Monthly Archives: July 2011

Free walking…

Every now and again I end up with a free hour or so between finishing work and meeting up (usually for lunch) with friends. What I enjoy doing in this time is to Free Walk to the rendezvous. What this means is that you simply head off in the general direction and hope that you get there on time. And the important thing to remember is… No Maps.

I know that the use of no maps can be a risky strategy, but what I find is that you end up seeing a lot more of the city than you usually would by sticking to the main routes. There are certainly people whom I imagine that not using maps might be a rather silly thing to do… especially if you’re supposed to be meeting up with someone, but the idea is to go where you wouldn’t normally go. That and the sense of achievement when you get it right!!

It reminds me of the great fun I had when they had the elephants out and about the city.. trying to decide the best route from A-to-B that would pick up the most elephants… Simple things eh…?? ;o)

If I was being honest, I’d also admit to doing the same thing when I’m out in the hills… having a rough idea where I’m going and then heading out in that direction. For those health and safety folks out there I do also take a map… you know… just in case.

Certainly saves having to ask for directions!!