Monthly Archives: December 2009

Some handy hints…

I suspect that no-one here will need this guide but the BBC have offered a novice’s guide to going to church at Christmas. BBCi The short version goes like this:
1. The numbers on the wall are hymn numbers. Cross-reference to the book in your hand
2. Sit, stand and kneel as others do. It’s OK to sit when they kneel
3. Find a seat to one side and a little way back, so you can copy others when unsure
4. Feel free to take communion, though some churches may offer you a blessing
5. At the sharing of the peace, go with the flow. Most churches will at least shake hands
6. Dress smart casual
7. Don’t stress if you’re late. Sneak in at the back
8. Midnight Mass doesn’t necessarily start at midnight. It might begin as early as 8pm. Check church website

I think my favourite is number one, though I am concerned at the news that there are Midnight Masses that can start as early as 8pm. That’s more or less afternoon!!


Isn’t this modern world a wonderful thing?? The way that technology has made things so much easier?? So this story of 1948 technology coming to the rescue of snow-stranded commuters at Victoria Station raised a smile for me.

It also gives me an excuse to play this video that I took back in June of the train in question!!

The dangers of radio 4…

While grumbling at how people seem to be unable to drive in snow as it took four times longer to get to The Office this afternoon I happened to switch over to Radio4. A very dangerous thing to do because it can give you ideas… dangerous ideas!!

On the food programme they were talking about eau de vie production in the Alsace region of France. Sounds interesting. Basically it’s just fruit… in a bottle.

There is just one, tiny problem. It seems that while it is not illegal to own a still it is illegal to use one. I know that doesn’t really make sense to me either, but I suppose it adds to suspence!!

Missing the full breakfast…

For the last two weeks I have been enjoying a full English breakfast, cereal and toast… what a way to start a day!! Admittedly it was then tempered by having to carry heavy survey equipment up and down (and then back up) the hills of North Wales… in December.

There is something about starting each day with +40lbs on your back and a wet, muddy, cold, windy, steep hill staring you in the face. I think the word is ‘demoralising’. On the otherhand, after nine straight days of strong winds, rain/hail showers and really quite cold temps* we finished with three days where it was lovely and sunny.

What this does now mean is that I’m sitting here starving as I’m now used to having a really big breakfast, which is usually I meal I tend to skip over. But it’s nearly lunchtime and then I can eat again!!!


* – for those that know me for most of the time I was wearing two pairs of trousers, t-shirt, body-warmer, fleece, jacket, wooly hat, two pairs of gloves, thermal socks… it was a little bit on the cold side.