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This month is the 150th anniversary of the London Underground opening and in celebration this Sunday and next there have been some steam specials running on the District/Circle from Kensington Olympia to Moorgate. I may have snuck up to High Street Kensington to catch the first couple of runs…

It was suitably busy at the station, but I think it was worth going up… I mean, when are we likely to see this again…?? Well… apart from next Sunday, obviously!!

Incidentally, the vintage electric locomotive is named ‘Sarah Siddons’ and is apparently named after a Welsh actress (5 July 1755 – 8 June 1831) who amongst other things is known for fainting at the sight of the Elgin Marbles…
Sarah Siddons

Turning the page…

Last Christmas I was given a Kindle, which was all very exciting… I very quickly broke it and had to have it replaced, but after a year I just haven’t really gotten on with it. Which is quiet annoying because as an idea I do love it, and most people that I know who have gotten themselves an e-reader all seem to enjoy them.

I’m not sure whether it’s because most of the books I like to read aren’t available as e-books… or if it’s just because I like books. The heft and feel of them, plus the way you know how far through them you are simply by having them open. I do know in the year that I’ve owned my Kindle I’ve borrowed and read more books from my local library than I have read on the e-reader. Actually… I’ve probably bought more books from the library than I have for the Kindle!! 😉

In fact, I’m not sure I’ve used my Kindle since the end of the summer but within reach of where I’m sitting I’ve got;
Out of Oz – Gregory Maguire, (l)
The Hydrogen Sonata – Ian M. Banks,
Hubble: Window on the Universe – Giles Sparrow,
Dodger – Terry Pratchett,
The Revenge of the Dwarves – Markus Heitz (l)

and on the sofa is ‘The Man From Beijing’ – Henning Mankell (l)… I say on the sofa… I had to go get it to get the spelling right!! 😉

(l) – library book

The difference in people….

I have been thinking, which is often a dangerous thing, about people and their differences. I have a friend (I did mention that this was going to be dangerous) who tweeted her successes for her 2012 resolutions… there were a number of things, most of which I’ve already forgotten about, but two things stood out. One was a fairly impressive loss in weight (though personally I think a little too much) and the other was “to have read one book”…??

And that sort of struck me. I mean, one book?? There was a part of me that almost wanted to ask if it had pictures…. I mean. I know they say that people read a lot less these days, but to require a New Years resolution to read a book…

On the up side, maybe it’ll be the first of many!!

But because this is a new start to 2013 and I shouldn’t be too grumpy about things that aren’t really important (at the end of the day), thought I’d share this attempt at a “Little Planet” photo… which would have worked better if I’d have been able to sort the sky out… but I was still pleased!!

Little Planet