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The greatest show on earth…

In case you haven’t noticed, the circus has come to town. And you know what?? I’m looking forward to it, helped by the fact that I have some tickets to events and that I just love getting to watch the sports I like rather than the boring football that’s normally being shown.

One of my earliest Olympic memories was in the 1992 Barcelona when Chris Boardman won the individual pursuit, not just by being faster than the other guy, but by being so much faster that he actually caught up and overtook the other guy!!

However, the moment that really sticks in my mind comes four years later in the women’s team gymnastics with the US team trying to win gold on home soil and beat the Russians. With two gymnasts left they only need one of them to land on their final apparatus, the vault. Their penultimate vaulter, Dominique Moceanu, fell on both landings leaving it to Kerri Strug. On her first vault she too fell. Fell and injured her ankle. Fell, injured and with the US team still requiring one more vault, and a good vault, to win gold. What must of been going through her mind as she lined up at the end of the run-up…?? Knowing that to win gold she was going to have to do something injured that she had failed to do moments ago whilst not.

And you know what… she landed it. Hurt herself worse and had to be carried off, but when it mattered, when all was against her, she landed the toughest vault of her life.

What moments will there be from 2012…??

Topsy-turvy time…

There has been a lot of topsy-turvy in The Church recently over the possible election of female bishops. It’s one of those things where I can’t quite get what’s going on, mostly because as inevitable things go, the eventual election of female bishops is fairly obvious. Especially considering that there is just an infusion of women in The Church at nearly all levels. And when I say nearly all levels I’m including the Supreme Governor of the CoE, Queen Elizabeth II.

I sort of have sympathy for those that are in the anti-camp, though I am of the general thought that they are just missing the point*. For some reason there seems to be a great deal of importance being put on having a continious and direct male line going back to the time of the Early Church…. however I’ve always consdiered the message of Love and Forgiveness that you get in The Gospels to be… well, more important.

I know it’s probably a totally terrible cliché but if you were to ask he question ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ if confronted with the question, “Should a woman be allowed to be a church leader?” I suspect He would say something about how God’s Love is inclusive and that turning someone who is of God away is to turn away God Himself… though I’m not a theologian so what would I know??

* – though the Anglo-Catholics are probably right, it will stop, or at least cause issues with, any unity with the Roman Catholic Church

Nighty night!!

As an experiment this week I’m trying going to bed early… which whilst I realise is probably still a lot later than normal people go to bed, but is still a lot earlier than what I usually manage… nighty night!! sweet dreams!!