Monthly Archives: November 2012

As I was saying…

before I was rudely interrupted by the Summer of Sport* I am greatly looking forward to both the Olympics, where I have tickets, and the Paralympics, where I am going to be a Gamesmaker.

I did find one amusing thing about having a Home Olympics, whilst I got to see more Olympic sport live and in person, due to the highly convenient time-of-day that it was on, I probably saw less television coverage than normal… either being at work or travelling to/from/being at a venue!! I remember the Sydney Olympics in 2000 lying in bed watching it… and then waking up early in the morning with the TV still on to continue my viewing pleasure!!

However, I got to see a lot of archery over at Lords, as well as Volleyball over in Earls Court, Beach Volleyball at Horse Guards and Fencing in the ExCel Centre. And of course, one of the joys about something like the Olympics is that minority sports suddenly get to take a step forward, the athletes getting to take part on a global stage that would normally ignore them. And I love it!! 😀

This in turn is followed by the Paralympics which can simply be described as “Awe inspiring”. I saw even less of this than the Olympics due to being a Gamesmaker… on the other hand I did see all (bar one) session of the Paralympics archery which was pretty impressive, and we managed to have an All British final between Mel Clarke and Danni Brown. And in that one session I skipped I was over the road watching some 50m rifle shooting… and a British medal (bronze) there!!

And now, if you’re really lucky, or not… depending on your views, I may actually try to blog a bit more often than once every few months!!

* – wait… you mean the Summer was over ages ago, we’ve gone through Autumn and am nearly in Winter…?? It’s almost as if I’ve just plain forgotten to blog at all… *whistles*