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Because sometimes things need corrupting…

As a self-confessed Trekker (yes, I even own uniforms) I realise the irony of the statement above… expecially considering how much I complained over the reworking of general back-story in the latest Star Trek movie and indeed in the newish Hitch-Hikers Guide the the Galaxy book, but when I can across this video on youtube showing a slight, ever so tiny corruption of one of Britain’s best loved authors I thought that I just had to share.

May I present, Jane Austin’s Fight Club.


Random star trek episode…

There is little finer than when channel hopping in the hope of finding something worth watching during dinner to stumble across an episode of Star Trek (The Original Series). What more, when it’s an episode that I’ve not seen very often and therefore don’t know it off by heart (the penultimate episode ‘All Our Yesterdays‘).

And it seems that from next week they are working their way through DS9…. ahhh, joy!!

Can you have too much guilt about anything…??

For the last few weeks I’ve been working in the Imperial War Museum in London and on the whole it’s pretty cool. For those of you who have never been the IWM covers the conflicts that British and Commonwealth armies have been involved in since the First World War. This means that there are loads of tanks, guns, planes, memorabilia and most importantly stories.

There is also an exhibit on the Holocaust. Indeed the Holocaust exhibit is probably the largest single exhibit in the IWM taking up two floors. Now while I certainly do think that something on the scale of the Holocaust should be mentioned it was rather surprising to see just how much space was given over to this one event. And when I say surprising, that is because I’m then comparing it to the dinning room sized room that contains five touch-screen computers and a video documentary that then covers all other examples of genocide from the 20th Century. And that covers nearly 20 million people.

As a collegue said, you very much got the feeling that they had been told that they had to cover the Holocaust in a big enough manner that it was worth having the Queen open it.

And you consider that the museum is there to cover the wars that the British and Commonwealth armies have fought and when you take something like the Falklands War that gets a single display case that doesn’t even contain a map of the islands to show what happened where. Indeed, the wikipedia page has more information about the war than the display!!

After a haranguing…

about the fact that I have posted in a while I decided I better get back in the swing of things. Being a bit rusty I’ve decided to fall back on a favourite… I’ve been on a journey recently, so where’s this cathedral??

And because I’m not nasty I’m even going to give you some clues!! For instance, that bridge you can see on the right…?? That’s fully intergrated into the at cathedral which was founded all the way back in 1030AD. For the historians in you, Henry II took communion here at the Christmas service in 1171, the first time he’d taken Holy Communion since the murder of Thomas Beckett.

I promise to better from now on!!