts… a short run followed by a flip, and then a double somersault, then maybe another somersault, but with a twist… at about this point my lower jaw is somewhere on the floor in just plan amazement….

In other sporting news, Jenson Button managed to overcome a poor qualifying with some audacious overtaking manoeuvres to finish in fifth which was enough for him to win his first F1 World Championship… not bad for someone who didn’t have a car at the beginning of the season…

Giving them the rope…

Next week there is going to be a potentially explosive (figuratively speaking) episode of Question Time when the leader of one of Britain’s more shameful (or possibly shameless) political parties gets to sit on the panel. He is, of course, Nick Griffon of the British Nazi National Party.

Now like everyone who has more than two brain cells, I find pretty much everything that the BNP stands for fairly abhorant. Therefore I’m quite looking forward to seeing a representitive of the Far Right come up against a world class debater (I so hope that’s it’s William Hauge) and so it can be shown, on national television, just why we don’t want such groups as the BNP running about the countryside. There is however a slight problem, just the tiniest potential glitch in this glorious sand-bagging of the ‘Furer’… and that comes from the anti-far right campaign group United Against Fasism.

You see, the problem is that the UFA have announced that they are planning to protest the BBC and if possible prevent Nick Griffon from getting tot he studio. In my opinion, as ultruistic as the UFA’s intentions are, this is a terrible idea. What better excuse could the BNP use for not showing up, for not being shown up, than to be prevented from their right to free speech by “the liberals of society”.

If you wanted to show to your slightly less commited members/voters on the fence that some of the basic principles that supposedly make this country great are being eroded by the more liberal elements that are sweeping the nation, what better way than to be prevented from going onto a political debate show…?? I do honestly fear that if the UAF do indeed succeed they will infact be scoring a home-goal by giving the BNP an excuse that it is they who are being oppressed for their views.

This is by far the worse possibly outcome that could be achieved… to allow the BNP to fly the “we are being oppressed” flag can in no way help the cause to allow people to realise that the BNP are really just a bunch of thugs.

There was an interview on the BBC news earlier in the week with some BNP members (wearing balaclavas so they couldn’t be recognized) who, in an attempted to show that they weren’t fasists in any way, burnt a Nazi flag… admitedly they couldn’t get it to light until someone went and got some petrol (they must use more combustible flags in the Middle East where they burn flags on a more regular basis). All it left me thinking was, where did they get their hands on a Nazi flag…?? And does this mean that one of them now has a rather large space on his wall…??

What a great start…

Considering that I managed to oversleep and get to work late today (well, yesterday) you may be wondering why I might be up and online at such a late hour?? Well, the reason I’m up now is because over in Canada (well, New York tonight) it’s still early and my Maple Leafs are currently loosing… yet again.

What makes it slightly worse is that worth at nearly half a billion dollars the Leafs are the most valuable hockey team in the world. They are one of the original six teams that made up the NHL and have won the Stanley Cup second out of all teams (beaten only by Montreal).

Considering how passionate the city, the history and being Canada, the country you’d have thought that somewhere along the line they’d have been able to put together a team that can actually play.

However they have managed to fail make the postseason for the last five years. In fact, they have failed to win the Stanley Cup since the ’66/’67 season and have made the wonderful start to this season of 0-3-1* and despite just scoring at the end of the first period at Madison Square Gardens (still 2-1 down though) I just have this feeling it’s going to be 0-4-1 and we’re going to carry on proping up the bottom of the league.

* – for those who don’t know these refer to ‘wins-losses-overtime losses’ with a win = 2points, loss = 0points and an OT loss = 1point.

Making the grade…

It has been a good news week this week. It seems that I have done enough over the summer with all my travelling (6500 miles just going to tournaments) to earn a place on the Welsh Archery Squad!! I am unsurprisenly rather pleased with myself and rather looking forward to getting national level coaching and seeing how this might help improve my shooting.

It also means that I have a greater chance of making the grade for the Commonwealth Games, not in time for next year obviously, but possibly in four years time…

I do have other good news, but apparently I’m not supposed to shout out my other good news but if you recall me mentioning an interview I had…. oh, about eight posts ago… well, it seems that they do want me and that I’ll be going away for a week next month.

Drinking, walking and having a good time…

This weekend a whole bunch of old age Uni hikers got together in the lovely city of Bath to sit around and drink and to do some walking. There were obvious changes between then and now. Back then we’d have been walking miles over heath and moor followed by pints of bitter and ale… now we went for a gentle stroll along the Kennet and Avon Canal followed by drinking wine in the hostel lounge.

It was a lot of fun, though it was slightly scary to realise just how many of our group were in the engaged/married category… and in one case two small… well, one small and one “big” children. It was also nice not to be, if only briefly, not the oldest person in the group.

Must do it more often!!!

Good thing I’m a leftie…

I got to spend a most enjoyable three hours in my local A&E this evening (about two hours twenty-five waiting and five minutes being treated) having foolishly sliced my finger open earlier in the day with some rather heavy metal sheets on the roof of a school.

Needless to say it’s still quite painful, and being my index finger used for such things like typing, cutting up my dinner and tying my shoelaces. Or buttons… they’ve become tricky as well….