Monthly Archives: March 2011

Olympic dreams…

This week, with only 500 days remaining the Olympics are closer than ever. Indeed, as long as you have a computer (which if you’re reading this I’m assuming you have) and a VISA card (has to be valid until after Aug 2010) you can put your name down for some tickets to Olympic events.

But which ones??

One of the events that I do enjoy watching is the gymnastic events. Whilst there are no obvious faster, higher stronger records that will be broken what these athletes manage to achieve is nothing short of amazing. When you consider how hard they have to train, just how dangerous some of the events could be if something goes wrong, I do consider the gymnasts to be amongst not only the best, but the bravest athletes competing.

Last year at the grand old age of 25, Beth Tweddle won World Championship Gold on the uneven bars. I say ‘grand old age’ of only 25 when you consider that the majority of the gymnasts competing against her are only sixteen or seventeen… and in the case of at least one Chinese gymnast has been sixteen for the last three years (there is a minimum age before they are allowed to compete at major events).

The following video is from the British Veteran Gymnastic Championships last year. I happen to know the winner before you get worried… she is at the grand old age of 23…