Monthly Archives: May 2012


So it is time to break out the sequins and the glitter and to get ready for the cheese-fest that is the biggest and greatest singing competition in the world… Eurovision!! I don’t know if anyone watched last nights semi-final (the first, the second is on Thur), but I was greatly impressed by most of the acts. In my little notes there were only two that got the ‘rubbish’ notation (Montenegro and Russia), with a few more ‘like – but won’t make it’…. I think there might also have been an ‘Ok – but no better.’

Out of the eighteen acts that were performing last night I picked my Top 10 (only ten go through) with two possibles that might make it (apparently the voting isn’t always on performance!!). I will admit, it was helped having already bought the Eurovision album so I know how the songs should sound post-production. With this, my list of acts to go through were:
Iceland, Greece, Latvia, Switzerland, Israel, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Moldova and Cyprus with my two possibilities being Albania and Romania.

Those of you who have followed any Eurovision news might note that the Russian Grannies didn’t make my list, not because I didn’t think they’d not make it, but because I just wasn’t impressed with their performance… what can I say, I’m more impartial than the general public of Europe!! ;o)

As it turns out, with the exception of the Russian Grannies, the other nine acts going through to Saturdays final can all be found on my list… with the exceptions being Latvia, Switzerland and Israel, which is a shame as they were all good performances.

Coming next in Semi-final Two will be Serbia, Macedonia, The Netherlands, Malta, Belarus, Portugal, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Sweden, Georgia, Turkey, Estonia, Slovakia, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and finally, Lithuania…. I can’t wait!!! 😀

You got mail…

This week I have been mostly living old school… I have even been writing letters… well, cards cause that way you get pretty pictures as well. There is just something a bit more permanent about ink on paper than electronic letters on a screen. Those just seem so… transient… but ink on paper… there’s something very solid about that.

That and the fact that everyone loves getting what I refer to as “fun post” through the letter box. Expecially when it’s not expected. Surprise fun post… how much greater could it be?? Well… sure I guess I could also put cash in there, but I’m not going to!! :p

Hehehehe, that just reminds me of a Peanuts cartoon that I saw in an exhibition on Canada Post at the Canadian Museum of Civilization