Monthly Archives: November 2013

Up on the roof…

For the last couple of weeks I have been working near Victoria Station in central London, it’s been fun but I am getting bored of the commute into our fair capital. On the other hand, it does mean I’ve been able to read far more on my kindle than I have done in… oh, at least the first 18 months that I’ve owned the thing.

Admittedly I’ve only been reading the one book which has turned out to be a lot longer than I was expecting. But it has a musical that I enjoy based upon it so I figured I might as well read the book. And while knowing how the plot works has certainly helped I am impressed how much has been cut out.

For instance, there is a fairly minor character in the musical, who gets maybe, half a dozen lines near the beginning of the musical. In the book he gets a full 10%, indeed the first 10%. Having checked the wikipedia entry for this book it turns out that this is nearly 150 pages of prose… damn, I thought it was a lot.

Any how, this book that I am reading is a small novel written by Victor Hugo called Les Misérables.

I think I may have it finished within the next few weeks. One of the things I do like about proper books is that you know how many pages you’ve got to read.

But back to Victoria, this is the view from the rood of the building I’m working on.

sunset over Pimlico

Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man…

You know your mind isn’t really here when you find yourself staring at books in the travel section of the library. I am one of those people that doesn’t take regular holidays, rather I wait, and wait, and wait, and then think “I’ve not really had a holiday for while have I?”. With the exception of a weekend in York to see the A4 reunion for Mallard’s 75th, I haven’t actually had a holiday since going to the Rugby World Cup back in 2011.

So I’ve been finding myself in the travel section of my local library looking at books. Where to go, where to go…??

My current thoughts are a trip to Bonnie Scotland, get up there before I need to use my passport to get in!! 😉

There is also the interest in taking a trip on the Jacobite (the steam train that runs from Fort William – Mallaig), and a four and a half day archery tournament just over the sea, on Skye that is making the start of July very, very tempting.

The added advantage of doing the archery tournament is that I’ll get to see a few folk that I know up there. Which I think will be quite nice as I suspect I’ll not be able to talk anyone into travelling up with me. What with steam trains and archery tournaments are fairly specialist holidays!!