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Did I not learn from last time…???

Well, to say that I ache would be a lie. With the exceptions of my hands and head my entire body hurts, but that’s what you get when you run a marathon with very little training. It is an important lesson that I really, really must learn for next time. If there is a next time… God I hope there isn’t!!

For those of you that are interested I finished in 6 hours, 54 minutes and 51 seconds, which is not only nearly an hour faster than last time, it is also (more importantly) faster than the time that Katie Price set last year.

This year I took my camera with me, but not to take photos but to take little clips of what I was feeling as I was going around, so the following video is my video blog of the London Marathon.


For those who like the technical stuff, here’s the breakdown of my split times:
10K 01:30:01
15K 02:17:09
20K 03:04:44
HALF 03:15:09
25K 03:53:59
30K 04:44:24
35K 05:38:07
40K 06:34:18
END 06:54:51

Your favourite charity…

Continuing a theme of saying, ‘yes, sure, sounds great’ before thinking, next Sunday I’m gonig to be pounding the streets of London town, running my second marathon. Those of you who have good memories may remember that I did the same thing back in the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Seven, on what turned out to be a horribly hot April day, finishing in a time of 7hrs, 50min, 23sec. You may also remember that I mentioned that I was able to count the blisters on my feet without having to remove my socks.

I, on the other hand, have totally forgotten all of that and so when asked if I fancied doing it again jumped at the chance… what was I thinking…???

Now my first marathon was for me, just to see if I could do it… I didn’t want to take money for sponsorship because there was the small chance that I might just fail… This year is different. Because I have done the marathon before my sheer subbon nature will not allow me not to cross the finish line, however I’m not really into the whole collecting money off of people so here’s the deal. If you want to sponser me to run the London Marathon my favoured charity is YOUR favourite charity. Next time you see one of their collectors pop a couple of quid in the tin and say it’s cause I ran the marathon for them.

I am also putting together a playlist of motovational tracks to have on my ipod for when the going gets tough (round about mile 16 and most of the Isle of Dogs) and I’m looking for suggestions. What would you have playing to keep you going??

Wish me luck…. I tihnk I’ll need it!!

There are many great episodes of The West Wing and I will admit that my favourite charactor is that of Josh Lyman, the deputy chief of staff. There are many great and wonderful episode with some truely great Josh lines, however episode that came to mind last night was that of “The U.S. Poet Laureate”. Not because of the main plot… I can’t really remember what that was, but the Josh subplot involved him discovering that there was a website (the that’s this post’s title) where people praise and critize him. At this point he makes the tragic mistake of correcting someone who accused him of misspeaking… In the words of CJ, “The people on these sites: they’re the cast of ‘One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest.’ . . . I’m telling you to open the ward room window and climb on out before they give you a pre-frontal lobotomy and I have to smother you with a pillow. . .

I happen to mention this as I happened to come across ‘The Malcolm Hood Apreciation Group’ on Facebook last night. Yes, a group who enjoyed my appearance on Total Wipeout enough they started an appreciation group… well, apreciation!!

And no, I’m not going to join…. I’ve learn Josh’s lesson!!

Like a big red bouncy ball…

You know, it’s been one of those funny sort of weeks where things have either been really great or the exact opposite… and I would say it’s pretty close to which is going to overcome and decide the final outcome of the week.

Of course, being a generally optimistic person I am rarely down for more than a couple hours, like a bouncy ball I’m soon back in the air and laughing to something. To help matters I’ve gotten some outragously orange shoes, which at only seven pounds was a steal!! I also picked up the cd’s for both Phantom of the Opera (which I finally managed to see a couple of weeks ago) and the sequal Love Never Dies which may or may not be any good. I’ll let you know!!

And while speaking of bouncy balls (see, what a link there!!) I’m guessing that some of you managed to see my performance on that excellent television show that is Total Wipeout. As over five million tuned in I’m some were wibloggers… even if they were only getting ready for the new Dr Who that was on afterwards!!

For those of you who were away from your televisions, or unable to tune into BBC1 (due to not living here) I have finally gotten round to putting my bit onto Youtube. It took a bit of time as I had to do other people’s first and it was a bit tricky as I didn’t (and indeed still haven’t) actually seen my bit.

There can not be a lot of people about who enter shows like this with the intention of not actually watching it, but as was the case where I was unable to listen back to my radio shows (despite being on the radio for three years) I am totally unable to watch myself on television.

But I’m nice, you can if you want to…
I don’t know if anyone has any experience with Youtube, but once you’ve uploaded a video you are given the choice of three frames from that video to have as the still. I am undecided over which to use. The one that appears, or one of me jumping onto the Big Red Balls… I’m impressed, they’re usually really crap choices!!