All About Me…

All about me sounds fairly simple.


This is me:

As you can see I like to shoot things, and once I’ve got a better handle on this shiny new Wibsite I’ll add more stuff.

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Well, I suppose I should add more stuff like promised, and because I can neither be bothered to put this up on facebook or make it a proper post where better than this ’25 Things About Me’ meme that’s doing the round than in the “All About Me…” section??

1. I am a luddite. Really I am. On the vastness of the interweb I only really visit maybe a dozen sites. I resisted the need to have a mobile phone until I was effectivly forced to get one. My current phone does all sorts of things (like play music, the radio, take photos, etc… I use it to make calls.

2. To carry on with the luddite theme (cause I might stuggle to get to 25 otherwise) I have a hatred of sat-nav and GPS locators. If you are unable to find your way from A to B (via any other letters you’d like) you shouldn’t really be allowed out. You see there are these things called maps. They tell you where you are/got to go and the battery doesn’t run out, get lost and with a bit of sticky tape get broken!!

3. I love travelling, it is so much better than arriving. Seeing all the different things through the window.

4. I dislike flying. I know that this goes against the above but I feel a lot more uncomfortable in a plane than I do in any other form of transport. With the possible exception of a skateboard.

5. I am a Hockey fan. By that I mean Ice Hockey. My home team is that of the Guildford Flames and they are pretty good. My NHL team is the Toronto Maple Leafs and they are crap. If you want to support a team and be perpetually let down I would reccommend the Leafs. If you want to feel good about your team there are twenty-nine other teams that you can support.

6. The sport that I do, (if you can’T guess from the above photo) is archery. I started in my first year of Uni and after ten years I’m getting pretty good. I’m currently ranked 64th in the country and at the end of the season I’m hoping to try out for the Welsh Squad.

7. I have a great love of sausages. I honestly can say that there is no greater food group in all the world. They go with anything. Curry, pizza, salads, beans, chips, you name it it’s good!! And no, I don’t understand veggies who deny themselves this simple pleasure.

8. I don’t understand vegetarism at all.

9. I miss hiking.  A few years ago I fell down some stairs and tore some legaments and subsequently struggle to do any sort of serious walking. There probably aren’ta lot of people who can say that they’ve gone to the Lakes thrice and failed to make the top of anything on all times.

10. I miss my friends. Of my school friends I was the only one that “went away” to Uni and so lost touch a lot more than they did amongst themselves. So my Uni friends mean a lot to me. Alas, since Uni has ended people have tended to spread out a bit. The closest is over an hour away and the furthest is over sixteen hours away.

11. I have a general dislike of parties. I don’t know why but anything over half a dozen people and I would rather just be somewhere else.

12. I am currently reading ‘The Complete Works of Shakespeare‘ which only really works if you read it out loud and do the voices. I am looking forward to doing some of the big speaches in the later plays.

13. I have a natural dislike of poetry, but cause I had extra poetry tutorship for my GCSE’s I’m pretty good at understanding it. And yes, I do like rhyming poems!!

14. I have been in love in the past and hope to be again in the future. I would reccommend it.

15. I have a canal at the bottom of my garden. I have never managed to catch a fish in it.

16. Swansea (pop. 224.000) is the largest place that I have ever lived in by a long, long way. This is why I prefer the countryside to the city. My village has only ten lines about it in Wikipedia, I also have the army ranges less than two hundred yards from my house. Waking up to the sound of automatic gunfire is not unusal for me.

17. I am terribly stubbon BUT in a good way. By which I mean I am terribly stubbon when I’m actually right.

18. I have been wearing glasses since Year Five. I am so short-sighted that my elbows are out of focus without my glasses.

19. I worked as a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver for two years while at Uni. It was a lot of fun and you really get to learn how to drive well. I passed the time by appointing ‘The Worse Driver of the Night‘ which sometimes could be awarded twenty minutes into my shift.  My longest shift was thirteen hours and the most number of pizzas taken home was twelve. I do love Domino’s pizzas and no, you don’t want to know how many calories there are in each slice…

20. No really, you don’t want to know!!

21. While I delete junk emails I keep all emails sent to my by my friends. This is why my inbox has one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three emails in it at the moment.

22. I am a Trekkie (or Trekker if you prefer) and I am not appologetic about it. I own all the ST:TNG on DVD box set and am currently watching the last of ST:DS9, ST:VOY and ST:ENT on Virgin1. I would rather watch it on the BBC as then there would be no commercial breaks, but those are the breaks I suppose. I am also a fan of other si-fi shows such as Firefly which is brilliant. Science fiction with humour. But it was mde by the same guy who made Buffy The Vampir Slayer which is another show I loved. And yes, I did prefer Willow over Buffy.

23. I love listening to Test Match Special to follow my cricket. On the occasions when it’s shown on TV as well I will have the television sound turned down and be listening to TMS instead. I was written my thesis up while the Twenty20 World Cup was on. Having three matches a day on the radio was a great help.

24. I enrolled into Swansea Uni in September 1998 and I graduated from my second degree (both in Chemistry) July 2008. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed myself and learnt that I am a labrat. Give me several bottles of chemicals, a fume cupboard and a task to do and I will happily spend hours working on the problem. Ask me to write it up and I will sit at a cmpouter and have no idea what to do. There is a very good reason why my eighten month MPhil took six years.

25. In the words of Mr Sinatra; ‘Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention…‘ If I were to relive my life I think I would do it all over again as I have done. I have very few regrets, though those that I do have, they have all come from saying no instead of yes. I think there was a creditcard advert who’s tagline was ‘life is more interesting if you say yes‘. I even think there has been a recent Jim Carry movie (Yes Man) where saying yes is the point of the movie. Certainly my life would be a lot different to some of those yeses.


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